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Use For My Talent 我親愛的小潔癖 Episode 10 Recap

It was Shuangjiao and Zhu Yan who were heroes. Several people discussed what major should be chosen for his younger brother Junjie, but Junjie decided to become a teacher. It was Shuangjiao who told his younger brother to choose his favorite major and don’t worry about money, and Zhu Yan also said that he had some money for Junjie’s tuition.

Jiang Wenchi watched Wang Qianqian unconscious and was about to take her away. At this moment, Li Dongxian rushed to tell Jiang Wenchi to put down Wang Qianqian, but Jiang Wenchi told Li Dongxian not to be nosy or to be polite. When Li Dongxian saw Jiang Wenchi insisting on taking Wang Qianqian away, he beat him. Jiang Wenchi told Li Dongxian that he must be allowed to go to prison for a few days.

Li Dongxian brought Wang Qianqian back to her home. Wang Qianqian woke up the next morning and looked at Li Dongxian’s house, so Li Dongxian explained that Wang Qianqian drank too much last night and took her to her home. Wang Qianqian was very annoyed by her poor vision, but Jiang Wenchi was actually a big bastard.

It was Shuangjiao who was called aside by Wu Yu and said that the fact that Gu Renqi went to find Shuangjiao before was misrepresented that he had entered a famous house privately, which made Shuangjiao very helpless. Gu Renqi also told Li Dongxian that he suspected that there was a ghost in the company, otherwise many things would not be known to others, and asked Li Dongxian to investigate.

It was Shuangjiao who approached Li Dongxian and asked if she caused trouble to Gu Renqi and was responsible for the matter. At this time, Gu Renqi passed by and called Shuangjiao as long as he was responsible for his work. Later, Li Dongxian told Gu Renqi that the general meeting of shareholders was about to be held, and that the labor department was very dangerous and would be laid off this time. But Gu Renqi felt that finding out the inner ghost was the most important thing.

After a while, the voting result came out, and the unanimous vote was cut by the labor department. Gu Renqi went to find it was Shuangjiao. She could go to other departments, but it was Shuangjiao who told Gu Renqi that she would advance and retreat together with the department staff. Unexpectedly, the previous athletes sent the pennants to Shuangjiao, and he said that the employees who are as good as Shuangjiao have been laid off. I don’t know what he thinks.

It was Shuangjiao who left the company with the file box. At this time, Gu Renqi passed by and returned Shuangjiao’s cup to her, and gave Shuangjiao a hug. It was Shuangjiao who told Gu Renqi that as an employee, she liked Gu Renqi a lot, and that she and Lu Xian were together to deceive his father not to let him know that he was a cleaner. Gu Renqi also told Shuangjiao that he didn’t want to fall in love with Wang Qianqian, and the misunderstanding between the two was finally revealed.

But the words of Shuangjiao as a cleaner were heard by the father upstairs. It was the hero who rushed downstairs and chased after Shuangjiao. Shuangjiao had to ask to understand it. Shuangjiao ran away in fright.

When preparing the plan, Li Dongxian pretended that he was busy picking up Gu Renqi, and then handed the file to Gu Renqi’s secretary. Unexpectedly, the secretary called Liu Mark and said that she had already got what he wanted, calling Mark Liu gave her money.

During the second round of negotiations with the layout, Gu Renqi retracted all the documents and gave the new documents to everyone. This surprised the secretary. Looking back, Gu Renqi called the secretary to the office and told her that the company had no copywriting to do, just to catch her inner ghost. The secretary confessed that Mark Liu asked her to do it, and Gu Renqi asked the secretary to go back and warn Mark Liu not to make small moves, otherwise he would be rude.

It was Shuangjiao who went to pick up the hair flyer when he lost his job. At this moment, he heard the broadcast saying that Mark Liu had been prosecuted and he had to be held liable. Gu Renqi had a meeting at the company and told everyone that the layout had passed their plan, and the credit was the double pride. Because the former athlete who gave the double arrogance the pennant was the son of the president of the company. People on the board of directors felt that it was Shuangjiao that everyone was sorry, and Gu Renqi had to pick up the Shuangjiaohui company to work in person. But at the door of Shuangjiao’s house, I ran into Lu Xian asking him not to disturb Shuangjiao. She was no longer an employee of Colin Zhishang.

Mei Hua found Wang Qianqian and learned that Gu Renqi liked to be a double pride, so Mei Hua went to look for her. Meihua met Shuangjiao on the roadside, and asked if Shuangjiao could do household cleaners for her son, and could also pay three times the salary. It was Shuangjiao that he could make money and quickly agreed.

It is Shuangjiao who is going to work and leaving home. The younger brother prepared some delicious food for Shuangjiao and told her to take it with her on the road. Instead, Shuangjiao wants to live in the boss’s house, but he is worried about his father and hopes that Lu Xian can take care hero. When the delivery was Shuangjiao, Lu Xian wanted to send her to the car, because Shuangjiao was afraid that Lu Xian would stop him when he knew that he would go to work at Gu Renqi’s house.

Lu Xian called Shuangjiao to wait for him to buy something. Unexpectedly, when the bus arrived, Shuangjiao had to get in the bus and leave, and Lu Xian gave Shuangjiao the gift she liked and failed to give it, which made Lu Xian very disappointed.

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