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Miss the Dragon 遇龙 Episode 8 Recap

When Ziyang came to Luofeng Pavilion, Xue Xianxun told Ziyang about the destruction of Ziyang Yangyan by Longyan. He asked Ziyang about two thousand years ago. He only remembered that he was once a lonely star, because he was punished to take a rib to make a floating pipa, and he stayed at Luofeng Pavilion for three thousand years. Ziyang was very surprised that Xue Xianxun had only these memories. I was afraid that Xue Xianxun drank eight tears back then. If Xuexianxun wanted to know the old things, he might as well go to Mingge Xingjun.

Xia Houxue persuaded Liu Ying to marry Xu Zhiyuan, but Liu Ying did not want to marry, but Long Yan appeared at this time. He asked Liu Ying to give Xu Zhiyuan to Xu Zhiyuan, and arranged for Qingqing to be Liuying’s personal maid. Looking at Liu Ying’s sadness, Long Yan also couldn’t bear it, but he knew the fate of Xia Mansion in the future. Only when Liu Ying married Xu Zhiyuan could he be safe, and he would end up with good luck.

Liu Ying saw Long Yan’s figure, she wanted to know if Long Yan really wanted her to marry Xu Zhiyuan, Long Yan persuaded Liu Ying, Liu Ying’s heart was on Long Yan, even if Long Yan didn’t want those memories, she Treasure it alone. In order to let Liu Ying spend his life safely, Long Yan had to reluctantly erase all the memories between him and Liu Ying. He only needs to have Liu Ying safe, and he will remember the whole day of Liu Ying, all his thoughts. The suffering is also borne by him alone.

When Liu Ying woke up again, she had forgotten all the past with Long Yan, she only felt that she had a feeling of deja vu with Long Yan, who had never known each other. On the day of his marriage, Long Yan’s soul had been with Liu Ying. Watching Liu Ying marrying others, Long Yan only gave Liu Ying a red sky. He thought that he had been indifferent to life and death for thousands of years, but now he has a life and death.

This kind of feeling is more painful than Du Tianjie. She crossed the Xiahou Mansion in red, and when Liu Ying was about to step out of the mansion gate, she saw the star melody, and she couldn’t help tears in the corners of her eyes when she remembered the agreement between her and Long Yan. In order to prevent Liu Ying from remembering the past, Long Yan freezes for time. He once again erased Liu Ying’s memory. He came to Liu Ying, wiped away the tears, and kissed Liu Ying with a drop of tears. Under the corner of his eyes.

Liu Ying married, Long Yan came to Liu Ying’s previous room alone, thinking of the little things between him and Liu Ying. At this time, Qingqing came to fetch old things for Liuying. Long Yan asked about the painting Liuying had previously held. That painting was a token of love he gave to Liuying. Qingqing didn’t know where the painting was, so she casually said Liuying. It is very likely that he lost his painting, and Long Yan was lost in his soul, and felt as uncomfortable as a needle in his heart.

Long Yan changed Liu Ying’s memory. Liu Ying only remembered that she was in love with Xu Zhiyuan, but she always felt that there was a difference between her memories. She was puzzled, but she didn’t know what went wrong.

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