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Jue Mi Shi Ming 绝密使命 Episode 25 Recap

Pan Yuqing hurriedly asked his wife if the man left any words. Qiulian thought that the other party would tell her that Nanyang’s uncle wanted to go home, but she didn’t know what this meant. Pan Yuqing put down the dishes and ran towards the dock, but saw Cao Ruiying personally standing at the dock supervising. Pan Yuqing and Cao Ruiying started talking, and Cao Ruiying watched Pan Yuqing carefully inquiring about his identity and situation, and also checked the cocoon in his palm. Fortunately, Pan Yuqing’s rich experience all answered naturally, and Cao Ruiying nodded and let him go.

Heizi was on the phone and accepted the task. Lai Shouzhang came to him. Heizi said he wanted him to deploy a company of troops to the dock within an hour. He explained that Shangfeng had sent a few spies to make unannounced visits. He wanted to put on airs for inspection. . Lai Shouzhang was keenly aware that they were definitely taking action.

He ran to the dock and pointed to Pan Yuqing’s watch to warn him. Pan Yuqing came to Lu Qingquan, only to learn that the dignitaries codenamed Mr. Qianli would pass through Dapu today, and Heizi and the others would arrest him in Chayang. There are secret traffic officers on the electric boat to conduct daily inspections and escorts. Pan Yuqing believes that he will be able to adapt to changes and he must immediately prevent Mr. Qianli from going ashore in Chayang.

Lai Shouzhang waited at the dock with Heizi with his troops, and Heizi also confessed that he was really going to catch a few big fish today.

Pan Yuqing, who was walking on the river in a boat, met the speedboat that was patrolling. After some fishing explanations, they were smoothly released. Taking advantage of the night, Pan Yuqing crossed the boat in the middle of the river and shouted loudly that the boat was broken. The crew on the ship quickly understood what he meant and asked the comrades in the cabin in charge of the ship to make the ship break down, and told all passengers that the ship was malfunctioning through the broadcast.

Mr. Qianli, the two important officials code-named Mr. Changshan, and the traffic man code-named Peak Cap were transferred to the cabin, and Pan Yuqing leaned over to pick up the three of them. Pan Yuqing sent the people ashore and walked swiftly along the mountain road overnight, and re-boarded the ship at the other end to escape the spy’s inspection.

Heizi was unable to catch the big fish in such battles, so he had to send Cao Ruiying a generator to inform the party leader that he was missing in Chayang. Cao Ruiying’s foothold happened to be Yu Liangting’s small hotel. He heard what the secret agent reported to Cao Ruiying, and hurriedly set up a kerosene lamp to warn Pan Yuqing. Pan Yuqing, who was driving on the river, was spotted by the patrolling yacht in front of him. He immediately asked the two leaders to lower their heads. Fortunately, gunshots from the armed squad came from a distance to attract the cruise ship, but they also exposed themselves. In danger.

When the armed squad counted the number of people, it was found that a comrade named Weibang fell into the water. Seeing that the yacht was approaching Weibang in the water, Yang Xiongchu thought of his task to protect the safety of transit personnel and heard the spy saying that Weibang had already sacrificed. Ya had to leave quietly.

Cao Ruiying took the spies to the river to investigate. Yu Liangting finally remembered that this Cao Ruiying was the murderer who shot and killed six technicians that night. Pan Yuqing saw Yu Liangting’s kerosene lamp and quickly realized that there was a problem with Qingxi’s traffic line, and immediately turned the bow of the ship to implement the second plan. Although the two chiefs were getting older, they resolutely stated that they would obey as long as they were arranged by traffic officers.

Pan Yuqing changed the bamboo platoon and left with the leader. Cao Ruiying was angering the guards but found that the salvaged Weibang suddenly got bloody, and he was still alive. Pan Yuqing and others finally arrived at the transportation station of Yongxiang’s house. Under the supervision of the traffic officers throughout the night, the two chiefs were finally able to take a rest. Pan Yuqing looked at the traffic officer with the code name Peak Cap and admired him very much. Dedication.

The two heads watched Pan Yuqing carrying some coarse grains to fill their stomachs with the trafficmen, so they distributed their meals to them, and the organization’s funds could not make ends meet. They said that they would definitely propose to the central government not to let these trafficmen bear the burden. Life danger adds to the economic burden.

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