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No Boundary Season 2 玉昭令第二季 Episode 1 Recap

After Duanmucui fell into the pool of Shenyuan, she encountered a person who claimed to be her unwillingness and all regrets in the past. If Duanmucui was willing to sink, how could the pool of Shenyuan surge like this. The other party reminded her not to wake up, otherwise everything she had would be in vain. Duan Mucui woke up from the dream, and suddenly realized that everything just now was a dream.

She couldn’t help but remember that Zhanyan had said that this was Shen Yuan, her past, and she was nostalgic for her false past and refused to leave. She must recall the memory and leave with Zhan Yan, otherwise once they sink into the abyss, they may never be able to go back. General Gao told the Prime Minister that the Human Race must have spies, otherwise the You Race would not know the route of their grain and grass transportation.

However, Huchang said that he was oversight for a while, which was excusable. When General Gao saw this, he changed his statement and immediately said it was an oversight. After General Gao left, the prime minister asked if the robbing of Kuchang’s grain and grass was his arrangement. Kuchang admitted that he thought You Clan would definitely be hungry when they saw their food and grass, and he wanted to use this cart of fake food and grass in exchange for the You Clan’s food and grass warehouse address.

Duanmucui learned that the grain and grass had been robbed, and offered to let Duanmuying assist them. Huchang deliberately interrupted the prime minister’s words to prevent him from telling Duanmucui the secret of the looting of the grain and grass. The reason was that the spies of the human race had not been found yet, and the less people knew the plan, the better. The soldiers of Duanmu Camp are ready, but Duanmucui feels that this series of operations is not like the normal style of Huchang.

Shangguance, as the prefecture of Kaifeng, accidentally overturned the tea while reading the dossier, blurring the characters behind the exhibition, only seeing the three characters “Xianhualiu” clearly. After that, he went to Duanmu Bridge. Even though he had heard the old saying “It’s not the master, but Duanmu Bridge”, his familiar familiarity made him step on the bridge unconsciously, almost being strangled to death by vines. Yang Jian, the star of justice of Penglai, brought his beast, Xiaotian, to save his life. Yang Jian said bluntly that this time he came to help them relieve the crisis of unsealing the city.

Shangguan Ce thanked Yang Jian for his life-saving, and immediately talked about the strange things that happened in Kaifeng City recently. Yang Jian said that the root cause was old ethics. He also said that in order to solve the old anger of Kaifeng City, Zhanyan and Duanmucui need to get the antidote from Shen Yuan.

In the pool of Shen Yuan, Zhan Yan informed Duan Mucui of the analysis results, and Duan Mucui went to Hubang to verify. He unexpectedly admitted that grain and grass were just a cover, and his real goal was to cut the You Clan’s back path with the least number of people. Duanmucui immediately went to meet him, but it was too late. The entire army of female soldiers in Duanmu Camp, including Ruo Nan, was destroyed. Duanmu Cui had only time to look at Ruo Nan one last time.

Duan Mucui went back to the camp to find Huban to settle the account, but was drunk by the prime minister, who persuaded her to focus on the overall situation. The Prince of You Clan Weilong was concerned about his father’s condition, but was suspicious by his father. Weilong was a little angry and left angrily. The concubine came to explain to the prince, and at the same time accused the king of thinking too much, so that even her own son would be so jealous.

Duan Mucui set up a grave for Ruo Nan, and she felt guilty at this time, thinking that she had sent them to death. Zhan Yan couldn’t bear to see her so sad, so he put out a charm that can make flowers and plants grow quickly and put it on the tomb. The dandelions instantly filled the sky, pinning Ruo Nan’s desire to return home. Back in the camp, Zhanyan asked everyone to write down their wishes on the Kong Ming Lantern, and then let the Kong Ming Lantern fly to the homeland that they missed.

The next day, the human army approached the city and launched a fierce offensive against Anyi City. There was continuous artillery fire, thousands of arrows were fired, and the You clan suffered a lot of casualties, but the You clan had spells, and there were also the nymphs, and they did not show any defeat. The tail dragon led Duan Mucui into the trap, and Yun Nu dragged Zhan Yan’s pace.

In the end, Zhan Yan severely injured the Yan woman. Duanmucui was overthrown by the tail dragon. At the moment of the moment, Duanmucui hit his fate gate and Ni scales. The tail dragon was unbelievable. When he saw Tai Ao (Wen Gu), he instantly understood that he was the fate gate of the You clan. Informed Yu Duanmucui about the position of He Nilin. Qiannv left with a life-defying tail dragon, and the human race prevailed and pursued under Duanmucui’s order.

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