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Use For My Talent 我親愛的小潔癖 Episode 2 Recap

Just when Shuangjiao was talking with Gu Renqi’s subordinates, Gu Renqi also went there, saying that Shuangjiao quickly returned his sweeping robot to him. The vehicle maintenance fee will not be charged, and the bounty will not be paid. Less. It was Shuangjiao who watched the video on Gu Renqi’s phone and turned out to be Junjie, and he asked for a bounty when he saw other people’s things, so he asked Gu Renqi to rest assured, although Gu Renqi is his own boss, she doesn’t Will do what I’m sorry for anyone, and go home to find my brother after finishing talking.

It was Shuangjiao who gave his younger brother a lesson after returning home and told him not to extort money when he saw other people’s things. But the younger brother told that Shuangjiao was not asking for the money but the reward on the poster. At this time, Zhu Yan, the best friend of Shuangjiao, rushed to tell them not to fight, and everything was resolved when they went out for a meal.

Gu Renqi went back and asked the company’s Uncle Jin why he hired the scruffy ghost of Shuangjiao into the company? Uncle Jin told Gu Renqi that Shuangjiao was very good, and he could wait three months to see the result. Gu Renqi gave Uncle Jin a three-month period. If the three-month labor is not as good as the machine cleaning, then the manual cleaning must be disbanded.

Uncle Jin told Gu Renqi that machines are never comparable to humans, and that he had told his grandpa about those things before. And Gu Renqi didn’t want to be prejudiced with the grandpa. Everything he did now was just in his eyes. Gu Renqi went to visit his grandfather when he was going abroad, but his grandfather still said indifferently to Gu Renqi that he wanted to learn business management. The artificial intelligence that Gu Renqi is now learning will not help manage the company.

It was Shuangjiao who was forcibly brought to the live broadcast room by his senior to eat and broadcast. It was Shuangjiao who desperately started eating during the live broadcast. Whether he liked it or not, he had to cater to the requirements of fans. After the live broadcast, Shuang Jiao hurriedly went to the toilet and vomited. After I walked out of the toilet, I heard that the senior and the people in the live broadcast room said that Shuang Jiao was just picking up rubbish.

It was a lot of money to give her a few hundred yuan, and the anchor was surprised. Saying that the little girl is so desperate to deduct so much, it seems that the little girl likes him. It was from outside the Shuangjiao hall that he told the senior that he had found a job and would not go live again in the future.

It was Shuangjiao who found Gu Renqi and returned the robot cleaner to him, and then gave him the two hundred dollars that had been knocked out before. When she turned and left, Shuangjiao fainted. Gu Renqi hurriedly carried Shuangjiao into the car and sent him to the hospital, but he did not forget to spray disinfectant on Shuangjiao’s body. After going to the hospital, it was checked that the stomach cramps were caused by irregular eating.

The nurse told Gu Renqi to buy some porridge for his girlfriend, and also asked him to settle the medical expenses. Gu Renqi had to help pay the fee. When paying the fee, he asked for an ID card, and Gu Renqi had to go back and get it. However, Shuangjiao was lying on the hospital bed and fell asleep, Gu Renqi had to put on gloves, opened her bag, poured out all the contents and took the ID card away to pay the fee. But I am most wondering why she is light-handed. Before, I was thinking about letting her wake up.

In the evening, his subordinates went to Gu Renqi and told him that he had told his family about the double pride, and soon their family would go to the hospital to take care of her. Not long after the meeting, Gu Renqi woke up with Shuangjiao. He didn’t expect Lu Xian to take care of himself in the ward. Lu Xian told Shuangjiao that Shuangjiao was a hero and Junjie had been here, but Shuangjiao had not awakened them and went back to work, so Lu Xian had to wait for Shuangjiao to wake up and pick him up. Lu Xian called Shuangjiao. Don’t try your best. To support his family, he eats himself to support stomach cramps.

Gu Renqi’s subordinate went to the underground garage to pick him up, but he didn’t expect that there was a mess of dirt on the roof of the car, so the driver had to take it away and sprayed it with disinfectant. But Gu Renqi still asked about the taste on the road. The driver asked if Gu Renqi had offended anyone recently, and Gu Renqi felt that he was okay, and he had not offended anyone.

It was the first day that Shuangjiao went to work at Gu Renqi’s company. She brought lunch and was stopped by the company and told her not to bring things in. Just when Shuangjiao was cleaning the company’s hygiene, Gu Renqi passed by, saying that the company was not cleaned, but there was a smell of garbage, and he blamed Shuangjiao for not cleaning. At this moment, Gu Renqi saw that there was something dirty on his feet, and the driver told Gu Renqi that he also saw a pile of rubbish on the roof of the car. This made Gu Renqi disgusting and went to clean it.

Change clothes. Unexpectedly, when Gu Renqi changed clothes, Shuangjiao went in to clean up. Gu Renqi was naked and looked at each other. It was Shuangjiao who was a little embarrassed to say that his brother and father were often shirtless at home. Lieutenant Gu Renqi panicked and buttoned his shirt wrong. It was Shuangjiao who reminded him. Gu Renqi was even more embarrassed.

Just when Gu Renqi passed the toilet, he heard that it was Shuangjiao who was calling someone and saying that Gu Renqi, who had always hated and loved cleanliness, stepped on garbage on his feet. So Gu Renqi suspected that Shuangjiao had been deliberately approaching him, but he had promised that Uncle Jin would give him three months of manual cleaning and he could not break his promise, so he didn’t expel Shuangjiao.

When Gu Renqi accidentally spilled the coffee during an interview with the reporter, it was called Shuangjiao to clean it up. During the period, he said that people should work hard, and it is most shameful to get something for nothing. Unexpectedly, those words were useless for Shuangjiao, which made Gu Renqi feel that the rank of Shuangjiao was too high, not ordinary people.

When Gu Renqi was in the laboratory, Shuangjiao was also cleaning the glass outside the glass window. Gu Renqi felt that Shuangjiao was deliberately following him, so he looked at Shuangjiao in front of the glass window. The glass window is a high-tech thing. When the light is not on, you can’t see the inside. The moment the experimenter turned on the light, Gu Renqi suddenly appeared in front of Shuangjiao and sat down with a fright. On the ground, Gu Renqi hurriedly called his assistant to help pull Shuangjiao up.

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