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The Imperial Coroner 御赐小仵作 Episode 18 Recap

Reminiscing about the relationship between the two, with the help of Chu Chu, Xiao Jinyu finally saw the light holes in the wall. Therefore, it is expected that his father Xiao Heng had stolen the wall, which was widely spread in the market, and left him with location clues. . At this time, the guard came to report the accident at the Chu family. When Xiao Jinyu and Chu Chu rushed, they found that the guard was stunned. Even the rope that bound Xu Rugui was broken with a tool.

According to the description of his men, since Chuhe entered the wood house to deliver food to Xu Rugui, the two got along for a long time for incense sticks, and when everyone felt it, they found that the person had already broken the rope. As he was fighting with the guards, two assassins who looked like Shence’s barracks broke into the door, and their moves would kill Xu Rugui. In the end, the two entered instead of harming Xu Rugui. On the contrary, they were covering him to leave and be with the previous two. Entanglement and fight.

Xiao Jinyu judged that someone was fighting with Qin Luan Snipe, because before Ruguilou was the seller, and the person behind everything in Qianzhou was the buyer. Originally, the two parties in the transaction were mutually beneficial, but now Ruguilou failed, everyone knows Qin. Luan is the owner of Ruguilou, and his opponents want to use Xu Rugui as a bargaining chip, turning himself into a seller to threaten Qin Luan.

Because of this fight, Xu Rugui was seriously injured and fled everywhere, not only hiding from the government office, but also a group of killers. As for the mysterious man sent to the killer after receiving the news, he decided to go and solve the matter himself. Xiao Jinli took the dog raised by Chu He to track, and determined that Xu Rugui could not run far, so she should hide nearby.

The two followed Xu Rugui closely. Chu He followed them all the way and was almost spotted until Xu Rugui was exhausted and tripped over a wooden stake and rolled down the hillside. Chu Chu asked if Xiao Jinyu had found out about his parents. Xiao Jinyu frankly speculated that Chu Chu’s biological father was the anti-thief Yunyi, who had followed Jiedu to get Chen Ying to participate in the rebellion, but this matter has not been verified and has yet to be confirmed.

Xiao Jinli took the team of guards to find it, and found that Chu Chu was also nearby, and from their footprints on the bank and the dog’s reaction, Chu River should have fallen into the river. Xiao Jinli and Jiang Xiao Jinyu yelled aside and told his brother that he had heard the conversation between the father and son of the Chu family. Only then did Xiao Jinyu know that Chu He liked Chu Chu, and Xiao Jinli guessed that Chu He did what he did today because of Chu Chu, and now that his whereabouts are uncertain may be absconding in fear of sin. At this time, Chu Chu saw a piece of clothing slowly floating by the river, so he immediately jumped out of the river. Xiao Jinyu was shocked and hurried to follow, but forgot that he could not swim at all and would be dragged up by Chu Chu in the end.

Chu River was entangled by the water weeds and couldn’t break free. Chu Chu sent him ashore in time and returned to find Xiao Jinyu. Fortunately, everyone was fine. When Xiao Jinyu gradually woke up, she only wanted to find Chu Chu, and even rushed over to hold Chu Chu in her arms, regardless of everyone’s gaze. Seeing Xiao Jinyu’s angry and worried appearance, Chu Chu was stunned for a while.

Just as Leng Yue prescribed a prescription for Chu He, she suddenly saw Tan Gui approaching Jing Yi. The footprints left on the ground made her judge that Tan Gui was the one who had been with Jing Yi in the cave night party. Xiao Jinyu did not want the mountain people to venture into the mountain to search for Xu Rugui, so he rejected Xiao Jinli’s suggestion and ordered Zheng Youde to mark the mountain road and prepare to analyze Xu Rugui’s hiding place. But at this time, Xu Rugui hid in the cave, eating snacks with blood in his hands.

Xue Rucheng specifically proposed to Tang Xuanzong to go to the southwest on the grounds of tracing Feng Jie’s missing southwest inspection minutes. Tang Xuanzong approved Xue Rucheng’s request and told him not to mention it to anyone before returning to Beijing. Zhou Han stared at Shen Yu, but he didn’t find anything wrong with this person. It was just like other officials who liked to give gifts. Qin Luan thought that Shen Yu was not easy, and ordered Zhou Han to keep watching.

Ever since Chu He was rescued, Xiao Jinyu hadn’t awakened, seeing that Chu Chu was always by the bedside, feeling quite uneasy in her heart. Originally, Xiao Jinyu wanted her eldest brother to send Chu Chu back to tell her family that she was safe, but Chu Chu immediately refused, making him so angry that he didn’t know what to say, but Chu Chu stayed where he was and was at a loss.

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