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Use For My Talent 我親愛的小潔癖 Episode 8 Recap

Lu Xian wanted to chat with Gu Renqi alone, so the two went out. Lu Xian told Gu Renqi that he was Gu Renqi’s psychological counselor. Gu Renqi felt that they had seen him many times, but only now told him who he was and didn’t want to trust him in the future. Lu Xian told Gu Renqi that it was precisely because of that that Gu Renqi had to trust Lu Xian more, because Gu Renqi was not sure whether he liked double pride or some other emotion.

Gu Renqi held a meeting with the company’s senior executives early in the morning and asked them to vote to decide whether to leave or leave the labor department. Wu Yu and Hu Youhe are Shuangjiao who said that someone on the Internet was taking the video of the collision between Gu Renqi and Shuangjiao on the street before making a fuss. It was Shuangjiao who felt that someone must have deliberately discredited the company like that. Speak clearly.

At this time, Gu Renqi and Li Dongxian went down for a meeting. Shuangjiao stepped forward and caught him. Li Dongxian quickly separated them and sprayed Gu Renqi with disinfectant, but Gu Renqi told Li Dongxian not to do that. Shuangjiao is assured that he can handle it well.

Jiang Wenchi pretended to show Wang Qianqian about the plot function of their company’s recent acting with her mobile phone, and accidentally turned out the photo of Gu Renqi and Shuangjiao together, so Wang Qianqian was a little angry and told Jiang Wenchi not to be like that. Just talk to the staff. Looking back, Mark Liu sent a message to Jiang Wenchi saying that all the things he arranged were done. Gu Renqi and Shuangjiao have also been on the hot search.

It was Shuangjiao who knew that he had affected Gu Renqi’s business and wondered how he could help. At this time, Wang Qianqian told Gu Renqi during the live broadcast that he was a good person, and some keyboard men directly threatened Wang Qianqian and threatened her at her residence. Li Dongxian saw the comment and went to protect him, but he did not expect to encounter it. When someone beat Wang Qianqian, Li Dongxian was stabbed in the arm by a knife while protecting Wang Qianqian.

It was Shuangjiao who thought about it for a long time and decided to clarify the video of Gu Renqi discriminating against him on the street to netizens on the live broadcast platform, telling everyone that it was just fake news, and those people were deliberately slandering Colin Zhishang. But Shuangjiao didn’t send it out, just contacting what I should say. This scene was seen by Gu Renqi. It was Shuangjiao’s words and made Gu Renqi feel that it was Shuangjiao or really kind and lovely, so he stepped forward and hugged the head of Shuangjiao.

When Wang Qianqian saw that Li Dongxian’s arm was scratched, he bought medicine to disinfect him. This made Li Dongxian feel too good. Wang Qianqian asked Li Dongxian to continue tomorrow.

It was Junjie who told Lu Xian that he liked Zhu Yan, so Lu Xian told him that Junjie could show up in front of her every day. Zhu Yan liked to go to a cafe for coffee every day, so Junjie decided where to wait for her every day.

It was Shuangjiao who helped Wu Yu and Hu You’s laboratories, accidentally smashing their laboratory bottle, because Gu Ren Qi kissed him before. After Shuangjiao went out, she always felt that Gu Renqi’s behavior made her incredible, so she went to Gu Renqi to ask why she kissed herself. So Gu Renqi told Shuangjiao that he didn’t hate Shuangjiao. At this time, Li Dongxian went in. It was Shuangjiao who asked Gu Renqi if he didn’t hate Li Dongxian. Gu Renqi had to admit that this made Shuangjiao even more confused.

When she turned around, Shuangjiao asked Zhu Yan why someone forcibly kissed her, and Zhu Yan thought it was Shuangjiao who knew that Junjie forced her to kiss her, so she said that it might be just for fun. Later, she learned that Gu Renqi kissed her and felt relieved. , I also told Shuangjiao to be reserved as a girl and not to take the initiative to confess with boys. At this time, Junjie entered, and she had to pull Zhu Yan to get her hair, but Zhu Yan felt embarrassed and left quickly. Junjie chased after seeing this.

When Gu Renqi was eating at home, he remembered that Shuangjiao went to the office to question him. Early the next morning, Shuangjiao went to work and learned that Gu Renqi was a little disappointed. At this time, Uncle Jin gave her an arduous task, which was to ask her to go to Gu Renqi’s house to clean, because the previous sweeping robot appeared. Failure, and Gu Renqi specifically called Shuangjiao to clean up his home.

It was Junjie who went to the coffee shop to work in pursuit of Zhu Yan. Zhu Yan went in and saw that Junjie was about to leave, but Junjie hurriedly stopped her and had to make a glass for her personally.

It was Shuangjiao who went to Gu Renqi’s house to clean up, thinking that no one at home took the photos of Gu Renqi when he was a child to look through, and he still said that he looked good at that time. I didn’t expect that Gu Renqi appeared and was so scared that Shuangjiao was about to fall.

However, Gu Renqi hurriedly stepped forward and hugged Shuangjiao. Both Shuangjiao and Gu Renqi felt embarrassed, so Shuangjiao went to the kitchen to clean up. Just when Shuangjiao went to the kitchen to open the cabinets, Gu Ren Qi thought that he had taken away the teacup that was Shuangjiao and hid it at home, so he ran to close the cupboard door.

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