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Jue Mi Shi Ming 绝密使命 Episode 22 Recap

Ronaldinho took Li Hannong on the train and returned to the Huafu Power Supply Company. Li Hannong found that Chao’an had changed. The comrades who immediately responded to the traffic station would definitely receive the news. Thanks to the long-handled umbrella in his hand, he got out of the predicament. Get out of it. For the sake of safety, he could only abandon his plan to travel to Western Fujian and return to Hong Kong instead.

After making such a big noise but getting nothing, Lu Wenchao came to Cao Ruiying to drink tea and was very melancholy. On the contrary, Cao Ruiying persuaded him that he was really ashamed of the party-state by the Kuomintang commanders who supported the troops and self-respect in the front line and defeated repeatedly The occupied resources will surely annihilate the weak Communist Party. The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China in Shanghai could no longer exist.

Cao Ruiying judged that the CCP must achieve unified leadership with the Soviet area, and asked herself to go to Yongding to defend the last mile. If he fails, he will become benevolent, and demanded that he should control the power of life and death in Yongding. Lu Wenchao agreed in one fell swoop, and was very satisfied with this capable cadre.

In Shanghai, Ling Feng summoned Secretary Li, Peng Gengnian and others to convey Zhou Enlai’s latest instructions, and must transfer the personnel of the central government as soon as possible. Zhang Zailin led the militia to continue patrolling and inspecting the mountains and plains, and even found the Gumu Superintendent, which shows the strength of the Kuomintang.

Secretary Li called Pan Yuqing, Lu Qingquan and others to the store for a meeting, and proposed to set up a few more small sites to cope with the increasingly important transfer work. While the meeting was going on, Li Shouzhu, who was in charge of investigating, discovered that the Kuomintang military and police were coming to the shop for inspection. Pan Yuqing and others immediately left a door with wooden stakes behind it, but it was shocking.

Traffic officer Xiao Yanchang received the task from Ling Feng. Zhou Enlai ordered the comrades to be named Grandpa Uncle to go directly to Shantou from Shanghai. His task was to be responsible for the safety of the good uncle. The next day, Ling Feng sent the two aboard the electric boat to Shantou. Lu’s father received a letter in his grocery store.

Facing the secret agent, he came forward and asked Lu’s father wittyly that this was sent by his younger brother who was going to Nanyang every month. Letters. When Pan Yuqing came to see Lu Qingquan, the most troublesome thing right now was to pass the Dapu where Cao Ruiying was stationed. Chayang would be the most difficult pass. Pan Yuqing proposed to change from passive to active. They will not be aggressive but must ensure the success of the mission.

Old Gu came to Shantou to book two rooms and used the hotel phone to report to Peng Gengnian. Peng Gengnian asked him to wait at the hotel. The grandfather who was transferred this time is an important member who led the Eastern Expedition in the Chaoshan area. Although he is more familiar with the local situation, he is very likely to meet someone who knows him.

Peng Gengnian thought about measures to ensure that the plan was well-planned. Several of them were already familiar and inconvenient to go to the dock to pick up people. He watched Xiaoshantou Peng Gengnian, who came in to deliver the newspaper, called him and asked him to go to the dock to pick up two guests from Shanghai. Someone asked At the beginning, he said that his second uncle’s feet were broken and asked him to pick up his grandfather in Shanghai.

Xiao Shantou received Xiao Yanchang and his uncle smoothly. Old Gu had already been waiting at the entrance of the hotel, but as soon as he walked in, he saw the spy who was questioning the front desk boss. The uncle turned around and asked to change the hostel immediately and transferred to the Spring Breeze Hotel on Mian’an Street. In the early years, the store was run by the Kuomintang division commander and the police did not dare to patronize it at will. The safety is more reliable. Peng Gengnian came by car, and Xiao Luo and Old Gu were in charge of the investigation downstairs.

Peng Gengnian felt guilty that he had not arranged thoughtfully enough, but his uncle laughed that he could be the traffic station master or his name. My uncle emphasized that the next work on the transportation line will become more and more onerous, which will test the comrades’ ability and courage on the transportation line. Peng Gengnian deeply believes that he will definitely stick to the bottom line to overcome all difficulties to complete the task and build this road. The traffic line of the Soviet area.

Lu Wenchao called Cao Ruiying Shangfeng to approve his plan for the last mile fortification. This time it was signed by the big boss himself and told him to implement his plan with confidence and boldness. Cao Ruiying then called Commander Ma and said he was going to visit him. Peng Gengnian and Xiao Luo accompanied their grandfather and uncle on the train, watching the conductor Xiao Zhong, who came to check the ticket, immediately reminded Xiao Yanchang that this person was his former subordinate, and it would be very troublesome to recognize him. Peng Gengnian hit Xiao Zhong in the eye during the fight on the grounds of losing money with Ronaldinho’s big name, so that he was almost taken away with Xiao Zhong to solve this hidden danger.

Cao Ruiying came to the commander of the horse regiment and asked for defense. When Cao Ruiying asked to leave a battalion to be stationed in Dapu, the other troops should be brought to Yongding by him. The commander of horse was angry. This was to seize his military power.

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