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No Boundary Season 2 玉昭令第二季 Episode 4 Recap

Some people in Kaifeng Mansion were eroded too deeply by old anger and lost their minds. Yang Jian saved their lives. Shangguan Ce asked if this magic weapon could be used to rescue the people, but Yang Jian said that although the wind drum can trap the old qi, it has limited capacity and can only be used for temporary relief.

Zhan Yan’s injury made Duan Mucui very worried, and Wen Gu also wanted to heal him as soon as possible, but he also understood that he did not understand the disease Zhan Yan was suffering from. Yun Nu had already pleaded guilty, and Duan Mucui said that she would be so easily mixed into the human race, someone would definitely answer her, and this matter must be thoroughly investigated.

But what Jiang Wenqing thought was that the matter of Yannv would delay the attack on Chongcheng, so he didn’t follow Duanmucui’s suggestion. Duanmucui returned to camp to see Zhanyan and heard him calling Duanmu repeatedly, but Duanmucui felt that there was always another person in Zhanyan’s heart.

Kuchang didn’t kill Lu Ji, and agreed to let her go to see the last time of Yungirl. The next day, Yun Nu was about to be executed by the middle, and the token was thrown away, and it was surprisingly discovered that Yun Nu was Lu Ji. Kuchang saw Lu Ji’s death in front of her with her own eyes, and was heartbroken. At this time, the fate exchange girl had left the human camp. She only felt stupid about her sister’s death.

Before Lu Ji died, she told Ku Chang a lot of truth, hoping that he would let her go. After Ru Ji died, the heart returned to Yu Nv, and she finally felt the emotions and desires in the world. She teleported back to the Human Race Camp just to let Kulan return her sister to her, but Kulan held Lu Ji’s body and buried it, and Yunnu was imprisoned again.

Wen Gu went to see Yu Nv in jail, Yu Nv said that King You used the Heart-Biting Curse to control them to work for him, and Wen Gu helped her relieve the Heart-Biting Curse. Yun Nu persuaded Wen Gu to return to the You Clan and overthrow the brutal rule of You King, but Wen Gu refused. She could not persuade her well, so Yun Nu had to stimulate him with Mrs. Wen, but Wen Gu couldn’t listen to her and left the prison. Prime Minister Jiang ordered them not to be soft-hearted, and he also specifically asked the Superintendent to slash the girl.

Duan Mucui was surprised. The foster father had always been kind, but now he seems to have become another person. Zhanyan comforted her and instilled the concept of a tie. He said that a tie is the real win-win situation. Outside the camp, Wen Gu heard the word “tie” and wondered if the Human Race and You Race could reconcile. On the supervising stage, Huban hesitated, but Yun Nu didn’t give him a chance to hesitate, and died by suicide.

Wen Gu wanted to save him with spiritual power, but it was useless in the end, but because of this he exposed his identity. After her death, the girl turned into a seed. Before she died, she said that if she was ashamed, she could plant the seed. Thousands of years later, she could continue her twin sister relationship with her sister Lu Ji. Duan Mucui broke into Wen Gu’s camp to kill him, but was stopped by Zhan Yan. General Gao asked to capture Wen Gu and clear the door.

Jiang Wenqing ordered Gao Boqian to investigate the matter. Wen Gu left voluntarily and was stopped by Gao Boqian. Hong Luan had to use his spiritual power, and Wen Gu resisted. Duan Mucui finally took care of Wen Gu, and then she took the initiative to find her foster father to receive the punishment.

She said that Wen Gu had never done anything to harm the human race, and it would be a good idea to let him go. Jiang Wenqing stepped back, but he wanted Duanmuying and Guchangying to join forces immediately, and could not delay the battle of Chongcheng. Seeing this, Duanmucui immediately opposed it. Unexpectedly, Huban, who had agreed to a joint venture in the past, was uncharacteristically and united with Duanmucui. Since Lu Ji’s death, Ku Chang has understood that the love between men and women is not suitable for him, and he and Duan Mucui only have the love of comrades-in-arms. The two knelt down, hoping that the prime minister could take his life back.

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