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Miss the Dragon 遇龙 Episode 5 Recap

In the Luofeng Pavilion, Qingqing came to the fake sleepy Xue Xianxun. She watched Xue Xianxun’s outstanding face carefully. Because of Qingqing’s approach, Qingqing had a cyan figure in his mind, but he never saw it. To the face of this figure.

Long Yan’s heartbeat speeded up. He realized that he liked Liu Ying. Liu Ying’s heartbeat speeded up as well, but she denied her heartbeat and hurried away. After that, Long Yan and Liu Ying went to the inn for dinner. The inn delivered two plates of pastries, usually durian crisps that Liu Ying didn’t like. Long Yan didn’t like durian crisps, but he heard that Liu Ying wanted one. When making origami, I ate out the durian crisp and changed to an origami for Liuying. Liu Ying loves origami so much. Long Yan personally made a smart paper dragon and gave it to Liu Ying. This paper dragon is unique, and only Liu Ying has it.

Liu Ying and Long Yan sleep in the forest. The kitten Liu Ying rescued ran into the forest. Liu Ying wanted to set her free and did not force her. When Long Yan came to Liu Ying, he told Liu Ying that he would always accompany Liu Ying. He had promised to agree with him earlier, so he took Liu Ying to Luoying Valley and wanted to give her a token of love. Liu Ying didn’t want Long Yan to repay her favor. Long Yan wanted to repay her for the first time. She didn’t know what Liu Ying wanted, so she gave her a flow of love. Seeing the sky flowing in front of him, Liu Ying couldn’t help but raise the corners of her mouth, and a heart had already fallen on Long Yan unknowingly.

Bing Xing dressed up to attend the Pan Peach Party. Qingqing saw the Huatian on Bing Xing’s forehead and was also preparing to make Huatian by herself, just enough to hide the meteor marks on her forehead. Qing Qing came to Bing Xing’s room. She wanted to borrow Bing Xing’s things to put on a peach blossom makeup. Xue Qianxun appeared in front of Qing Qing at this time.

He learned that Qing Qing wanted to put on a peach blossom makeup, so he prepared to make up for Qing Qing. Qingqing looked forward to it, but Xue Qianxun unexpectedly drew an enlarged version of the meteor mark on her forehead. The meteor mark has always been Qingqing’s heart knot. Looking at the enlarged version of the meteor mark in front of her, she was only disappointed and sad.

He drove Xueqian out of the room. Xue Qianxun still couldn’t bear to see Qingqing sad, he went back to the room again and put on a new makeup for Qingqing. Xue Xianxun’s dexterity, the meteor marks became very beautiful under the cover of Xue Xianxun. Both of them have a familiar feeling for each other. Xue Xianxun wanted to remove the meteor marks for Qingqing, but he didn’t. Understand that Qingqing is no more than a little demon, why there are meteor marks on the soul.

Liu Ying tossed about and couldn’t sleep, her heart beat faster when she thought of Long Yan. When Long Yan thought of marrying Liu Ying, he was a little irritable. He dropped the book of Dragon King’s words on the floor. This book of words is Liuying. Seeing Liu Ying’s love of the dialogue book, Long Yan couldn’t help being jealous. He followed suit. The plot in the book, incarnate as a dragon, soars up to the sky with Liu Ying, the story book Dragon King will protect his lover, and he will always protect Liu Ying.

Qingqing did not want to stay in Luoheng Pavilion as a maid. She wanted to escape secretly, but Xue Xianxun first stopped Qing Qing and asked her to return to Luoheng Pavilion to continue to be a maid.

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