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Jue Mi Shi Ming 绝密使命 Episode 23 Recap

Head Ma must have his boss’s order to send troops, Cao Ruiying said calmly that he would give him an order to go up the peak in three days. Pan Yuqing thought about it again and again, and went out to sing a folk song. This was the secret signal of the Qingxi Transportation Station, Zhaohua and the comrades in the armed squad heard voices all coming out of their homes and boarding the ferry.

Four small boats were driving on the river and waiting for the arrival of the electric boat ahead. A woman on the shore hung up the salted fish on the balcony, which was a signal for action. Pan Yuqing took the people to the port and waited. Lu Qingquan carried the bag and went ashore. Pan Yuqing winked at Yang Xiongchu. Yang Xiongchu took the people up and took Lu Qingquan away. Pan Yuqing shouted that the kidnappers and the black child hurriedly took the secret agent. Go forward and arrest. Pan Yuqing then took over with his uncle and Xiao Yanchang, and moved on overnight.

My uncle lived in Yu Liangting’s inn for a short rest. Huang Yulian helped Xiao Yanchang repair the worn-out shoes. Her and Qiulian’s dream was to open a shoe store when they settled down. Grandpa had to walk the mountain road overnight to pass through the junction of West Fujian. In order not to drag the trafficmen or even take off his shoes to hurry, Pan Yuqing and Zou Shubao had to stand guard throughout the night so that Grandpa could rest for one more night. This made Grandpa deeply moved Thanks to the selfless dedication of these comrades on the communication lines, the Communist Party can still receive a steady stream of supplies even under the Kuomintang’s total blockade.

Climbing the mountain road overnight made his uncle’s feet full of blood blisters, but he smiled and said that the revolutionary road is still long, and he still needs to use these feet to travel the mountains and rivers of China. My sister-in-law stewed the ducks raised at home. My uncle knew that these poor people were reluctant to eat like this at home. He picked two duck feet, but gave the duck legs and wings to Pan Yuqing and Zou Shubao’s family one by one.

The fourth eldest ran to report to them that someone used a secret signal to connect. Pan Yuqing went to see that it turned out that it was Yang Xiongchu and the others who had returned safely. They rushed to Bogongwa to stand by after completing the task according to Pan Yuqing’s requirements. Zou Shubao took out his account books and recorded all his expenditures in secret in detail. He could still maintain such self-consciousness in this barren mountain and remote place. His uncle told him to keep this account book, and wait until the revolution is triumphant. Give it to yourself personally, this is a testimony to the history of the Communists.

The eldest brother who returned home had blood on his face and was covered in dirt. In the process of exploring the road, he encountered mountain bandits and escaped wittily, but along the way he met many militia and Kuomintang inspectors who felt that they were no longer safe. Zou Shubao told Pan Yuqing that he could turn to Chizhai. Although this road has not been opened by the superiors, many small stations have been set up along the way to respond, but the distance is dozens of miles longer. Pan Yuqing told Xiao Yanchang the truth, but this was a traffic line that had never been traveled before. Even if he did not encounter a spy on the road, it would be very dangerous if he was misunderstood by his comrades.

Hearing the quarrel between the three, his uncle said frankly that the rule on the traffic line is that all personnel must obey the arrangement of the traffic officer, regardless of their position, and he will obey their arrangement unconditionally. Pan Yuqing asked his uncle to change his clothes, and discussed with Zou Shubao that he must arrive in Chizhai before dawn. Pan Yuqing looked at her grandpa dressed as a landlord, took out the new boat shoes his wife had sewed for him, and asked him to obey his own arrangements and wear them. Grandpa understood his intentions, so he took it with his hands full of gratitude.

At night, the comrades of the armed squad, Pan Yuqing and Zou Shubao escorted his grandfather to leave. The sister-in-law looked at the departed grandfather and found the three oceans he had left on the table. The eldest brother knew that the grandfather left this on purpose, so he ordered The family must carefully pass on these three oceans.

Cao Ruiying placed a table of oceans in front of Lai Shouzhang. He was extremely indignant at Commander Ma’s taking advantage of this to hold on to himself and the party-state. He denounced Commander Ma for only knowing that he was rich in his own pockets and healed here. It was fundamental to the war between the front-line party-state and the Red Army. Didn’t make any effort. Lai Shouzhang was trying to explain. Lu Wenchao called him and he had cleared all the relationships, and a military order would be issued soon.

Lai Shouzhang got up and left, and Heizi just came in with him. Cao Ruiying looked at Heizi and told him to sit on his office chair. He wanted Heizi to sit on the top spot and guard the big po.

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