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Family on the Go 3 温州三家人 Episode 22 Recap

Now that Lin Chen’s wolf ambition is clear, he has assembled large and small shareholders to oust Zeng Zhiqiu, and even has to win over Chen Zecheng, the president of low-voltage electrical appliances. However, Chen Zecheng saw through Lin Chen’s strategy, so he did not get involved in this muddy water. On the contrary, Zeng Zhiqiu’s visit made him very satisfied and decisively made a trustworthy promise.

When Lin Zhixia found the unfinished building, she told her elder sister about the matter, guessing that the huge amount of funds raised by Lin Chen might be related to the private deduction of funds. At first, Lin Yishan turned a blind eye to the atmosphere within the group, but now that it involves the foundation laid by the older generations, naturally he will not continue to indulge, but encourage Zeng Zhiqiu to continue to investigate.

Because Lin Chen failed to make Chen Zecheng change his mind, he simply focused on his son. It happened that Chen Zecheng’s son was arrested in Oujiang College on behalf of others, and Chen Xi’s elder brother was also the deputy dean of the college, so he wanted to take this opportunity to force Chen Ze to become a fan. Zeng Zhiqiu learned that Chen Zecheng had been to Lin Yifeng’s office, and he understood that all his previous promises were invalidated. If he wanted to keep his position as chairman, he had to find another way.

Yu Keren came to Lin Zhixia with the plan of No.1 Zhongshan Road, hoping that she could persuade Ye Zifan to invest in unfinished buildings and fill the funding gap of 80 million yuan. Lin Zhixia did not agree, nor was he optimistic about this transaction. With the advent of the shopping carnival, Pan Xiaoyong took Huang Yunlan to the company to watch the transaction records that evening. Unexpectedly, the transaction amount reached more than 30 billion in just one hour.

Faced with such an astonishing number, Huang Yunlan lamented the great changes in the domestic situation, which made her more determined to return to China for development. While everyone was celebrating the shopping carnival, Zeng Zhiqiu went to the unfinished building alone to check the situation, looking for some clues that could solve the root of the problem.

In order to open up the market in the industrial park, Pan Xiaoyong and Lin Zhixia each led a team to compete in the arena. Although the company’s performance has soared, but Pan Xiaoyong is not serious in his work, and the business in many jurisdictions has been ruined. The employees proposed to Ye Zifan to change the leadership, but Pan Xiaoyong not only reflected on it, but blamed the regional problem, and wanted to change the region with Lin Zhixia.

Lin Zhixia did not agree, and even threatened Ye Zifan with his resignation. Seeing Lin Zhixia slammed the door away, Ye Zifan hurried to explain, and by the way rubbed medicine for her sprained ankle. Pan Xiaoyong was jealous when he saw the intimacy of the two. Ye Zifan reconciled in the middle, finally saying that Tonglin Zhixia agreed to change the district.

Honghui Group held a general meeting of shareholders, and Chen Zecheng participated in it. Just as everyone was preparing for the removal of the chairman, Lin Yishan did not expect to appear at a critical juncture, thus turning the tide, canceling the general meeting of shareholders and retaining Zeng Zhiqiu’s authority. At the same time, Ai Gelan lied that Susan was seriously ill, so she tricked Zeng Zhiqiu back to Spain, but when Zhong Zhiqiu returned home, she realized that she had been fooled.

Just as Zeng Zhiqiu was about to leave, she unexpectedly picked up the dagger and threatened her that she must remarry herself, or she would commit suicide on the spot. Zeng Zhiqiu did not agree. Originally, he wanted to rush to take the dagger, but unexpectedly stabbed Ireland by accident. With the arrival of the police, Zeng Zhiqiu was arrested and put in a police car.

Lin Zhixia received the news and was very anxious. Pan Xiaoyong rushed to Italy to seek Huang Yunlan’s help. First, Zeng Zhiqiu was released on bail from the police station. Then he went to investigate the specific situation. It turned out that Ai Gelan owed a lot of gambling debts, so he deceived Zeng Zhiqiu. Back home. Under Pan Xiaoyong’s hard work, Huang Yunlan finally promised to help Ai Jilan pay back the money, provided that the other party was willing to testify to return Zeng Zhiqiu’s innocence.

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