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Family on the Go 3 温州三家人 Episode 30 Recap

Pan Xiaoyong knows that if the Pan’s scandal is exposed in the media, it may not only be a decline in stocks, but even more serious consequences, so at present, he can only pin all his hopes on that hard disk. However, once the data is restored, the conspiracy of Ruiz and Jin Lingzi will be completely exposed. In order to prevent this from happening, Ruiz sent someone to falsely claim that the server was damaged and notify Andres to go to the hospital to repair it.

Seeing that the data was restored to two-thirds, and people could almost be seen, Wei Ju hurriedly called Pan Xiaoyong, but he did not expect that Andres had just left, and then another foreigner came to the door while he was going to pour water. Destroy the equipment directly, then ran away.

Wei Ju didn’t have time to think about it, and he hurried to chase after him. When Pan Xiaoyong rushed to Andres’s house, he only saw a mess in the room, and the surveillance hard drive on the table had long since disappeared. Because the other party’s methods were too sophisticated, Queen Wei realized it and regretted it. Pan Xiaoyong was determined to make a living, and immediately took out a hard drive to Andres, and asked him to continue to operate according to the normal process, thus leading the snake out of the hole.

Ruiz discovered through wiretapping that Wei Ju had been following Andres for 24 hours, seeming to be recovering data, and couldn’t help but blame Jin Lingzi for patronizing the hard drive and failing to notice whether the contents were true or false. Just in case, Ruiz wanted to find a way to steal the hard drive from Andres again, so he met with Jin Lingzi privately.

In fact, Huang Yunlan already wanted to sell Pan’s back to Wenzhou for development. Ruiz teamed up with Jinlingzi to operate in the dark in an attempt to use the catering scandal to lower prices and profit from the buyer. Now that Munsun Group once again approached Huang Yunlan to negotiate the acquisition, Jin Lingzi took the initiative to instigate Huang Yunlan. Pan Xiaoyong was suspicious of this and deliberately lied in front of her that the data had been restored.

When Pan Xiaoyong had just left the office, Jin Lingzi couldn’t help but hurried to the agreed hotel to find Ruiz, but did not notice Pan Xiaoyong following behind. Jin Lingzi found that Ruiz was going to cross the river for demolition, and simply recorded the conversation between the two with her mobile phone. Ruiz was angered by Jin Lingzi, so she planned to kill others. How did he know that Pan Xiaoyong took him when he was moving. The police broke in suddenly, holding the recorded evidence in his hand. Although Ruiz has exhausted all his tools, no matter how cunning the fox is, he cannot escape the eagle’s eyes. In the end, the wicked will have their own evil consequences.

In order to expand his business, Ye Zifan went to Mr. Zhou of the investment company in person. However, Zhou was always Ye Qiankun’s apprentice. He was not optimistic about Ye Qiankun’s project, so he didn’t agree to financing until he met Ye Qiankun at the bidding meeting and told him about it. Ye Qiankun has learned more about his son’s entrepreneurship. He just never expresses his inner satisfaction. He just feels that his son needs more training.

To support his son’s career, Ye Qiankun entrusted Mr. Zhou to invest on his behalf, but he had to hide it from Ye Zifan. The next morning, Mr. Zhou came to see Ye Zifan, not only agreed to lend, but also increased the loan amount from 60 million to 300 million. At first, Ye Zifan was pleasantly surprised, but after careful consideration, he felt a bit weird, especially Gao Xin always said that Zhou always thought about Ye Qiankun’s kindness, and immediately understood that his father was behind it.

Ye Zifan refused to accept the money, no matter how Gao Xin and Ai Jilan persuaded him, it was useless, and even went home to ask Ye Qiankun to question. Ye Qiankun and his son clashed again, and their views on this matter diverged. Ye Qiankun really couldn’t figure out whether his son was for career or face, so he criticized his shortcomings in many things.

Huang Yunmei talked to Ye Zifan alone, and then talked about Ye Qiankun suffering from congenital liver failure when he was born, and he didn’t live long. However, Ye Qiankun kept the owner from transplanting the liver for Ye Zifan. It was precisely because of Huang Yunmei’s words that Ye Zifan realized that he had misunderstood Ye Qiankun’s paternal love, and Huang Yunmei also hoped that he could look at his affection for the sake of family and be able to settle his suspicion with Ye Qiankun.

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