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Miss the Dragon 遇龙 Episode 2 Recap

Long Yan turned back into the dragon body before Liu Ying woke up. Liu Ying looked at Long Yan beside her, and was very lucky that she hadn’t been bitten by this little white snake. Long Yan doesn’t like durian cakes, but Liu Ying brought two plates of pastries again. Long Yan mistakenly thought Liu Ying was offering his favorite pastries to himself. Although he didn’t like the taste, he still managed to take one plate of pastries. Eat up.

At this time, the little blue bird came to Liuying, who prepared osmanthus cake for the blue bird, but the blue bird saw the original god of Long Yan. She was afraid of Long Yan and hurriedly left Xia Mansion. I saw the blue bird regaining its human form. Her name was Qingqing, and she was also kind-hearted. She didn’t know that Long Yan was the Dragon King, but mistakenly thought that Long Yan was eyeing Liuying, for fear that Long Yan would eat Liuying in one bite.

At night, Liu Ying saw that Long Yan’s wounds had recovered. She was going to put Long Yan back to Houshan the next day. This night Long Yan turned back to sleep with Liu Ying as before. Liu Ying accidentally kissed him when she turned around. Long Yan, Long Yan stroked his lips lightly, feeling that this feeling was very strange, yet very soft.

The next day, Liu Ying woke up and found that she had a favorite sugar-fried chestnuts on the table. Long Yan bought the sugar-fried chestnuts for Liu Ying, but Liu Ying mistakenly thought it was Xia Houxue. Long Yan had never eaten sugar-fried chestnuts. Liu Ying wanted to feed Long Yan, but Long Yan suddenly disappeared. Liu Ying hurriedly went out to look for Long Yan. In the back mountain, Liu Ying found Long Yan. Long Yan transformed into a human form in front of Liu Ying.

Long Yan declared his identity. He was the Dragon King, not the little white snake. Liu Ying saved himself. He wanted to return Liu Ying, no I owe Liuying any favors. Liu Ying was very surprised by Long Yan’s identity. She was not a greedy person. She only begged Long Yan to take away the durian cake from her table. She didn’t like to eat durian cake. She bought this durian cake with her own monthly silver. Come to Long Yan.

Long Yinchi, Long Yan told Mingge Xingjun of his plan, he was going to play in the world for a few days. Mingge Xingjun obviously felt a different breath on Long Yan’s body, and he didn’t understand why the always proud Dragon King had the idea of ​​going to the world for fun. One day in the sky, one year on the ground, Long Yan returned to the Xia Mansion again. He met Qing Qing who had come to look for Liu Ying and wanted to know why Qing Qing was so close to Liu Ying. Qingqing said that she was here to repay her gratitude. She had to be rescued by Liu Ying before. If Long Yan refused to let her find Liu Ying, she would not go anymore. Long Yan pressed his lips lightly, only to let Qingqing obey his orders in the future, and didn’t have to avoid Liuying.

Long Yan followed Liu Ying all the way, and wanted to do what he wanted to repay Liu Ying’s kindness in saving him. After Liu Ying bought the sugar-fried chestnuts and the script, she returned home with joy. Long Yan didn’t know what the secret erotic pictures of the world were. He got a copy of the secret erotic pictures of the king from the vendor’s hand, and mistakenly thought that What Liu Ying wants to repay is the promise in the script.

Liu Yan turned into a human body and appeared in front of Liu Ying again. He hugged Liu Ying around his waist, saying that he knew that what Liu Ying wanted to repay was the promise of his body. Long Yan took Liu Ying soaring in the air. The two of them came to a meadow, but Liu Ying cried to go home. There was no joy. Long Yan’s reaction to Liu Ying was very confused. He obviously followed the book. What is done above, the ending is not as developed in the book. Back to Long Yin Chi, Long Yan was still depressed.

He asked Ming Ge Xing Jun with a headache. When Ming Ge Xing heard that Long Yan wanted to treat people like him, he was very surprised that Long Yan had a sweetheart. Long Yan, who didn’t know what his sweetheart meant, only suddenly remembered Liu Ying’s shadow, and didn’t understand why Liu Ying kept appearing in his mind.

Long Yan kept looking back on the little things he had with Liu Ying, and Liu Ying’s figure flashed in his mind. On the other side, Qingqing was distressed because there was a meteor mark on her forehead. She learned that Mingge Xingjun had thousands of books hidden there, and there was a way to get to the meteor mark, so she was going to find Mingge Xingjun.

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