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Family on the Go 3 温州三家人 Episode 24 Recap

When Yu Keren found out that the female teacher Li Youyou was not in the room, she thought she was going to call the police secretly, but she didn’t know that the other party walked the Gobi trail all night in order to get medicine for Pan Xiaoyong. Pan Xiaoyong was deeply moved and accidentally revealed his identity. Fortunately, Li Youyou was kind and did not do anything to hurt him.

Because of this, Pan Xiaoyong took the initiative to help the children mend the net, and then bid farewell to Li Youyou and continued on the road with Yu Keren. But this time he turned around and decided to go to the police station to surrender. Yu Keren couldn’t persuade him, but he was afraid of going to jail, so he won Pan Xiaoyong’s sympathy under the guise of his brother being unattended.

Pan Xiaoyong asked Yu Keren to get out of the car and return to Wenzhou alone. First, he went to the hospital to visit Huang Fugui, then went to the police station to explain the situation and explain all the process. Because Pan Xiaoyong voluntarily surrendered and was an accomplice, he was sentenced to three months of detention. On the contrary, the persons involved in the case, Yu Keren and Manager Xiong, were arrested one after another during the police investigation.

Although Ye Zifan was acquitted, he has completely lost the White Dolphin’s agency rights. The employees of the company offered to resign, and Ye Zifan sincerely apologized, hoping that they would give themselves another chance and promised to pay everyone out of their own pockets. After the employee’s mood stabilized, Ye Zifan couldn’t bear the series of blows, and eventually went to the hospital with a fever.

Lin Zhixia was by the hospital bed to take care of her, but Ye Zifan actually wanted to keep her distance and told about the three chapters of his previous appointment with Pan Xiaoyong. After learning of this, Lin Zhixia angrily accused Ye Zifan of treating herself as a merchandise thrown away at will, so she broke up with him completely and fell into a cold war ever since.

Ye Zifan took Gao Xin to visit many companies to discuss cooperation, but it was still fruitless and self-confidence was hit harder. Lin Zhixia saw Ye Zifan borrowing wine to pour her sorrows at Yang Tianzhen’s shop, so she took the initiative to fight with him, but he poured it right away after a drink. When Lin Zhixia woke up, she directly took Ye Zifan to the shopping mall to buy a high-priced suit, and after a careful dressing, she finally looked very attractive.

When Ye Zifan inquired, he found a huge difference in the price of famous suits, and the quality of the clothes was among the same. This detail made him suddenly think about it. Considering that contemporary people like to enjoy the highest quality of life with the least money, he plans to make art Pinhui was changed to Mingpinhui, and then went to negotiate with various brands, and prepared to buy the products that had just been removed from the other party on the website.

When my colleagues heard Ye Zifan’s ideas, they all agreed, but the current lack of funds. Ye Zifan used big data to study customer psychology and determine the sale price of famous products. Lin Zhixia admired it, and immediately went home to take out the collections for auction. Sure enough, the collections were identified as authentic works by famous artists, and these things allowed her to successfully raise the capital to re-operate the website. With the funds, Ye Zifan, with the help of Gao Xin and Lin Zhixia, finally managed to make the collection of famous products vivid, and the number of fans soon exceeded the billions mark.

Zeng Zhiqiu took the initiative to visit the prison and encouraged Pan Xiaoyong to regain strength. After three months, Pan Xiaoyong expired and was released. Zeng Zhiqiu and Wei Ju personally picked him up back to the wine castle. Unexpectedly, Ye Zifan and others were already waiting there. This made him feel very uncomfortable and hurriedly drank the welcome wine and left. Seeing Pan Xiaoyong’s look awkwardly going out, Zeng Zhiqiu hurried to comfort him. After a conversation, Pan Xiaoyong reaped everyone’s kindness, so he decided to go out to relax first, increase his knowledge and at the same time make himself change.

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