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Family on the Go 3 温州三家人 Episode 31 Recap

Ye Qiankun took the car to the company as usual, but didn’t notice that the driver had changed people until the car suddenly stopped on the road and saw that Ye Zifan got off the car and bought him early, which was both surprised and emotional. Since Ye Zifan went to university, it seems that the two of them haven’t got along as harmoniously as they do now.

Lin Zhixia’s joy of receiving the roses was seen by Yang Tianzhen, who mistakenly thought she had accepted her confession. However, Lin Zhixia learned that she would be wrong, and even returned sunflowers to Ye Zifan every day. She felt ashamed that she immediately rushed to Ye Zifan’s office, threw the sunflower away, and then went to Zeng Zhiqiu to complain.

In the end, under Zeng Zhiqiu’s enlightenment, Lin Zhixia gradually understood Yang Tianzhen’s kindness. Compared with the fearful Ye Zifan, he seemed to dare to love and hate, so he no longer had any repulsive emotions in his heart. At first, Yang Tianzhen thought that Lin Zhixia was totally disgusted with him, but saw that the other party didn’t care about sending flowers before, so he took the initiative to invite her to dinner together, in fact, to help Ye Zifan bring the relationship together.

Although Lin Zhixia promised to give Ye Zifan a chance, Ye Zifan’s dull temperament still made her angry. Ye Zifan was anxious, so he leaked about the health problems. Lin Zhixia realized the seriousness of the problem and followed him back to Huang Fugui’s house.

Facing Lin Zhixia’s repeated questions, Ye Zifan simply told the truth and asked her to find a suitable lover. But Lin Zhixia knew the truth, and did not choose to give up, but hugged Ye Zifan tightly, comforted him distressedly, and reconciled. Since then, Lin Zhixia took Ye Zifan to the ancient village to visit the project, and at the same time chatted about his thoughts about the ancient village.

After Pan Xiaoyong settled the matter in Spain, Zeng Zhiqiu drove to the airport to pick him up. However, Pan Xiaoyong was talking about other things throughout the whole process, and he did not consider each other’s feelings at all. At first, Zeng Zhiqiu was a little upset. Unexpectedly, Pan Xiaoyong turned around and held Zeng Zhiqiu’s watch directly, and even took the opportunity to kiss her, finally coaxing her well.

When everything went smoothly and orderly, Yu Keren expired and was released from prison. Because she had nowhere to go, she continued to repeat her old tricks and came to the Mingpin Hui to ask Pan Xiaoyong to take him in and fight for a job. However, Pan Xiaoyong only disliked Yu Keren and would never leave this bane, so he sent her away with a few words.

At this time, Yu Keren ran into Ai Jilan at the door, and immediately couldn’t help but he was Zeng Zhiqiu’s ex-husband. In order to use him to achieve his own goals, Yu Keren deliberately lured him into bed and asked him to try his best to hack into the other party’s computer during his tenure at Mingpinhui, so that Mingpinhui must be ruined.

Zeng Zhiqiu and Ye Qiankun elaborated on the development and ideas of the Oujiang land on the TV station. Because the two people’s ideological concepts were inconsistent, Ye Qiankun’s environmental protection route and water management easily defeated Zeng Zhiqiu’s brand culture. After the review contest was over, Zeng Zhiqiu held a board meeting in the company and decided to introduce a water purification system. Lin Chen realized that it was profitable and took the initiative to undertake this procurement task. When Zeng Zhiqiu saw the situation, he would do everything, so he handed over the task of purchasing to him and completely grasped Lin Chen’s handle.

Huang Yunmei fainted again and was sent to the hospital. Ye Qiankun learned of his wife’s condition through the doctor. Huang Yunmei considered that she was running out of time and wanted to resolve the grievances between Ye Qiankun and Lin before she left, so she personally made an appointment with Ye Qiankun and Lin Yishan and sang a good show in front of them. Unexpectedly, after nearly half of the play, Huang Yunmei fainted on stage.

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