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Family on the Go 3 温州三家人 Episode 28 Recap

Through this conversation, Wu Jia gradually got to know Huang Yunmei. She is both a mother and a wife, and she always considers many things more comprehensively than herself. So facing Huang Yunmei’s invitation, Wu Jia readily agreed, and took her around the Islamic bazaar. However, after walking a few steps, Huang Yunmei fainted again.

Although the previous Chinese and foreign lawsuit was won, the patent of graphene technology is still controversial. Ye Zifan believes that it should be shared with Honghui Group. After all, the other party has the pre-research on the patent and has paid a lot for it. His son’s opinion opened Ye Qiankun’s heart. The joint efforts of two large private enterprises in the new generation of photovoltaic industry will definitely have a prominent position in the world. Expanding the “Belt and Road” is also a sharp sword for mutual benefit and win-win results.

After receiving a call from Ye Qiankun, Ye Zifan immediately ran to Lin Yishan’s house. Before he could speak, Lin Yishan angered Weiye Group for stealing patents and even treated Ye Zifan with a bad attitude. However, Ye Zifan was very polite throughout the whole process. He didn’t talk about sharing the patent until the end. At the same time, he unabashedly showed his love for Lin Zhixia, hoping that Lin Yishan could help convey it.

When Lin Zhixia came back from outside, Ye Zifan had already left. Even though Lin Yishan had a bad impression of the Ye family, he had to admit that Ye Qiankun’s son was relatively good. That night, Ye Zifan sought Lin Zhixia’s forgiveness through QQ, and the relationship between each other was gradually restored, and then he chatted a lot.

The two groups discussed together and decided to set the patent signing ceremony in Weiye Group. Lin Chen took this matter to add fuel to Lin Yifeng, trying to cause conflicts, but Lin Yifeng was reprimanded by Lin Yifeng. At the graphene technology sharing signing ceremony, Ai Jilan suddenly appeared at the door. Zeng Zhiqiu was panicked and accidentally signed the wrong name.

After finally handing over the agreement, Zeng Zhiqiu didn’t even have time to say hello, and left in a hurry, which made Ye Qiankun a little confused. Just when Zeng Zhiqiu was picking up Daniel in the kindergarten, he happened to meet Ai Weilan and even kneeled down on the road to beg for reconciliation. Fortunately, Secretary Guo blocked him in time and allowed Zeng Zhiqiu to get away.

Lin Yishan learned that her daughter’s ex-husband had come to China, so he comforted her not to be afraid. After all, this is in China and Ai Gelan didn’t dare to go crazy. At the same time, Pan Xiaoyong saw Ai Weilan’s name on the company’s new hires list. At first he thought it was the same name, but the face he was very familiar with appeared in front of him. In the end, he couldn’t suppress his anger and directly confronted everyone. He picked up the flower pot and smashed it on Ai Jilan’s head.

Ye Zifan rushed him to the hospital. Ye Zifan believes that Ai Weilan is a talented person who is proficient in Internet big data, and it is a good idea to keep him, talent is important. Under the persuasion of his younger sister, Zeng Zhiqiu agreed to take Daniel to the hospital to visit Ai Wei Lan, but unexpectedly learned that Susan had passed away, and left the necklace before Ai Wei Lan passed it to Zeng Zhi Qiu.

Because Susan was most worried about Ai Weilan, so let him leave Spain to go to China, avoiding those gamblers but also get a job. Zeng Zhiqiu Xin thought it was true, and was no longer too vigilant about Ai Jilan, but believed that it is not difficult to survive in China with his ability.

Pan Xiaoyong saw Li Youyou at the company and learned from her story that Daniel’s father died in a car accident and owed more than 30,000 yuan for his restaurant. Therefore, Daniel was taken to Wenzhou by his creditors to work and pay back his money. His whereabouts are still unknown. After hearing the ins and outs, Pan Xiaoyong took Li Youyou to various construction sites in Wenzhou to find it, but unfortunately there was no gain.

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