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Use For My Talent 我親愛的小潔癖 Episode 5 Recap

Gu Renqi did not show weakness, saying that he would seek justice for Shuangjiao, and it was not a turn for an outsider to fight for Shuangjiao. Lu Xian was angry with Shuangjiao and went back to clean up. He also specially helped Shuangjiao to wipe it. After removing the hair, I thought that Shuangjiao put on a blanket and made ginger soup.

At this moment, Gu Ren Qi went back and returned. He also sent clothes he bought for Shuang Jiao, claiming that he was compensated specially for work injury. Lu Xian was dissatisfied with Gu Renqi to leave, and Gu Renqi also insisted on letting him go. Lu Xian left, and the two had to leave together.

Gu Renqi also deliberately chose a white dress for Shuangjiao, and left a card telling her that Shuangjiao is suitable for white, and told her not to get dirty. The next day, it was Shuangjiao who wore a white dress to go to work. Lu Xian saw that Lu Xian was about to compliment him for being good-looking. As soon as he heard that it was sent by Gu Renqi, he immediately changed his words and said that people are better-looking than clothes.

It was Shuangjiao who surprised Hu You when he went to work. Hu You praised Shuangjiao as a buried flower, and Li Dongxian looked at Shuangjiao and felt that this dress was not as good-looking as that flower, but it seemed very good to Gu Renqi. , Lee Dong-hyun’s vision is too bad. Gu Renqi saw that there was a thread on Shuangjiao’s neck, and quickly took it off, and Li Dongxian sprayed some disinfectant water habitually.

Remembering that the bone broth of Shuangjiao was delicious, Gu Renqi asked Li Dongxian to help buy a copy, but he disliked it so much that he didn’t want to touch it. This made Gu Renqi wonder if he had no aversion to things that were Shuangjiao. Perhaps this is the stress response. It was Shuangjiao who ironed the clothes of Gu Renqi that he wore before and sent them back.

Gu Renqi did not throw away the soiled clothes for the first time, and put them on enthusiastically, thinking it was a pair of clothes. Pride likes oneself. Shuangjiao has an important thing to do. He deliberately went to Gu Renqi to ask for leave. Gu Renqi thought it was a confession. When he learned that something was going on and went to see an important person, it was not him. I couldn’t help feeling. I am self-sufficient.

In fact, Shuangjiao came to his mother’s grave. Today is the anniversary of her mother’s death. It is Junjie who also came with flowers, listening to her sister and mother from a distance. It is Shuangjiao who wants to work well in this cleaning company. It is Junjie who can safely go to the exam and study. It is Junjie’s heart that is moved and sad.

It was Junjie who went to find Zhu Yan and sat silently at her door until Zhu Yan came back. Lu Xian went to Shuangjiao’s house again. It was Shuangjiao because he couldn’t reach the things high enough, so Lu Xian helped to take it down. He also thought that it was inconvenient to put it too high and it was inconvenient for Shuangjiao to use. It was Shuangjiao who suddenly remembered that he was cleaning a disabled athlete because the height of the items placed was not suitable, so it was always unsatisfactory. Thinking of it was Shuangjiao, he hurried back to the company and told the personnel director.

His own ideas have been praised. When Gu Renqi was about to leave, he saw that Shuangjiao came back, and quickly returned to the office, and secretly replaced the cup that was Shuangjiao for his own use, just to feel whether he was really immune to other people’s things. After I poured a glass of water and drank it, I realized that I really didn’t feel any sickness anymore. Gu Renqi brought the water glass back home.

In the evening, his mother suddenly visited Gu Renqi and asked Gu Renqi to watch a show by Wang Qianqian. She picked up Gu Renqi’s water cup and drank the water. Subconsciously, Gu Renqi quickly wiped it with a disinfectant towel. Wang Qianqian’s program also tells the inner feelings of the heart-wrenching men and women, which reminds Gu Renqi of being a double pride.

The college entrance exam is about to be taken soon, and the one who is nervous is that Junjie came to Zhu Yan. It was when Zhu Yan said her nervousness. Zhu Yan comforted Junjie. Suddenly, the power went out and it was Junjie who helped Zhu Yan fix the lights. , Standing under the lamp was Junjie suddenly so handsome, Zhu Yan was actually a little moved. The next day, it was Shuangjiao who encouraged Junjie to take the exam, so Zhu Yan drove him there. Junjie opened his arms to embrace Zhu Yan, claiming that this hug was a talisman, and Zhu Yan felt different again.

It was Shuangjiao who thought that he had made a complete plan, so he went to the athlete to ask for cleaning, but he did not expect that the athlete not only refused to accept it, but also lodged a complaint with the cleaning department. The guilty thing was that Shuangjiao promised to go to Gu Renqi to explain. Will hurt everyone. In order to perform better in advance, Shuangjiao hurriedly cleaned up. While squatting on the floor to wipe the table, I heard the conversation between Li Dongxian and Gu Renqi.

Li Dongxian thinks that Gu Renqi is in love with it is a double pride, but Gu Renqi is unwilling to admit it. He lied that he was expelled as soon as possible for making mistakes. Shuangjiao only approached deliberately, and also believed that the purpose of Shuangjiao was impure. It was because Shuangjiao could not bear to stand up and question whether Gu Renqi really wanted to expel her.

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