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Ugly Beauty 皮囊之下 Episode 2 Recap

People want to control public opinion only because they hope to gain wealth, but they are also afraid of backlash from public opinion and eventually fall into the abyss. It was this restless night that Chen Mo received a call from Banana and learned that actress Li Daixuan committed suicide by jumping off the building. Because of this, Chen Mo realized that Li Daixuan’s death might have something to do with Yao Menggui, so he immediately went into the sewer to look for the camera, but unfortunately it was nothing.

Because it was a camera borrowed from Banana, now that the things are lost, Chen Mo had to come to the door to plead for the crime. Fortunately, Banana didn’t care, but was surprised by the quarrel between Li Daixuan and Yao Menggui. After all, in the appearance he knew, the relationship between the two was extremely close. Chen defaulted to the fact that there was definitely a hidden secret behind this incident, so he planned to find a chance to lurk by Yao Menggui’s side.

The female fans were all waiting for news downstairs. Looking back at Song Ci in the ward upstairs, they were playing mobile games vigorously. Uncle Jiang was outside the door to listen to the phone. Song Ci guessed through his irritable tone that he was connected with Song’s father, and repeatedly reminded the company that the greedy Song’s father must not appear in the public eye.

Once Song Ci was still a runaway tactic outside dozens of lines, now the male idols who are now in the first and second tiers are nothing more than the gentle and elegant characters packaged by the company. Through these years of prosperity, Song Ci has long seen the false scenes in the entertainment industry, and is too lazy to deal with it. Yao Menggui has never called to greet him, and even the agent Chang Ming has quietly said nothing. Uncle Jiang was a little angry, so he decided to take this opportunity to make some articles and find a few larger stations and fan groups to condemn Yao Menggui.

When Xiao Mu was delivering food outside, he suddenly received news from his sister Yao Menggui, so he hurried home to change clothes and received Chang Ming’s visit as Yao Menggui. Although there were some subtle omissions in the process, fortunately, Xiao Mu had a strong imitative ability and soon dispelled Chang Ming’s suspicion.

This time, Chang Ming not only told about Li Daixuan’s jumping off the building, but also arranged for her to take over the role of the heroine Li Daixuan had originally discussed. After finally signing the filming contract, when Chang Ming had just left, Xiao Mu was terrified and even regretted that he had promised to pretend to be Yao Meng to deal with the outside world.

However, Xiao Mu looks exactly like her twin sister, but her personality is completely opposite. She is a kind-hearted girl who prefers to be lively, becoming cold and arrogant, and she is a little uncomfortable. The company wants to arrange an executive agent for Yao Menggui. Xiao Mu was worried that the female agent would be aware of it if she followed closely, so he selected it in the application materials in advance.

On the day of the interview, Chen Mote borrowed a suit from Banana, and when he came to Qiming Culture Company, he found that except for himself, they were basically women. Xiao Mu rejected the newcomer recommended by Chang Ming for various reasons, and instead selected Chen Mo on the spot, which made him unexpectedly become Yao Menggui’s executive agent.

The so-called executive brokers are actually the life assistants around the celebrities. They are responsible for affairs no matter how big or small. The previous assistants left one after another not only because of too much work pressure, but also because of Yao Meng’s difficulty in serving. At this time, Xiao Mu was signing the document in the conference room, and he couldn’t help but remember that he was good at left-handed writing, but in order to imitate his sister’s habit, he turned himself into another Yao Menggui.

Whenever he thinks of this, Xiao Mu always feels full of emotion, and at the same time keeps asking when Yao Menggui will be back. According to Yao Menggui’s request, Xiao Mu planned to disarm Chen Mo. Unexpectedly, Chen Mo was not just like others, but rebutted with justification and evidence. Without saying a few words, Xiao Mu was defeated.

Since Chen Mo did not have a place to live, he stayed at Banana’s house for the time being. On the first day he became an assistant, he was exhausted, so he couldn’t help but talk about Yao Menggui’s bad things. He even gave her a P picture during work, but was arrested. With. As a result, Yao Menggui went uncharacteristically and did not have the anger as he imagined. Instead, he sat in the car without saying a word. Chen Mo was a little surprised, but he didn’t know that Xiao Mu, who pretended to be Yao Menggui, was still thinking about Li Daixuan’s death.

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