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No Boundary Season 2 玉昭令第二季 Episode 3 Recap

Jiang Wenqing told Jiang Yi that he was the one who was a thousand years later. At that time, he obtained the Penglai map of the goddess, but because Duanmucui was seriously injured and dying, he handed over the godhead to her, and the corpses of those people who were sealed off were vegetarian, causing the creatures of the Three Realms to collapse to the point of collapse. What he said seemed true, but Jiang Yi still had doubts.

Jiang Wenqing stabbed Jiang Yi to death under the banner of being the common people of the world. Jiang Yi tried his last breath to accuse him of satisfying his personal ambitions under the banner of the common people of the world. Finally, Jiang Wenqing killed Jiang Yi, and Shen Yuanzhitan became variable. Shangguance showed the doll with Zhanyan’s name to everyone in Kaifeng Mansion, but they couldn’t remember that there was such a person. After being reminded, they briefly thought of Zhan Yan, but they forgot it after a while.

The law of the Three Realms cannot be resisted by mortals. Yang Jian said, now I can only hope that Zhan Yan will take Duan Mu Cui out of Shen Yuan and bring back the antidote to save everyone. Yang Jian asked the beast Xiaotian under him to go back to look at Duanmu’s life fire soul, and if there were any changes, he would immediately inform him. The prime minister suddenly changed yesterday’s decision, and immediately let Duanmuying and Hubangying join forces, Duanmucui and Hubang were married, and then attacked Chongcheng.

Zhan Yan and Duan Mucui went to the Prime Minister one after another. Under their firm opposition and strong arguments, Prime Minister Jiang had no choice but to set up an arena for them to compete with several generals. Whoever wins will be the leader. Due to Duanmucui’s leg injury, Zhanyan took the initiative to ask Ying to help her in a battle. General Gao was full of confidence and believed that he could win Zhanyan.

Duanmucui bet the success or failure of Duanmuying on Zhanyan, but she didn’t know that Zhanyan’s hands had gradually become transparent. Lu Ji went to Duanmucui for the sake of Huban. Duanmucui said that Huban treats herself the same as other Ji concubines. She believes in the desire to have one’s heart and the white head will not be separated. After listening to Duan Mucui’s words, Lu Ji noticed that when she said these words, the corners of her eyes were smiling. She was afraid that she had found the one she loved, but she had not yet seen the situation clearly.

Yun Nu appeared in front of Ru Ji, she made no secret of her ambition, and said that she would use her to kill the chief general of the human race. Ru Ji wanted to stop her, and was threatened by the Haunted Girl. If she dared to stop herself, then she would not let her go.

Hearing that Zhanyan was unwell, Duan Mucui sent him medicine and reminded him to pay more attention to Hubei. As for Gao Boqian, he is brave and brave, but he is extremely shameless and needs more embankments. Lu Ji didn’t understand why Kuchang had to compete with Duanmucui for the position of the leader. Kuchang said Duanmucui was too merciful.

Once Chongcheng was captured, she would definitely let You Clan go, and he had to drive You Clan to death. future trouble. Knowing that he couldn’t persuade him to live together peacefully between the clan and the You clan, Lu Ji burned out her vines and trees, and the smell made Kulan fall asleep. She thought that Huban was really asleep, and said a lot of things next to him. But the battle-tested Huban is not that easy to be fascinated by Mixiang.

When Huban opened her eyes, Lu Ji was flustered, and finally admitted that she was the You Race, but she also said that she had never harmed the Human Race. Kuchangjian wanted to kill her, but thinking that they had been together for a long time, Kuchang didn’t kill her in the end, but sent her to jail instead. Jiang Wenqing asked Zhanyan to defeat the generals in turn, which is actually unfair to Zhanyan, but Jiang Wenqing also said that if he is unwilling to accept it, he can withdraw.

Zhan Yan naturally refused, and defeated Gao Boqian in one move. The second opponent was Huban. Zhanyan’s breath was unstable. Huban asked him to surrender, but Zhanyan refused to admit defeat. As a result, he was beaten to vomit blood. Lu Ji escaped from the prison, blocking the fatal blow of the maiden on Huban at the very moment of her death.

Yang Jian’s eyesight is quick, and he uses a spell to stop Yunnu. Gao Boqian stepped forward and shouted that he would kill the You Clan who had been mixed into the human race, but Huban stopped him. He said it would not be too late to kill after the interrogation.

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