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Family on the Go 3 温州三家人 Episode 23 Recap

Ai Jilan looked at the money and had to agree to record the video, admitting that he was forced to die, and thoroughly cleared Zeng Zhiqiu’s suspicion. When the matter settled, Pan Xiaoyong took Zeng Zhiqiu and her mother back to China. They did not know that the employees under his hand were already in trouble, and they sued Ye Zifan one after another.

After returning to Wenzhou, the performance of Pan Xiaoyong’s team was far lower than that of Lin Zhixia. Not only did they lose out every week, they often even made a mess. Ye Zifan publicly reprimanded Pan Xiaoyong for not cherishing opportunities, but on the contrary, his appreciation of Lin Zhixia became more and more obvious, which caused Pan Xiaoyong’s jealousy to increase greatly, and it was obvious that the relationship between the two began to heat up.

Yu Keren took the opportunity to win over Pan Xiaoyong and deliberately encouraged him to develop sports quizzes on the White Dolphin website. Pan Xiaoyong went back to the company to ask Wei Ju for help in studying sports predictions without any doubt about Yu Keren’s intentions in order to make achievements to Ye Ye Fan. At this time, Yu Keren called and claimed that there was ready-made software. Pan Xiaoyong believed it was true, so he uploaded the link sent by Yu Keren to the website.

The next morning, Gao Xin noticed that the number of fans and attention on the website had soared, which was obviously abnormal, so he quickly notified Ye Zifan. Faced with Ye Zifan’s question, Pan Xiaoyong felt a little flustered in his heart, but on the surface he was composure and resolutely denied it. He called Yu Keren privately to ask about the link.

Even though Yu Keren made a package ticket, Pan Xiaoyong still couldn’t fully believe it. He was so drunk at home that night. He used the drunkenness to reprimand Ye Zifan for knowing that he liked Lin Zhixia, but he was still with Lin Zhixia. This matter was for him. It was a big blow, so I took the initiative to part ways.

Ye Zifan returned to the company to make do for one night, calmly thinking for a long time, so he sent a message to Pan Xiaoyong, decided to give him half a year, let Lin Zhixia make his own choice. Since then, Ye Zifan’s indifferent attitude towards Lin Zhixia caused her doubts, but Pan Xiaoyong tried his best to get close to Lin Zhixia.

Because of Pan Xiaoyong’s upload of gambling links, the White Dolphin website was blocked. Just as colleagues did not know, they were still celebrating the doubling of performance in the wine castle. Unexpectedly, the police suddenly appeared and directly arrested Ye Zifan. Yu Keren secretly took Pan Xiaoyong away and took the initiative to confess everything to him. Pan Xiaoyong was extremely angry when he learned of this, but he was helpless, so under the instigation of Yu Keren, he immediately packed up his things and ran with her.

Huang Fugui heard that his grandson was arrested and fell fainted on the spot. Fortunately, Wang Jinhua appeared in time and took him to the hospital. Huang Yunmei called Ye Qiankun, but Ye Qiankun didn’t think the problem was serious. It was nothing more than a small bump in the entrepreneurial road and left it to Ye Qiankun to solve it by himself.

Originally, Pan Xiaoyong saw news reports and wanted to go back and surrender to rescue Ye Zifan. However, Yu Keren was worried about going to jail and claimed that he was also a victim. If he voluntarily surrendered, he would be a scapegoat for the criminals. Yu Keren lied that he had found the male manager who asked her to upload the link. Now this person is in Gansu, so he asked Pan Xiaoyong to arrest people with her.

Pan Xiaoyong fell into hesitation, but he didn’t know that Yu Keren had secretly recorded her conversation with Pan Xiaoyong, and was prepared to protect him from unexpected events in the future. Not long after, the two drove to Gansu. Due to a temporary car breakdown and anxious to find a place to stay, when they were begging for a place, they happened to ran into a village teacher Li Youyou with a group of children passing by. .

Li Youyou was kind-hearted and took the initiative to take in Pan Xiaoyong and Yu Keren, and arranged accommodation for them. Pan Xiaoyong questioned Yu Keren angrily while there was no one around, but when he heard unexpected results, there was no such thing as a male manager. Realizing that he had been deceived by Yu Keren again, Pan Xiaoyong was furious and decided to wait for the car to be repaired and surrendered. Yu Keren immediately took out the previous recording and threatened him to stay in Gansu.

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