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Family on the Go 3 温州三家人 Episode 25 Recap

Perhaps it was a mysterious attraction. Pan Xiaoyong rode a bicycle all the way to the northwest, only to meet a boy and a big cow in the Gobi Desert. Knowing the reason why Daniel was out of school, Pan Xiaoyong took the initiative to intercede with Daniel, hoping that the other party would understand that the main reason for local poverty is the problem of exporting culture.

Because of Pan Xiaoyong’s repeated persuasion, Da Niu finally changed his mind, and after all the hard work, he finally sent Daniel to school. Huang Fugui heard the news that Pan Xiaoyong ran away from home, so he had the idea of ​​looking for it. Zeng Zhiqiu remembered that Pan Xiaoyong had mentioned that poor primary school many times, so he accompanied Huang Fugui and Huang Yunlan to Lanzhou.

After getting off the plane, Huang Yunlan couldn’t help but restlessly telling her that her father was thinking about having a twilight relationship with Wang Jinhua, which caused so many things to happen and now caused her to run so far from abroad. Huang Fugui was so angry with Huang Yunlan that he immediately asked Zeng Zhiqiu to stop. It was not until Zeng Zhiqiu persuaded him for a long time that he gradually calmed down and continued to drive on the road.

Li Youyou was surprised to see Pan Xiaoyong, and the children were very happy. At the same time, he noticed that there seemed to be some ambiguity between him and the teacher. That night, Daniel was worried that Pan Xiaoyong would order the teacher away, and was about to splash water to make a spoof. However, when Pan Xiaoyong pushed it easily, he found that Daniel had fallen to the ground, obviously because of carbon monoxide poisoning.

It happened that Zeng Zhiqiu and others came from a distance. Pan Xiaoyong drove to the hospital with Daniel. Fortunately, he was rescued in time and finally out of danger. Li Youyou arranged for Huang Fugui and his daughter to rest temporarily. Zeng Zhiqiu came back from the hospital and could only sleep with the children for one night, but seeing the children warming up around a small stove made her feel particularly distressed.

Through this incident, Zeng Zhiqiu wanted to do something for the children, especially facing the vast Gobi Desert. He was full of emotions, his sense of responsibility was bursting out, and he saw new business opportunities at the same time. Zeng Zhiqiu believes that if the solar energy industry can be developed here, it will not only solve everyone’s power generation problem, but also improve the nature of the soil and get rid of poverty.

Lin Yifeng, who was far away in Wenzhou, received the news and did not agree with Zeng Zhiqiu’s ideas. Lin Chen added fuel to the fire and urged him to file a complaint with Lin Yifeng. However, Lin Yishan expressed support and claimed that he had retired and asked them to submit an application to the new chairman in accordance with the normal procedures. Just as Lin Yishan sent everyone away, Daniel took the opportunity to lose a banana peel and witnessed Chen Xi embarrassing on the spot.

In a few days, Pan Xiaoyong was going to pack up his things and return to Wenzhou. He wanted to say goodbye to Li You You, but Li You You was concentrating on class in the classroom. Pan Xiaoyong was embarrassed to interrupt, so she could only leave quietly. She didn’t know that as soon as his front foot left, Li Youyou asked the students to endorse, while she herself stood in front of the window and looked into the distance.

Zeng Zhiqiu saw that Pan Xiaoyong seemed to be reluctant to bear Li Youyou, he was very unhappy in his heart, and he couldn’t help himself when he returned home. Lin Yishan urged Zeng Zhiqiu to stay away from the Ye family as much as possible, not to let the relationship get too deep. But Zeng Zhiqiu felt that people should know what to do, and Pan Xiaoyong saved herself twice. Of course, she seemed to be attracted to Pan Xiaoyong, who didn’t seem to be interested in doing things.

As the merchandise auctioned by Mingpinhui is too gorgeous and high-end, the consumer group is limited and the performance continues to decline. However, Ye Zifanguang was eager to raise funds to expand the famous product store, and went to the sister florist group secretly, but he was rejected. Not only did Ye Zifan fail to follow Lin Zhixia’s advice, he was also weak and incompetent even emotionally. Lin Zhixia was completely disappointed in him, so he decided to go to Cangnan’s hometown with Yang Tianzhen to relax.

At the board meeting of Honghui Group, Zeng Zhiqiu put forward the idea of ​​upgrading the solar energy industry to the photovoltaic industry, but it was strongly opposed by a group of veterans. Lin Yishan asked Zeng Zhiqiu about his specific ideas because of other people’s opinions. However, Zeng Zhiqiu still advocated to withdraw from the stock market for the time being and calmly do a good job in the photovoltaic industry. As a result, there were power problems in the Northwest. After all, if you want to completely open the market, I am afraid that a lot of money will be used.

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