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Jue Mi Shi Ming 绝密使命 Episode 26 Recap

The two chiefs shared their meals among the people, but they ate coarse grains and miscellaneous vegetables. They joined the Communist Party so that the people could have a full meal. They didn’t want to be so special. Yang Xiongchu came to Pan Yuqing and informed him that Weibang had been killed. Everyone was very sad about this. At this time, Weibang was being tortured at Cao Ruiying’s place, but Weibang was covered in wounds, but he only claimed to be a thief on the river.

Cao Ruiying kept drinking strong alcohol, and the frustration of finding nothing all night made him more irritable. Zhang Zailin came to report to him that he had discovered Zhou Cheng’s traces. The relative named Zhou Zhengqing opened a medical officer in Chizhai, but no one had ever visited the doctor. He felt that there must be a problem.

Pan Yuqing and Zou Shubao escorted the two chiefs all the way, but the two old gentlemen who have suffered for the revolution are not as good as these young people. They can also see that Pan Yuqing deliberately found excuses to let them rest. Zhang Zailin was about to take away Zhou Zhengqing and all the villagers from the village came to stop him and had to give up.

Cao Ruiying called Commander Ma to send someone to search and arrest him. Commander Ma actually said that he would personally lead the team to follow him. Cao Ruiying warned Captain Ma that the key point was to arrest the CCP officials who had just escaped. Captain Ma had to rectify the personnel and hand them to Cao Ruiying.

Secretary Li saw Cao Ruiying and Captain Ma riding out of Yongding. Li Shouzhu immediately understood that they were heading for Chizhai. Secretary Li immediately sent Li Shouzhu to take a shortcut to Chizhai. Pan Yuqing thought that Chizhai had been spotted by Zhang Zailin’s gang. He felt dangerous about this and sent Zou Shubao to investigate. At night, Zou Shubao went to investigate and met Li Shouzhu who was going to deliver the letter. He saw Cao Ruiying and others rushing to Chizhai.

Zhou Zhengqing received the news from Li Shouzhu, but Zhou Zhengqing ran and shouted in the village in order to prevent the villagers from being implicated, lighting firecrackers, and buying time for the villagers to escape, but he was shot to death by Captain Ma. Li Shouzhu watched Zhou Zhengqing sacrifice in front of his eyes but couldn’t save him. He gritted his teeth and turned away angrily. Cao Ruiying searched for Zhou Zhengqing’s medical officer and found a hidden box on the wall that contained the communist party’s oath. The villagers ran into the mountains to hide, and Cao Ruiying actually ordered the entire village to be burned down.

Li Shouzhu joined Pan Yuqing and the others, and they and the two chiefs who pretended to be shopkeepers went out of the city smoothly under the name of Master Fu. Cao Ruiying resented that the big fish he had gotten was lost by Captain Ma with a bullet. Captain Ma happened to come in and had another theory with Cao Ruiying. Commander Ma is still the argument that the frontline combat is unfavorable, and it is even more incomprehensible for the Kuomintang’s well-equipped but defeated defeats on the frontline again and again. Cao Ruiying handed him the Communist Party’s pledge to join the party he found and told him that this was the answer.

Weibang, who was constantly tortured, offered to see Cao Ruiying, but faced his muzzle and resolutely said that if he went out alive, he would join the Communist Party. Cao Ruiying deployed a new plan. He asked Regimental Ma to step up deployment to prevent the Red Army from infiltrating. Cao Ruiying and Zou Shubao escorted the chief to Li’s shop to rest. Mr. Qianli wrote down the names of Zhou Zhengqing and Weibang one by one. He must remember these comrades who gave up their lives for the sake of traffic safety.

Pan Yuqing and Zou Shubao reported to Secretary Li about Lai Shouzhang’s situation. They deeply felt that Lai Shouzhang’s various actions were not as simple as missing family affection. The two told Secretary Li about the help Lai Shouzhang had provided to them. Secretary Li was very wary of Lai Shouzhang’s status as the deputy of the Kuomintang. Pan Yuqing mentioned to him that Lai Shouzhang talked to him about the joint code of withered vines, old trees and faint crows. He felt that Lai Shouzhang had lost contact with his superior Communist.

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