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The Imperial Coroner 御赐小仵作 Episode 17 Recap

Xu Rugui deliberately revealed the identity of Chu Chu’s biological parents, no more than trying to break the trust between her and Xiao Jinyu, but Xiao Jinyu did not fall into the other’s trap, instead reusing Chu Chu to re-establish a strong trust relationship. Xiao Jinyu thought of Yan Ming’s death, and from the content of his ink mark Shangxin’s handwriting, he speculated that he should have found clues about the youngest son of King Chang.

Qin Luan reported the rumors spread by the little eunuch to Tang Xuanzong, and made suggestions for him, taking this opportunity to give posthumous titles to the Wuzong scholars. In this way, the rumors will be self-defeating. Tang Xuanzong thought that this plan was feasible, so he handed it over to the minister. Considering that Xiao Jinyu had been in the southwest for a long time, and there was no reply, he decided to call Wu Jiang into the palace first.

After leaving the hall, Sun Mingde wondered why Qin Luan was protecting the little eunuch who committed suicide by taking poison. At least he should tell Tang Xuanzong the ins and outs. However, Qin Luan’s true intention was to protect their master and apprentice. The last person who saw King Chang back then was him and Sun Mingde. To prevent Tang Xuanzong’s suspicion, King Chang must be clearly informed that he is dead.

At the same time, Xiao Jinyu speculated that King Chang’s line wanted to regain the throne and needed to rebel on the grounds of supporting King Chang, and also deliberately dig out the matter of King Chang not dead. Just because Xiao Jinyu suppressed the Yan Ming case and did not send it out, the other party saw that nothing was done, so they had to make a living and forcibly spread the news that King Chang was alive. In this way, I am afraid that the other party is ready and only owes Dongfeng.

Since the facts of the case have not been thoroughly investigated, Xiao Jinyu repeatedly urged Jing Yi to keep it secret and never reveal Chu Chu’s identity to the outside world. It was precisely when Xiao Jinyu was so nervous that Jing Yi suddenly realized that he laughed and said that he was stuck in his heart. Wu Jiang truthfully reported Ming Xiao Jinyu’s investigation to Princess Xiping, and took out a drawing of a hairpin.

Through the pattern on it, Princess Xiping found that it was very similar to the hairpin given by her concubine to Mrs. Jing. After Jing Ge received the hairpin picture sent back by Jing Yi, he did not expect that Mrs. Jing would immediately recognize it. At first, Princess Xiping gave him a pair, and she kept one, and the other one was given away. But she forgot who she gave the hairpin to, but the gift record can be found out. Upon hearing this, Jing said immediately that he was not in the early morning and stayed at home.

Chu Ping learned from the mouth of Chu River that Xu Rugui was closed in the wood house, so he found an excuse for the guard to let him in. He really knew that Xu Rugui was Xu Zongfang who had been missing for a long time. Grandpa Chu loves his granddaughter, so he wants to include her in Chu’s family tree. Chu Chu sees it and stops him, but hopes that grandfather can be buried next to his mother after his death. This scene happened to be seen by Xiao Jinyu, and when she heard Chu Chu’s testimony like a last word, she was worried that Jing Yi would eventually send her news back to Jingli regardless of Chu Chu’s safety.

Xiao Jingyu discovered that the stone Chu Chu used to bake mushrooms glowed, and heard Chu Chu mention that Uncle Witch Doctor had talked about spar, as long as it was irradiated with light, it would appear translucent. Because of these words, Xiao Jinyu suddenly remembered the four stone chess pieces left on the chessboard, and seemed to understand.

Chu He stopped Xiao Jingyu to take Chu Chu out, but unfortunately he couldn’t help Chu Chu, and he was so angry that he came to the chaifang, so he used the food delivery as an excuse to set off the guards. Xu Rugui saw that Chu He was stunned and easily fooled, and immediately lied that Chu Chu would be life-threatening. Chu He believed it was true, and took the opportunity to let him go. Thanks to the guard returning in time, Chu He gave up temporarily.

Chu Chu took Xiao Jinyu to the Uncle Witch Doctor’s house. By observing the surrounding walls, Xiao Jinyu suddenly discovered that there were many landscape paintings hanging on the wall, all of them were Phoenix Mountain and Yong’an River. It seemed that there were hidden secrets in them. Chu Chu said that the witch doctor became fond of collecting landscape paintings before he left, and Xiao Jinyu believed that these paintings were related to luminous stones.

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