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No Boundary Season 2 (2021) 玉昭令第二季

No Boundary Season 2 (2021)
Other Title: 玉昭令 2, Yu Zhao Ling 2, Kai Feng Zhi Guai 2, 開封志怪 2, The Storm of the World 2, No Boundary Season 2, 玉昭令第2季, 玉昭令第二季, 玉昭令 2

Genres: Suspense, Historical, Mystery, Romance, Fantasy
Steve Cheng
Release Date: 
May 10, 2021
Related Show:
No Boundary (Chinese prequel)


  • Darren Chen as Zhan Yan
  • Zhang Yi Shang as Duan Mu Cui
  • Faye Wang as Hong Luan
  • Gu Zi Cheng as Wen Gu Wei Yu

This follow the story of season 1. After Shangxian Duanmucui and Zhanyan entered Shen Yuan, Duanmu lost their memory, and the arrival of Jiang Wenqing involved Duanmucui and Zhanyan in a peerless conspiracy. Within Shen Yuan, there are many variables and a battle between people and people is about to come. Is history repeating itself or will it be changed by the advent of Zhanyan? One is General Duanmu, who is on the battlefield, and the other is the unsealed head catcher of Shuangshang Online.

The two teamed up to break the crisis. N birth N generation, one person and one immortal, staged immortal love. Penglai Nine Prisons, heaven and earth, cut constant love and hate entanglements, unclear life and death infatuation, wishing to overcome thorns and thorns, and walk with the monarch…The human race and the Penglai tribe hand in hand to build the three realms of peace.

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