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Use For My Talent 我親愛的小潔癖 Episode 3 Recap

Gu Renqi asked Hu You to help Shuangjiao up, and told that Shuangjiao must be able to deal with all emergencies at any time to do the cleaning work. Today, this situation is unqualified, and it is required that Shuangjiao be cleaned up as soon as possible. . Hu You helped the Shuangjiao clean up together, and also introduced his colleague Wu Yu to know the Shuangjiao. Although the Shuangjiao thinks Gu Renqi is a little weird, the colleagues are still good.

When Shuangjiao went back, she met a girl who cried away from Lu Xian again. Lu Xian saw that Shuangjiao came back, and she blamed Shuangjiao with a smile on her face and blamed Shuangjiao for not waiting for him to pick him up. Shuangjiao curled her lips to express that she was not willing to meet Lu Xian walked too close, and saw a girl crying away a few days ago, so he felt that Lu Xian was a scumbag.

After Gu Renqi went back and took a bath, he looked at the glass and remembered that it was Shuangjiao who was cleaning the glass, and blowing kisses at him. Gu Renqi remembered a lot of scenes where Shuangjiao met and met, and suddenly remembered that it was Shuangjiao that made Gu. Qi Qi is a little heartbeat and flustered.

When Shuangjiao went to work, I saw everyone around the office and no one dared to go in, because there were stinky oysters in the office and no one dared to clean it up. On the contrary, Shuangjiao didn’t seem to be able to smell it and clean it up. They all praised Shuangjiao and hoped that Shuangjiao would pick up a five-star big order, but Gu Renqi who was rushed over refuted it.

In order to get the list, Shuangjiao claimed that he had no sense of smell, so he didn’t care about the taste. Gu Renqi believes that as a cleaner, it is necessary to have a sense of smell so as not to throw away the good things. However, Shuangjiao thinks that there is no sense of smell for easy cleaning, but Gu Renqi believes that Shuangjiao is pretending to have no sense of smell. He wants to expose the lies and drive her away.

Whether it’s preparing stinky food for Shuangjiao, smelly socks, or even spraying stinky spray in the closet of Shuangjiao, Shuangjiao has been dealt with one by one without obstacles. Lu Xian came here specially. After that, Shuangjiao got off work and specially gave Shuangjiao to wear a helmet. Everyone could smell the smell of Shuangjiao, but Shuangjiao looked indifferent and left on Lu Xian’s motorcycle.

After returning, Shuangjiao changed his clothes. Lu Xian didn’t dislike anything, and directly washed Shuangjiao’s clothes. It was Shuangjiao who learned that Junjie was going to work, so he ran over angrily and ended up with a leg. Junjie obediently followed back. Lu Xian, who was distressed by Shuangjiao, went back with Shuangjiao on his back. It was Shuangjiao who suddenly became happy. feel.

When Li Dongxian was calling Shuangjiao, Shuangjiao was anxious to find his younger brother and ran away. Gu Renqi, who was worried in his heart, brought Li Dongxian to find someone, so that Shuangjiao mistakenly thought that he had to take it back to work overtime. It was Shuangjiao. Jiao asked if Gu Renqi had three times his salary. Gu Renqi saw that Shuang Jiao had injured his foot. He coldly told Shuang Jiao that he should rest more, and those who were not injured went to work overtime. Li Dongxian saw that Gu Renqi had different concerns about Shuangjiao, but Gu Renqi did not admit it.

Lu Xian helped with double pride. Thinking of Gu Renqi’s performance just now, he felt that Gu Renqi was different. He was treated as double pride. It was Shuangjiao and told about all the recent things with Gu Renqi. He thought that Gu Renqi was just the same. Pursue her deliberately. Lu Xian seemed to sense something deliberately asking if it was Shuangjiao who was more handsome, he or Gu Renqi, because Shuangjiao did not answer directly, but instead told Lu Xian Zha Nan and Nuan Nan that they were just a thin line apart.

In the evening, Gu Renqi called his private psychiatrist and told about his different behavior to a girl recently. He was told that this mentality was either out of love or out of hatred. When Gu Renqi went to work the next day, he always cared that he was a double pride, but he looked at it twice, which was also seen by Li Dongxian.

The senior wanted to broadcast live to Wang Qianqian, but lacking a partner, the senior recommended Shuangjiao, but Shuangjiao refused directly. The senior chased to the underground garage and persuaded Shuangjiao to cooperate with Wang Qianqian, but was rejected by Shuangjiao. Shuangjiao took a rest directly in the van. And this scene was seen by Gu Renqi. Gu Renqi had been following senior Mark into the elevator. He heard Mark call and said that he was a dog that was not familiar with him. Gu Renqi took the disinfectant and sprayed it at Mark. .

Because it was Shuangjiao who wanted the labor department to pick up things, I met Mark again. In order to give Wang Qianqian an explanation, Mark lied that Shuangjiao agreed, and forced Shuangjiao to nod and agree, while Wang Qianqian and Gu Renqi were standing there. In front of him, Gu Renqi couldn’t stand it any longer, and he pulled the arrogance to his side.

This move also stunned Wang Qianqian, because Gu Renqi, who is a habit of cleanliness, would not easily arrest anyone. Gu Renqi also directly rejected Mark instead of Shuangjiao, and left with Shuangjiao, but unexpectedly when he took the elevator, he rushed forward and turned his head one by one. The lips of the two met again, and then they rushed over. Wang Qianqian happened to see it.

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