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Use For My Talent 我親愛的小潔癖 Episode 4 Recap

Not only Wang Qianqian, but almost everyone saw the unexpected kiss between the two. It was Shuangjiao who quickly explained that he was not here to take care of private work, but that he had something to do. I didn’t expect that the words hadn’t been finished yet. Gu Renqi He fainted and was rushed to the hospital.

Wang Qianqian has been scolding that Shuangjiao deliberately approached Gu Renqi who couldn’t touch the dirty things. This made Gu Renqi almost have an accident. What was flustered was that Shuangjiao kept crying and explained that she didn’t mean it. Gu Renqi, who woke up, had been sitting on the side of the bed without talking.

Li Dongxian knew that Gu Renqi was worried, so he took off his jacket and encircled Wang Qianqian’s legs in a miniskirt, hugged her out of the ward, and thoughtfully reminded Wang Qianqian not to Anxiously, he went up to the completely unopened elevator, and at the same time drove Wang Qianqian back with the motorcycle. Wang Qianqian felt that the big man looked at the cold body warm in his heart.

Gu Renqi looked pitiful at the double arrogance and weeping, thinking that the kiss was unexpectedly heartbeat. It was Shuangjiao who quickly apologized and left. In order to take good care of Gu Renqi, Shuangjiao specially made some big bone soup and wanted to supplement Gu Renqi with nourishment, but because he couldn’t do it, he asked Lu Xian to act as a taster. Lu Xian couldn’t bear it. Once the taste was delicious, it was taken away by Shuangjiao and given to Gu Renqi.

When delivering the soup, Shuangjiao inadvertently heard the grandpa in the room constantly reprimanding Gu Renqi’s voice of sarcastic sarcasm. It was Shuangjiao who had a slight sympathy for Gu Renqi. After seeing his grandpa left, Shuangjiao dared to come in. , I gave the soup to Gu Renqi without any explanation, and told Gu Renqi to drink while it was hot. Gu Renqi looked at Shuangjiao and was moved again, and couldn’t help but look dumbfounded. It was Shuangjiao who hurriedly left because he was a little nervous and shy. He promised to bring soup every day, until Gu Renqi recovered, holding the bone soup, Gu Renqi’s mouth raised.

In the evening, Gu Renqi was in the room alone, looking back at the bone broth sent by Shuangjiao, he couldn’t help but drank it all in one breath. Gu Renqi remembered that he and Shuangjiao all kinds of things, suddenly I feel that I am willing to come into contact with Shuangjiao, and I don’t feel sick anymore. So Gu Renqi called his psychiatrist again and asked if he was getting better from the disease, but he was told to avoid close contact with the girl he said as much as possible to avoid stress.

Because the company has been busy for more than half a year, the layout of the case has not been completed, and they are worried that the progress will not be completed. Therefore, Li Dongxian, Wu Yu and Hu You went to the ward to analyze the cases. It happened that Shuangjiao saw it and understood it. After the situation, he offered to work with them on this case, not to worry Gu Renqi.

Several people came to Mr. Huang after they were busy with the case, and some people kept staring at them secretly. They were about to see Mr. Huang, but because of a few snacks, Hu You and Wu Yu both ran to have diarrhea, and Li Dongxian had diarrhea. People with previous convictions could not enter the meeting at all, but in the end there was only one Shuangjiao left. It was Shuangjiao who was nervous at first, and the small note he prepared had already been scratched and sweated, and it was a bit vague, and he was still talking about it.

The people on the board of directors simply couldn’t listen anymore. Direct inquiry was the theory that Shuangjiao was a question machine instead of human beings. Just when Shuangjiao didn’t know how to answer, Gu Renqi showed up and convinced everyone with his professional discussion. Shuangjiao helps to play USB flash drives.

When Shuangjiao found out that the USB flash drive had forgotten to take it back, Gu Renqi met a President Jiang. The two had worked together before, but President Jiang felt that Gu Renqi was born with a golden key, which was also a lot of irony to him. It was Shuangjiao and Gu Renqi that the elevator was broken when they were about to leave. They were planning to leave, but they did not expect to meet a person who was splashing dirty water. In order to protect Gu Renqi, Shuangjiao came forward and was full of clothes. He got out of the dirty water, but turned his head to care about whether Gu Renqi was soiled. Gu Renqi took off his coat for the first time and put it on a girl, a girl full of sewage.

Gu Renqi came to the parking lot under the protection of Shuangjiao. The habitual Li Dongxian hurriedly took out a disposable disinfectant towel to spread on the car but was stopped by Gu Renqi. He even used the towel in the car as a double pride. Wipe the dirty water on the hair, and even reached out and pinched the vegetable leaves stuck to the hair. These all surprised Li Dongxian.

Li Dongxian and Gu Renqi were sent home by Shuangjiao. When he was seen by his neighbor Lu Xian, Lu Xian pulled Shuangjiao to his side, covering Gu Renqi and Li Dongxian, causing Shuangjiao to soil his clothes and be splashed with water. This posture seems to be double pride, just like his girlfriend.

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