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Jue Mi Shi Ming 绝密使命 Episode 24 Recap

Heizi was full of worry for fear that his virtue was not worthy, but Cao Ruiying deeply felt that the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party appeared mysteriously in the Soviet area, so he could no longer bear the blood and blood hatred. He wanted to move his teacher to Yongding to guard the last mile and vowed to eradicate the Communist Party. Secret communication line.

Although the traffic officer Tao Gen confronted Pan Yuqing with the secret signal, he still expressed doubts about such a sudden task, but it was inconvenient for him to ask more about the task. Tao Gen asked his family to cook a pot of sweet potatoes for them to eat on the road. At this time, Yang Xiongchu knocked on the door and grabbed someone to come in. Zou Shubao saw that it was Li Shouzhu that Secretary Li knew that the original route could no longer be taken, so he sent Li Shouzhu to respond. Li Shouzhu led them to a cliff, and the comrades on the cliff immediately dropped the rope, and they climbed up the cliff in this way.

Zou Shubao found the residence of Zhou Zhengqing, a traffic officer at Chizhai Transportation Station, with the traffic line in his mind, but found that Zhang Zaolin was holding his portrait and threatening Zhou Zhengqing to confess his whereabouts. Since the transportation station here is no longer safe, in order to ensure the safety of grandpa, they can only turn back twenty miles back, and grandpa cooperated to return immediately.

Zou Shubao hopes to keep a few members of the armed squad. He wants to rescue Zhou Zhengqing, but Pan Yuqing flatly refuses. The traffic line has traffic line rules, and any other incidents may endanger the safety of grandpa and uncle. Zou Shubao looked at the dark night behind him and could only continue to perform his mission.

Commander Ma and Cao Ruiying left by boat, and Lai Shouzhang then came to his aunt’s house, but there was a special agent following him behind him. The main force of the Seventy-Nine Regiment opened, and Lai Shouzhang stayed alone. He had nowhere to go to see his aunt, and the thoughtful aunt could see at a glance that he had something on his mind. He looked at the portrait of his uncle and said with a melancholy smile. Some things that he missed are regrets and cannot be undone. On the day his uncle was killed, he happened to go to garrison. If he hadn’t left by himself, he would be able to protect him by his uncle’s side.

Lai Shouzhang looked at Ma Zhiyuan’s Xiaoling on the table. He was expecting that someone would be able to match his secret signal, and his aunt finally cried and matched the secret signal. She finally completed the task assigned to him by her husband. . The two people almost cried bitterly, and the secrets and pain that had hovered in their hearts for so many years were finally released at this moment.

The armed squad found a bamboo sedan chair for the grandfather and uncle, so that the identity of the uncle’s local tyrant was confirmed. On the other side, the commander Ma, who arrived in Yongding, brought the soldiers to Bogongwa for inspection. Naturally, the Zou family’s small courtyard could not escape a search. Head Ma looked familiar with Xia, but Xia laughed and said that she had never left after marrying Uncle Gongwa, and how could she meet a high official like him. In response to Captain Ma’s question, the eldest brother calmly explained the whereabouts of the younger brothers, and explained that the second child was going to Chayang for export.

The officers and soldiers found Zou Shubao’s account book from Xia’s room to record the income and expenditure. Xia winked at her eldest brother and sister-in-law so that they didn’t know. It turned out that this method of bookkeeping with pictures was a trick that Thea came up with. Thea explained to Head Ma that this was the income and expenditure of the workshop. She was selfish and wanted to wait until the separation of the family in case it was unfair. There is still a voucher. The eldest brother and sister-in-law took the opportunity to sprinkle, and said “family ugliness” to the head of the horse. Head Ma listened to the lack of interest in these parents and finally left. Only then could the Zou family breathe a sigh of relief.

Thea knew that Captain Ma was the head of the garrison. She felt a little danger in her heart when she heard the news that Captain Ma was leaving to go to Yongding. Zhou Zhengqing, who had been tortured by the militia for the night, was finally rescued by the villagers. He and Zou Shubao rushed to serve as a guide for Pan Yuqing and other traffic men. Grandpa got off the sedan chair, and he didn’t want to make everyone so tired without the audience.

Uncle finally arrived at Minxi Station. Xiao Yanchang was asked by his uncle to return the boat shoes to Pan Yuqing and bid them farewell. After the grandfather finished the report to everyone, he rode away on his own and arrived in Ruijin in late December 1931. The comrade whose name was changed to grandpa was originally called Zhou Enlai.

Pan Yuqing finally returned home smoothly. He hugged his gentle and caring wife and said with a smile that he finally understood what it meant to be home. Pan Yuqing was so tired that she fell asleep on the table. Qiulian looked at the shoes on his waist and wanted to take it out. She didn’t want Pan Yuqing to wake up from her dream but she wanted to do something. He looked at his panicked wife, quickly calmed down, and ordered Qiulian to get some food.

Qiulian looked at her gorging husband and told him that someone had come to the house yesterday, and she was responsible for carrying a long-handled umbrella and carrying a market basket. She only sent him away because she didn’t know him.

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