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Family on the Go 3 温州三家人 Episode 27 Recap

Although Ye Qiankun really didn’t understand why Wu Jia would apply for an external transfer, he still respected the other party’s decision. On the contrary, there is still a major issue that needs to be resolved. Since Bai Xiaoming came to the Weiye Group, he has devoted all his energy to the research of graphene technology. However, his employment contract has not been settled. Therefore, the Honghui Group where Zeng Zhiqiu works believes that Bai Xiaoming’s research is a breakthrough on the original basis and decided to use legal form. Take back this statement.

Ye Zifan organized offline experience activities with many brands, thereby promoting the turnover of the famous goods store, which soon exceeded the six million mark. Even though Ye Zifan’s website is booming, the shoppers in the designer street try on them, and the scene is chaotic. The shop assistants have complained and wondered whether this cooperation can solve the problem of their decline in sales.

Because of Zeng Zhiqiu’s actions, Ye Zifan learned that the Weiye Group did steal Honghui’s research success, so he quickly went to Lin Zhixia to explain the situation. Just as Ye Qiankun was overwhelmed by the incident, Huang Yunmei fainted again. At first, she thought it was a blood pressure problem. However, after a doctor’s diagnosis, she found that her condition was not optimistic.

It happened that Bai Xiaoming was conquering graphene technology, and Ye Qiankun had to rush back to the company first. Huang Yunmei became seriously ill, so she kept the word from her husband and son. At the same time, the graphene science and technology research was a great success. Ye Qiankun and Bai Xiaoming’s team were happy to celebrate, but they did not expect that Zarke would sneak into the protection program through hackers, thereby stealing Bai Xiaoming’s research results and preemptively registering patents in the United States. .

Seeing the news broadcast on TV, Ye Zifan immediately left for Weiye Group. Secretary Zhuang deliberately guided Ye Qiankun to provoke the relationship between him and Lin Yishan, claiming that the matter might be related to the Lin family. Lin Qiankun listened to Secretary Zhuang’s guess, so he asked Lin Yishan to tell Zeng Zhiqiu not to betray his conscience for his own selfish desires.

Because of the high stress and pressure of work, Ye Qiankun had symptoms of inductive neurodeafness and had to be hospitalized. However, at this stage, Ye Qiankun would never leave his work, so he insisted on finishing the things at hand. Ye Zifan knew that he needed the help of Honghui Group if he wanted to provide evidence to defeat Zalke, because the first half of the research report was within the group, so he took the initiative to call Zeng Zhiqiu, hoping she could help.

However, Zeng Zhiqiu considered that the two were in a competitive relationship, especially because of Bai Xiaoming, so he resolutely refused. After hanging up the phone, Lin Zhixia deliberately scoffed Ye Zifan in front of Zeng Zhiqiu, but she also helped him say a lot of good things, and finally made Zeng Zhiqiu change his mind and agreed to submit a research report.

Even though Ye Zifan’s new practice of e-commerce is facing problems, his father needs his help now, so he simply arranged the company’s affairs and personally accompanied Ye Qiankun to fly abroad to start a transnational lawsuit with the Zarke Group. The reason was Bai Xiaoming’s research and development results are first, and the patent belongs to Weiye Group.

In the majestic court, Zalke submitted the same data, which blocked the plaintiff’s lawyer representative speechless. The judge asked the Weiye Group to produce evidence within the time limit, otherwise the litigation request would be rejected. After leaving the court, Ye Zifan believed that their biggest enemy now was Zarke, and they should have the same enemies with the Honghui Group. It happened that Zeng Zhiqiu learned of the hacking situation and immediately told Ye Zifan the truth.

After receiving the news from Zeng Zhiqiu, Ye Zifan used Internet technology to quickly find out Zalke’s malicious plagiarism. At this time, Bai Xiaoming’s student Gao Jian wrote a paper on graphene technology and published it in a British magazine in order to select the job title a month and a half ago.

Because of Gao Jian’s mistakes, Ye Zifan obtained key evidence. This lawsuit turned around and the Weiye Group won, finally defeated Zarke, and regained the results that belonged to China. Huang Yunmei was worried that her body would be difficult to support, so she secretly went abroad to find Wu Jia, hoping that she could return to China to assist Ye Qiankun.

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