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Jue Mi Shi Ming 绝密使命 Episode 21 Recap

Sinoe and Zou Shubao met in the student movement, and Sinoe later found out that his cousin was the eldest daughter-in-law of the Zou family. Such a fateful encounter is really a rare marriage. Sinoe happily ran home and hugged Zou Shubao. Zou Shubao was grateful that his wife had returned safely and was also happy that the mission was successfully completed. Sinoe has become a party trafficker.

At night, my aunt took out his uncle’s clothes for Zou Shubao to wear, but Zou Shubao felt that this was his uncle’s relic and would be disrespectful to the deceased. However, Lai Shouzhang came in directly at this time. He knew that Sino and Zou Shubao were in the room, and he bluntly wanted to see them. Zou Shubao was deeply afraid that Sinoe would be implicated, and Sinoe was even more of a condemnation.

Lai Shouzhang listened calmly to their words, but replied that she was not so frantic enough to attack her relatives. Lai Shouzhang evacuated the guards at the door, so that Zou Shubao took advantage of the night to leave. He met Heizi along the way and only said that it was Regiment Ma who asked the soldiers to go back and rest. Zou Shubao and Sinoe also took the night on Pan Yuqing’s boat, which had been waiting for them, and headed back to Qingxi.

Ling Feng received the news that something went wrong in Wuhan, and the two comrades Wang and Huang who had already set out to transfer to Wuhan were in danger. Ling Feng quickly arranged personnel to find out the itinerary and route of the two comrades, and must stop them in time. Comrade Wang met a comrade who claimed to be getting off at Nanchang Station.

He took out the code 25367 to remind him that it would rain in Wuhan, and thus stopped Comrade Wang smoothly. On the ship, Li Hannong, an important member of the Chinese Communist Party, met a middle-aged man who claimed to be an acquaintance on the ship, who actually called him by his first name. Fortunately, he calmly replied to his surname Ji and was a businessman who bought tobacco.

After Li Hannong got off the ship, he went to the Fulin Hotel and called the Huafu Electric Material Company. After receiving the call, Peng Gengnian went to the hotel to connect with him. The situation in Shanghai is very severe.

At present, except for the Shantou line, all other lines of communication have collapsed under the suppression of the Kuomintang. This means that everyone can only rely on this one line of communication for their transfer. Li Hannong said that he would leave early tomorrow morning. As a veteran agent, he didn’t need someone to escort him. Peng Gengnian informed the location and secret code of the remaining route and then Li Hannong left by himself.

In the evening, Peng Gengnian played mahjong with Lu Wenchao and others. Among them was the man who saw Li Hannong on the boat. He reported to Lu Wenchao that Li Hannong had arrived in Shantou by boat at the card table. Lu Wenchao immediately took him away and learned that Li Hannong’s destination was a tobacco-producing area in Yongding County, and immediately called Dapu to intercept him and take a special train to Chao Chao. Ann.

Peng Gengnian expected that Lu Wenchao would definitely take a special train to Chao’an. He wanted to take this special train to Chao’an on Little Rome. Before Li Hannong arrived at the transportation station Chanjuan jewelry store, he must be intercepted, and he must not be allowed to board. The electric boat in Pu.

Ronaldinho took advantage of the darkness to sneak onto the special train to Chao’an. Lu Wenchao, who arrived in Chao’an, immediately arranged for the local guards to conduct strict inspections at the station entrances. This scene was carefully discovered by Li Hannong early. Ronaldinho, who came to the jewelry store, learned that Li Hannong had left, but whether he had left Chao’an is still unknown.

After speculation, Peng Gengnian felt that Li Hannong had not arrived in Dapu, and that he would probably stay in Chao’an tonight. Cao Ruiying arrested a group of suspects at the Dapu Wharf, but none of their luggage contained the cigarettes and soil, and then sent a speedboat to patrol the river overnight.

Li Hannong changed his clothes and packages and left the station. Although the guards inspected him, they could not find any abnormalities. Lu Wenchao tracked down the hotel room reserved by Li Hannong under the pseudonym, but found that there was no trace of people living in it. Xiao Luo and the owner of the jewelry store discussed how to find Li Hannong. He asked the owner to stay in the store and wait, and he would go to the dock to check. Lu Wenchao inspected the hotel for one night but did not see Li Hannong, but Cao Ruiying stationed in Dapu did not see Li Hannong.

Peng Gengnian received a reply from the terminus, asking Li Hannong to immediately give up going to the Soviet area and return to Hong Kong. Right now, the only thing they can rely on is Ronaldinho. Li Hannong came to the umbrella shop early in the morning to buy a long-handled umbrella, and took off his glasses and walked towards the pier, because Peng Gengnian had told him that the long-handled umbrella and the hat were the signal in an emergency. Ronaldinho, disguised as an adult driver on the dock, saw the long umbrella and immediately pulled the car forward and picked up Li Hannon.

The guard of Lu Wenchao brought the old suitcase that Li Hannong had discarded and checked through the middle-aged man that this was Li Hannong’s box, which still contained the box of tobacco leaves. Seeing no one in the box, Lu Wenchao angrily ordered his subordinates to go to the whole city to arrest him.

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