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Family on the Go 3 温州三家人 Episode 29 Recap

Ye Zifan wants to invite Lin Zhixia to return to the famous goods store, but Lin Zhixia has made up her mind to do her own business. Based on what she had learned in Cangnan, she carefully designed a series of drawings to prepare for Fudewan. The ancient village does a systematic rescue.

Because of this, Ye Zifan no longer has any reason to keep Lin Zhixia. Instead, the Pan Group in Spain has changed. Many customers who dine at her house suddenly suffered food poisoning and were sent to the hospital one after another. The Security Inspection Bureau came to inspect food safety issues, and also wanted to seize the Pan Group’s food and beverages.

However, Pan Xiaoyong didn’t know it yet. Seeing Li Youyou patronizing the child, he didn’t notice that the clothes were splashed with sewage, so he took her to the mall to buy clothes. However, Li Youyou is too inferior. Looking at the expensive clothes displayed in the store, he always feels that Pan Xiaoyong is disgusting himself, so after refusing decisively, he turned around and left.

It happened that Zeng Zhiqiu called to invite dinner, and Pan Xiaoyong found an excuse to refuse, but he did not expect to meet Zeng Zhiqiu in the restaurant. Seeing Pan Xiaoyong and Li You You being alone, Zeng Zhiqiu concealed his jealousy, chatted casually and left. Pan Xiaoyong was afraid of Zeng Zhiqiu’s misunderstanding, so he hurried to explain, but he did not know that Li Youyou had been hurt.

Because of the two women appearing at the same time, Pan Xiaoyong was caught in a dilemma. Ye Zifan helped him analyze the situation and believed that Pan Xiaoyong and Li Youyou belonged to two worlds, but Zeng Zhiqiu was worthy of him to cherish. Ye Zifan took the opportunity to persuade Pan Xiaoyong to give Ai Jilan another chance. After all, the other party had already reformed, so he could hire for observation first.

Considering that Zeng Zhiqiu also has a new perspective on Ai Jilan, Pan Xiaoyong is not good at intervening too much and reluctantly agrees. At the same time, Li Youyou found Daniel on the construction site and wanted to take him away, but the creditor stopped in front of him. Fortunately, Zeng Zhiqiu passed by. After she understood the situation, she was willing to pay for the debt to Daniel.

After solving the creditor’s matter, Zeng Zhiqiu negotiated with Li Youyou alone, clearly stated that he liked Pan Xiaoyong, and reminded Li Youyou to see his position clearly. Li Youyou realized that she was inferior in every aspect, so she decided to take Daniel back to Gansu and continue to live an ordinary life. Before leaving, Li Youyou was still looking forward to Pan Xiaoyong’s arrival at the airport, but Pan Xiaoyong had already made a choice and didn’t want to be entangled with her anymore, so he asked Wei Ju to transfer the clothes to Li Youyou for him, which was regarded as a farewell.

In the days that followed, Ai Weilan successfully helped Ye Zifan improve the website through her talents in big data, and began to gain the trust of her surroundings. Ai Gelan celebrated Daniel’s birthday at the Industrial Park Organizing Bureau. Zeng knew that Qiu didn’t directly dismantle Ai Gelan because all the people present were friends. After eating, Ai Jilan offered flowers to Zeng Zhiqiu, wanting to ask her for forgiveness, but Zeng Zhiqiu made it clear that there was someone in his heart, and even criticized him mercilessly for remembering his son’s birthday.

Pan Xiaoyong flew back to Spain to release Huang Yunlan from the police station on bail. Only after inquiring did he know that someone had used beef that had expired in World War II, causing food poisoning to customers. Because he believed his mother, Pan Xiaoyong guessed that a ghost smuggled the expired beef into the company’s cold storage. He personally came to the home of the computer expert Andres to try to restore the deleted surveillance hard drive data, and let Wei Ju stay there. Beside, always be wary of someone doing something.

However, as soon as Pan Xiaoyong left Andres’ home, there was a golden bell behind him. Wei Ju saw this scene and quickly called to remind Pan Xiaoyong. At the same time, Lin Zhixia received roses every day. At first, she thought it was the romance that Ye Zifan gave to herself, so she gave sunflowers back to make Ye Zifan warm.

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