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Use For My Talent 我親愛的小潔癖 Episode 7 Recap

It was Shuangjiao and Gu Renqi who sent milkshakes to each other at the same time, and the previous conflicts were wiped out. Both of them were working overtime. It was Shuangjiao who brought the dumplings for the overtime and brought them to Gu. After eating together, Gu Renqi did not dislike it for the first time, and he still ate with relish. He unknowingly brought the dumpling lunch box in front of him, eating and feeding it was a double pride.

Shuangjiao made a good plan for the athletes, but he didn’t even let in. Shuangjiao was very upset about this and told Gu Renqi about it. Gu Renqi thought that adjusting the height of the shelf seemed to be for convenience. Operation, but it is actually a kind of sympathy, and sympathy is sometimes pity. Many people do not want to be pitiful when they are accidentally disabled. They just want to be useful people by themselves. It was Shuangjiao who suddenly discovered that Gu Renqi would now consider other people’s feelings, and he quite agreed with Gu Renqi’s opinion.

The next day, it was Shuangjiao who came to the athlete’s home again, and started cleaning without any explanation, and also instructed the athlete to do something together. The athlete was angry and accused that Shuangjiao took the money and let him work. It was Shuangjiao but the reason was very good. Full, because the athletes didn’t want to see her, so the two of them worked together quickly, and praised the athletes for being able to do it. It was Shuangjiao who told the athlete that she was also an athlete before. The spirit of the athlete is to never admit defeat. The athlete is infected by being a Shuangjiao, and she is busy helping with work. She also glances at it from time to time.

It was Shuangjiao when I went to the supermarket to buy milkshakes and found that there were milkshakes in the store but they didn’t sell them to others. Instead, they only gave it to Shuangjiao by winning the prize. Shuangjiao was very happy and thought he had won the prize. Zhu Yan accompanied Junjie to take pictures, and suddenly realized that Junjie was no longer the child of the year, but had grown up. Just as the two were leaving, they met some of Junjie’s classmates.

They all mistakenly thought that Zhu Yan was in love with Junjie. Zhu Yan explained that she was Junjie’s sister. A few people drank together. When they left, Junjie obviously drank too much. He straightly held Zhu Yan, hoping that Zhu Yan would stop calling him his sister, because he liked Zhu Yan, so he put Zhu Yan in a car. After kissing, Zhu Yan hurriedly pushed away and Junjie left.

Both Gu Renqi and Shuangjiao were working overtime. Suddenly the power went out. Gu Renqi wanted to illuminate Shuangjiao with a candle, but Shuangjiao asked to get off work because he had to go to the bus stop every day to wait for ride sharing after get off work. The bike went back, and there were no more bikes when I went back late. Gu Renqi just froze for a while and let Shuangjiao go back. It was Shuangjiao who thought he would raise his salary when he heard that he was so pitiful. It was also disappointing that there was no mention of wage increases.

Gu Renqi came to the bus station. Seeing that the cars were being ridden away one by one, he simply took the two cars instead of Shuangjiao and wiped one of them very clean. The result was Shuangjiaoqi. She left a car next to him, because she was worried that she could not get the mention. Junjie borrowed the car and put it there. Gu Renqi has never ridden a shared bicycle and will not unlock it at all. Gu Renqi, who was at a loss with Shuangjiao, guessed that he can’t ride a bicycle, so he took Gu Renqi with him. When he went uphill, Gu Renqi guessed that he could not ride a bicycle. Helping by kicking his legs on the ground, for fear of being arrogant and tired.

When Shuangjiao went to the store to buy milkshakes again, she was still presented as a gift. She felt that her luck would not be so good. After being forced to ask, the clerk said that Gu Renqi bought all the milkshakes and put them there. I showed the photos of Shuangjiao to the clerk, and tried every means to give it to Shuangjiao. The clerk envied this kind of love between boys and girls. The clerk was envious of this kind of love between boys and girls. He was very happy because of Shuangjiao, so I didn’t dismantle it. I went back and deliberately happily gave Gu Renqi a milk. In the past, he claimed to have won the lottery again. Gu Renqi just said thank you when he accepted the milkshake, which seemed to be full of thoughts.

After inquiry, I learned that the layout of the case was snatched by Mr. Jiang Wenchi. Gu Ren Qi Xinqing was not good. It was Shuangjiao who negotiated with Hu You, Wu Yu and Li Dongxian to retake the layout, and quickly formulated the plan and handed it over. Gu Renqi, Gu Renqi did not agree, and also told Shuangjiao and others that Jiang Wenchi’s plan is exactly the same as they did before, so their plan was stolen.

It was Shuangjiao who was angry but refused to admit defeat. After learning that Jiang Wenchi and Mr. Lin were on KTV, he ran away to expose Jiang Wenchi’s plagiarism. Mark on the side was angrily overthrowing Shuangjiao. Gu Renqi arrived in time and helped him up. Pride, also taken away is double pride. Gu Renqi was not worried about this. He told Shuangjiao that even if the plan was stolen, the company’s talents could not be stolen.

It was Shuangjiao who listened to Gu Renqi’s gurgling stomach screams, and dragged him straight back to his home to eat. It was the father’s family of three who were busy cooking. Gu Renqi was a little uneasy sitting on the undisinfected sofa. Seeing a little rubbish on the ground, he will run away. At this moment, Lu Xian came to remind his father not to cook Gu Renqi’s food, because the taste here did not suit him. Seeing Lu Xian sitting at the eating table casually, Gu Renqi also sat down without showing weakness.

Being a father and a hero is also very happy. This is the first time Shuangjiao has brought a man back for dinner. Lu Xian deliberately reminded Gu Renqi at the dinner table that he should give Shuangjiao an increase in salary, but Gu Renqi said that he had already made arrangements. , Do not land to show trouble. After eating, Lu Xian helped Shuangjiao to clean up the dishes. Gu Renqi wanted to intervene and couldn’t get in due to his cleanliness. It was the hero who drank too much alcohol and vomited. It was Shuangjiao who rushed to wipe it, but the two men wanted to Shuangjiao, a woman almost stunned in the living room.

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