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No Boundary Season 2 玉昭令第二季 Episode 2 Recap

Duanmucui took Anyi City with a force like a broken bamboo, and rescued the people of the human race who were enslaved by the You Clan in Anyi City. The You King is cruel. After occupying Anyi City, he enslaved the people of the Human Race into coolies. Even the ordinary people of the You Race would bow to their knees when they saw the nobles, and they would be cut off if they were not careful. These You Clan civilians are also poor people, Duanmucui amnesty them, to liberate Anyi City, everyone can come and go freely.

The death of his son finally made King You wake up. His son had always wanted to prove himself to him, but King You never looked at him directly, and now he regrets it. The King You was furious and reprimanded her subordinates for failing to protect her. She said that she had a twin sister. She sensed that the other party was still alive. She could use her blood relationship to mix into the human race and take the opportunity to kill the chief general of the human race.

Jiang Cheng and others were welcomed into Anyi City, as well as the concubine Ji Lu Ji. Lu Ji saw her sister among the maids and called her. When she saw her, Yun Mai immediately lowered her head and stayed away. Then Lu Ji said that she was not used to riding in a carriage, and Kuchang let her ride into the city with her on horseback.

After seeing Duanmucui, Kuchang stopped her and wanted to talk about marriage and joint venture with her, but Duanmucui did not want to marry him, let alone join him. Zhan Yan stepped forward to relieve Duan Mu Cui, but he had nothing to say. Duan Mucui said that in public or private, she would never marry Huban anyway. Zhan Yan accompanied Duan Mucui to relax in the suburbs, and he gave her a doll. Duan Mucui was very pleased, but she also said that she was not the person in Zhanyan’s heart.

Hearing Duan Mucui’s words, Zhan Yan couldn’t help but remember that before he came to Shen Yuanzhitan, Yang Jian had reminded him that Duanmucui in Shenyuanzhitan didn’t remember him at all. Duanmucui leaned on a cane to find Prime Minister Jiang. When only the two of them were left, Prime Minister Jiang asked her what she thought of the joint venture. Duan Mucui bluntly said that he did not want to join forces.

After listening to her words, Jiang Yi also understood that she was determined. Duan Mucui told her subordinates to count the number of people and the list as soon as possible. Now that there are so many new faces, she must know the number of people to feel at ease. The battle with the You clan caused countless deaths and injuries to the clan. Kuchang knew that he could not fall, and he could not relent. He wanted to avenge those who died. He took back a bottle of wine and drank, Lu Ji is his Ji concubine, and stepped forward to condolences with concern.

But Huban pushed her away as usual. Although in name she was a concubine Ji who had been in the camp for many years, but Huban had never been close to her. This had to make her suspect that Huban was caused by the ugly scar on her arm. Left out by yourself. Huban explained that he had always treated her as a younger sister and let her enter the camp, but he wanted her to have a place to settle down and make her a concubine Ji, and he had to do it.

Jiang Yi asked Zhanyan about Duanmucui’s unwillingness to marry with Huban. Zhanyan’s answer was impeccable, which made Jiang Yi very pleased. Jiang Yi could rest assured with him by Duanmu’s side. Later he announced that Duanmuying didn’t need to be with Huban. In a joint venture with Changying, Duanmucui does not have to be married to Kuchang.

When Yang Jian heard the rumors outside, he was unhappy with Zhanyan. He came over and said a few words about Zhanyan. Duanmucui spoke for Zhanyan, feeling a little helpless with Yang Jian. After Jiang Wenqing learned of this, he knew that Shen Yuan could no longer be subject to change, so he pretended to be Jiang Yi and told the soldiers to stay 100 meters away from the prime minister’s camp before he entered Jiang Yi’s camp. Jiang Yi was stunned when he saw the appearance of him indistinguishable from himself.

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