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Family on the Go 3 温州三家人 Episode 26 Recap

Zeng Zhiqiu knew that the key to the development of the photovoltaic industry was to solve the problem of electric energy storage, so he decided to go to Bai Xiaoming to continue scientific and technological research, but he did not expect that Wu Jia had already taken the lead. Originally, Bai Xiaoming had clearly rejected Wu Jia’s invitation, but he was completely disappointed with Honghui Group, let alone getting involved in the battle between Weiye and Honghui.

However, after Weiye Group saw technological breakthroughs ahead of time and the prospects for the photovoltaic industry were attractive, Wu Jia visited him repeatedly, which was enough to show his sincerity. In the end, Bai Xiaoming couldn’t refuse, and brought the team to Weiye Group. However, when Zeng Zhiqiu learned of this, she didn’t want to give up easily, so she explained the situation to Lin Yishan, and if you think about countermeasures, please return to Bai Xiaoming.

As Ye Zifan hurt Lin Zhiqiu over and over again, the conflict between the two became more serious. Yang Tianzhen took advantage of his drunkness to encourage Ye Zifan to boldly love, and at the same time revealed the news that Lin Zhixia was going to Cangnan. When Ye Zifan learned of this, he finally realized his mistake, but unfortunately it was too late. When he reacted, Lin Zhixia had already left in the car. He chased after the car and ran all the way, finally shouting the phrase “I love you.” .

Yang Tianzhen brought Lin Zhixia to Fudewan Village in Cangnan, Ye Zifan found it through the location, and showed Lin Zhixia his thoughts. Although Lin Zhixia had already listened, she still remained calm, and only wanted to do something for this ancient village, so she did not agree to return to the white dolphin.

At this time, Mingpinhui was in crisis, and users returned a large number of products. Ye Zifan called out the return order, visited the door according to the order address, and had the idea of ​​opening an offline experience store, so he asked the team to go to the mall to investigate. Gao Xin chose to record at the entrance of the store, but Wei Ju is good at being lazy, so he used his mobile phone to secretly take pictures, but was discovered.

The customer clashed with Wei Ju and even broke his phone. Ye Zifan was very angry and punished Wei Ju to repay the shop’s clothing money. Wei Ju deliberately threatened to resign, but Ye Zifan fired him on the spot. Facing this sudden result, Wei Ju was shocked, and immediately went to Pan Xiaoyong to complain.

Originally, Pan Xiaoyong promised to intercede for Wei Ju, but upon hearing Ye Zifan’s explanation, he immediately realized that he was deceived by Wei Ju. Afterwards, Ye Zifan personally took Gao Xin to find the store, and negotiated with the other party’s general manager Guan, and at the same time expressed his thoughts. After several twists and turns, Ye Zifan finally signed the store, and the Mingpinhui ushered in a hot scene.

Zeng Zhiqiu can terminate the employment relationship between Bai Xiaoming and the Weiye Group through a contract, but she was afraid of offending Ye Zifan for this, so she specifically went to discuss with Pan Xiaoyong. However, Pan Xiaoyong thinks that Zeng Zhiqiu is for the benefit of the company, he should not hesitate about the left and right, and should choose what he thinks is the right thing. Because of Pan Xiaoyong’s words, Zeng Zhiqiu decided to file a lawsuit against Bai Xiaoming.

Ye Zifan continued to pester Lin Zhixia, but Lin Zhixia seemed indifferent, doing something silently on weekdays. Ye Zifan felt that her emotions were in crisis. Zeng Zhiqiu and Pan Xiaoyong sent Huang Yunlan away. They also knew that Lin Zhixia’s relationship had problems, so they hoped that she could see her heart clearly. At the same time, Zeng Zhiqiu showed his appreciation for Pan Xiaoyong.

Because of the company’s gossip about Wu Jia and Ye Qiankun, Huang Yunmei wanted to protect Ye Qiankun’s reputation for self-esteem, and not let him be ridden by rumors, so she took the initiative to negotiate with Wu Jia and reminded Wu Jia that she should see the situation clearly. Wu Jia knows she is innocent, but she also knows that instead of avoiding rumors, she should choose to leave, so she decided to ask Ye Qiankun to transfer overseas factories.

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