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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 40 Recap

King Han decided to alert the prince, so he signed the joint memorial. When King Han left the study, he saw the imperial doctor coming. He was worried that Princess Han was ill. He hurried to ask a few words and learned that Princess Han seemed to have it. I was pregnant, but the imperial doctor said it was still early, and it would take half a month to get the letter.

The queen held a family banquet on the occasion of Sun Lingshu’s birthday, in order to ease the relationship between the prince and the king of Han, the queen got two excellent mink robes, left a white robe for herself, and rewarded a black robe as a birthday gift for Sun Lingshu, but Hearing that Princess Han was pregnant, the queen was overjoyed. Seeing that Princess Han had some cold, she happily rewarded Princess Han with the white robe, and Sun Lingshu looked a little jealous. The queen asked how the prince and the king of Han were doing. The prince and the king complained to each other.

The king said that the prince suppressed the people in the literature hall, and the prince said that the king and the ministers impeached herself. Blood, King Han and the prince confessed their mistakes quickly, and vowed that the brothers would be united in the future, and the queen would be better. After returning, the prince cancelled the measures against the minister of literature, and the king of Han also tore up the memorial to impeach the prince.

When Sun Lingshu saw the queen appearing to ease the relationship between the prince and King Han, she could only pretend to take care of the overall situation, but she couldn’t understand that Princess Han was overpowering herself, so she asked Double Happiness to bribe Wu Daoshi, letting Wu Daoshi say in front of the queen that Queen Han would not only have nothing. Heirs, can also kill off.

The queen stopped Wu Daoshi, and Fu Rou hurried to persuade him, saying that Wu Daoshi was a vain name. This word reached the ears of Princess Han. Princess Han guessed that Sun Lingshu was behind the ghost, but she I don’t want to have any more disputes, I want to hide from Sun Lingshu, but Han Wang and the prince have made an appointment with two families to greet the queen.

The queen said that Sun Lingshu also had a younger sister, Sun Lingwei, who intended to let the Sheng family and the Sun family get married. However, Sun Lingshu felt that the three brothers of the Sheng family were illiterate and illiterate children, and did not want to let their sister marry, and Princess Han felt that the prince married After Sun Lingshu, he had a brotherly feud with King Han.

If the Sheng family married Sun Lingwei, wouldn’t it be that the family’s house was restless, and the people on both sides would make excuses for not wanting to form a marriage. The prince could only say that he had already made arrangements. She said she planned to marry Sun Lingwei to Lu Qi, and the queen gave them the opportunity to marry them.

The emperor knew that after Zhan Xuanzhi died, he summoned Du Ning to inquire about the situation. Du Ning told the emperor Zhan Xuanzhi’s last words and asked the emperor to search the East Palace and eradicate the evil spirits. The emperor knew that someone was going to impeach the prince. Suppressing the prince’s prestige, Du Ning asked to let himself enter the East Palace to assist the prince and fulfill his wish for Zhan Xuanzhi, but the emperor did not agree.

The minister, You Jianming, impeached the prince because the prince was suffering from a foot problem, but the king of Han was silent and did not speak for the prince. The prince was very angry and sued the queen. After the king returned to the house, he wanted to talk to the queen. Regarding the affairs of the court, Princess Han kept crying. It turned out that the imperial physician had come before and found that Princess Han was not pregnant after receiving her pulse. The queen was very disappointed when she heard the news.

The prince blamed her disability for Sheng Chumu’s ineffective protection. Fu Shui proposed to let Sheng Chuling suffer. The prince agreed to his proposal. Fu Shui borrowed the hand of King Liang to teach Sheng Chuling. It happened that Princess Xin Nan saw it, and she came up regardless. To protect Sheng Chuling, King Liang saw that she was having an affair with Sheng Chuling, so he beat Princess Xinnan together.

Sheng Chuling broke free from the rope to protect Princess Xinnan and drew the knife and aimed at King Liang. Fushui stirred up troubles and slandered Sheng Chuling as a hostage. After hearing Princess Xinnan’s explanation, the emperor came after her. After hearing Princess Xinnan’s explanation, her face was gloomy and asked to bring Princess Xinnan back.

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