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Jue Mi Shi Ming 绝密使命 Episode 27 Recap

Secretary Li knew that Pan Yuqing and Zou Shubao wanted to support their judgment and absorb Lai Shouzhang back to the team, but it was important that he had to conduct a more in-depth investigation to determine. He told the two that Cao Ruiying had moved to Yongding, the pressure on the traffic line would be more serious, and the comrades on the traffic line must be more cautious to ensure the completion of the task.

Cao Ruiying received a call from Lu Wenchao, and finally smiled. He asked Regimental Commander Ma to send a platoon of troops to escort to Yongding, and asked Lai Shouzhang to escort him personally. Lai Shouzhang came to the pier to find Heizi after receiving the order, but Heizi didn’t seem to know, and only said that he would tell him when he saw this character. Heizi looked at Lai Shouzhang’s leaving figure, recalling how Lai Shouzhang withdrew with troops that day, and became suspicious.

According to Cao Ruiying’s instructions, Heizi stopped a man carrying a box of foreign goods and covering his face with a scarf. Lai Shouzhang, who was hiding by the side, saw this situation in his eyes. Heizi discussed his mission and itinerary with this person. This person is a strategy set up by Boss Xu himself. His existence will be a vital role, and he is the one who privately concealed the one hundred and sixty foreign party dues. Yu Changqing. When he was so drunk in the dance hall, a man found him claiming to be the Communist Party. He regretted his actions, but he also discovered that the person in front of him was a KMT agent. In order to survive, he instantly defected to the KMT.

Heizi sent someone to follow Lai Shouzhang, and he was already suspicious of him. Lai Shouzhang looked at his uncle’s portrait. He and his uncle were in one-line contact. Fortunately, he knew that he was close to the party organization, but he could not rush to find and understand that the organization would not easily believe in himself. Aunt feels distressed that he wants Sinoe to help him find the organization, but Lai Shouzhang urges that Sinoe should never come back. He hopes that her aunt will leave as well, but her aunt is determined to keep her promise to her husband and never leave. Lai Shouzhang knew that he had been targeted, he was now riding a tiger and could hardly leave.

Heizi reported to Cao Ruiying his doubts about Lai Shouzhang, and Cao Ruiying asked him to find conclusive evidence. He thought about Lai Shouzhang’s various performances, thinking of his behavior in the Zhou Cheng incident, Cao Ruiying decided to let Lai Shouzhang personally escort Yu Changqing, and also used this to explore his reality. Heizi gave the itinerary to Yu Changqing. Faced with Heizi’s cynicism, Yu Changqing was very dissatisfied. He must ensure his safety and must not be recognized by the Communist Party of this generation.

Lai Shouzhang took Yu Changqing on Pan Yuqing’s boat to Yongding. Even if Yu Changqing covered his face, Pan Yuqing could still see at a glance that he was very similar to the trafficman who had fled away with party fees. Although Lai Shouzhang wanted to find a chance to take off Yu Changqing’s scarf all the way, he was rejected by Yu Changqing. When he disembarked, Lai Shouzhang asked Pan Yuqing to check the number of Oceans and find him to make up for it.

Lai Shouzhang and others came to Yu Liangting’s small hotel to rest. Yu Changqing knew that Huang Yulian and Yu Liangting belonged to the Communist Party, but Huang Yulian thought he was accidentally arrested and asked her husband to find Pan Yuqing for rescue. When Pan Yuqing ran home, he took out a note from his pocket to remind him to beware of traitors. He quickly responded that it was Lai Shouzhang who was warning him. Facing Qiulian’s inquiry, he said with a serious face to start the meal.

Yu Changqing was afraid of being recognized. Yu Liangting tried to look at his face while delivering the food but failed. Lai Shouzhang had to go to the rescue and let him bring the food to the house. Pan Yuqing was about to go out but met Yu Liangting who came to look for him. Lai Shouzhang asked the platoon leader to guard downstairs. He stayed in the room and watched Yu Changqing and made him eat at ease. He saw Yu Changqing so nervous and keenly aware of him It’s probably a local. But Yu Liangting was particularly cautious, even covering his face even when he slept.

Yu Liangting wanted the armed squad to rescue, but Pan Yuqing categorically refused. They would never act rashly without orders from their superiors, and instructed Yu Liangting to find a way to figure out who this person was. Yu Changqing missed the nickname Yuzha, and Lai Shouzhang went to ask Huang Yulian to find out that this was Yu Liangting’s nickname. Pan Yuqing wants to prepare for the worst, but he can’t let his wife take risks with him. He doesn’t want to be sorry for Qiulian anymore, he wants Qiulian to leave here. But Qiulian told her husband that she had already died once. She was forced to marry by her brother and sister-in-law. She had no choice but to commit suicide. She was rescued by Pan Yuqing, and she felt that she would never leave her husband and leave her Home.

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