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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 39 Recap

Sheng Chumu’s injury was almost recovered and he began to practice swords in the yard. Lian Yan’er coaxed Mrs. Sheng very happily because she knew how to dress up. Mrs. Sheng wanted Lian Yan’er to serve as a concubine for Sheng Chumu, but Sheng Chu Mu paused a few words and refused to accept it.

Although the prince was able to walk on the ground, he found that his feet were crippled. The prince was hit hard and got into trouble in the East Palace. He couldn’t accept that he was a crippled man. He drove everyone out of the room and went in when he was covered with water. The room comforted the prince. The prince calmed down. He thought of Chen Ji again, but Fu Shui said that he did not want to be Chen Ji, worried that he would die at a young age like Chen Ji.

The prince promised that he would not let anyone hurt Fu Shui. Will not let Chen Ji’s things happen again on the body of the water. The prince rekindled himself and began to review the memorials of these days, but he was very unhappy to see that the staff of Han Wang’s Literature Museum were disrespectful to him. So Fushui suggested to teach the people in the Literature Museum a little lesson and do some superficial work, but in fact they were Transferred to a spare job.

The prince recuperated for many days and finally went to court. The civil and military officials watched the prince limping and walked and talked a lot. The prince was calm on the surface and ignored these comments. The emperor came, and first praised the memorial that the prince had approved, the prince. Speaking of the official assessment coming, it was proposed that Lu Yunji preside over the official assessment.

The emperor agreed and said that he would go to the hot spring palace to recuperate. During the following period, he would let the prince supervise the country. The prince said that he would not let him. The emperor was disappointed, while King Han pleaded for Sheng Chumu, but the emperor said that Sheng Chumu was not careful and that he was punished for his own good, so he continued to be a Baiqi general, but he solved Sheng Chumu’s ban. .

When Fu Rou was teaching King Qin, she met something she didn’t know, so she went to ask King Zhou for advice. King Zhou explained to her and asked her if she had anything else. King Zhou knew that she was here for Sheng Chumu. She deliberately told Fu Rou that Sheng Chumu already had pity for Yan’er, and Fu Rou was a little bit shocked, but she refused to believe it. Fu Rou found time to leave the palace and went to Sheng Mansion.

At the door, she saw Sheng Chumu and Lian Yan’er behave intimately. She couldn’t help but approach Sheng Chumu and question Sheng Chumu. Sheng Chumu was still angry with Fu Rou. She said that she didn’t need Fu Rou to control who she was with. She deliberately hugged Lian Yan’er. Fu Rou was heartbroken. After Fu Rou left, Sheng Chumu realized what he had just said, so he went quickly. After chasing Fu Rou, but seeing that Fu Rou got on Zhou Wang’s horse, Sheng Chumu was injured again.

Princess Han came to give gifts to the prince, but Sun Lingshu was very dissatisfied with the prince. She originally suspected that the prince was the key to the prince. She felt that the prince was hypocritical, and she pushed the boat along the water to provoke the relationship between the prince and the prince. The prince was deceived and the prince taught him a lesson Zhan Xuanzhi persuaded the prince not to be stunned by selfish desires, and Fu Rou asked the queen to persuade the prince not to use public affairs for personal gain.

After hearing Fu Rou’s words, the queen felt that there was some truth, so she called the prince to teach her a lesson, Sun Lingshu Knowing that Fu Rou was suing in front of the queen, she felt that Fu Rou was targeting the East Palace, and that Fu Rou was in the same group as Princess Han. Seeing that the prince did not listen to advice, Zhan Xuanzhi prepared to go to the hot spring palace directly to find the emperor. As soon as the prince heard that he was a little anxious, he ordered people to stop Zhan Xuanzhi and bring him back.

Fushui falsely gave the prince an oral statement saying that Zhan Xuanzhi had betrayed the prince and wanted the east palace. The guards killed Zhan Xuanzhi directly. The guards of the East Palace killed Zhan Xuanzhi and took Zhan Xuanzhi’s memorial. Duning arrived before Zhan Xuanzhi’s death. Zhan Xuanzhi left his last words, saying that there was a treacherous villain in the East Palace who wanted to destroy Tang Guoben.

Lu Yunji took advantage of the opportunity of presiding over the official assessment to accept bribes. Wang Yuezhi of the Literature Museum refused to pay bribes. Lu Yunji rated him as the last. Everyone in the Literature Museum was dissatisfied with the prince and wrote a memorial to detail the prince. All kinds of absurd behaviors asked Han King to be the master for them and explain the situation to the emperor. King Han was originally unwilling to hurt the prince because of his brotherhood, but after learning that the prince was slanderous and slander Wang Yue, he decided not to sit back and ignore it.

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