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The Cradle 啊摇篮 Episode 9 Recap

Chou Zigang comforted Tang Susu to calm down first. He would ask Tang Hejing to help her find out the matter. After inquiring, tell her, and at the same time tell her not to be emotional anymore, and she must obey the new childcare regulations. Ask for leave to go out. Zhou Guizhi brought a lot of peanuts, red dates, and splashed noodles to share with Aunt Ma Wu, Tang Hejing and others. When Li Yude saw these rare things in Yan’an, he said that they were sent from above. Unlike them, when Zhou Guizhi mentioned his life experience, he said that he was an orphan.

Children play spy games, and everyone doesn’t want to play spies. In order to integrate into the children’s collective, they volunteered to play spies and puppies, but everyone still excluded him and didn’t want to play with him. Tang Susu asked him to go to other cave dwellings to sleep, trying to stop him from wetting the bed. Chou Zigang felt uncomfortable on the way, so he went to the hospital for an examination and found that he was pregnant.

Although he stayed up all night in order not to wet the bed, after being called to wake up by Don Susu, he actually stood and fell asleep in a daze. Chou Zigang had to let Guan Guan sleep with herself, and at the same time reminded Don Susu to get up in the middle of the night to take a tube to pee, don’t worry about sleeping with her head covered. While the two were talking, Zhang Jingping entered the house. It turned out that Zhang Jingping had some small comments because Chou Zigang brought her own pot to the nursery. He came to the nursery to find Chou Zigang and complained.

Zhang Jingping heard that Chou Zigang had been pregnant for three months, so he got up to wash Chou Zigang’s feet happily. Guan Guan also heard the news that Chou Zigang was pregnant with a baby, and told Chou Zigang that he would protect the baby in the future. Chou Zigang then said that the baby can wet the bed but the older one cannot. Guan Guan nodded as soon as he heard garlic.

Tang Hejing chatted with the childcare workers, talking about Chairman Mao letting everyone learn cultural lessons, and everyone followed up and made up various chants, and the atmosphere in the house was very pleasant. It just so happened that Dean Fu sent me remedies to treat the baby’s bedwetting, such as cooking porridge with yam and boiling water with walnuts. In addition, when I was visiting late at night, Chou Zigang went to the Border District Education Bureau for a meeting tomorrow.

After Zhang Jingping packed his luggage, he carefully looked around at everything in the house, and seemed a little bit unhappy. Chou Zigang told Tang Susu that the method of educating children cannot rely on corporal punishment, but every time he finds that Tang Susu accepts it humbly and resolutely does not change it. Tang Susu mentioned the news about Ge Liujin, and Chou Zigang told Tang Susu that there is discipline in the organization, and there are certain things that cannot be inquired at will, but the organization must be trusted.

Tang Susu made a fuss at the gate of the military district again because he was looking for Ge Liujin, and he couldn’t help but threatened Tang Susu to put her in confinement if he refused to be obedient. The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon, and the children are looking forward to eating moon cakes during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Because Chou Zigang wanted to go out to inquire about news, he deliberately told the nurse that he just wanted to go out and get some air. Ever since Tang Susu learned about Agent Ge Liujin, he was in a bad mood for a while, and he would hang his head and sit with Aunt Ma Wu again.

Chou Zigang found the team leader to understand Tang Susu’s situation with her pregnant belly. The team leader was a little puzzled why they had to come again. Chou Zigang told the team leader that Tang Susu had a marriage contract with Ge Liujin, and the team leader immediately expressed his opinion. The hearsay is useless, that Ge Liujin and Lin Lan had done underground work together for a period of time, and learned that Ge Liujin will be back tomorrow. The nursery could not find Chou Zigang, who was about to give birth, and the doctor was dying. Tang Susu guessed that Chou Zigang was running for his own business, and immediately went to Chou Zigang with Baozhen.

In order to repay Chou Zigang, Tang Susu went to the store to get a lot of white flour and red dates. In order to buy sugar, Tang Susu even wanted to mortgage the silver jewelry to the boss. The boss secretly stuffed her with a candy. Chou Zigang came to Zhang Jingping’s centralized education center with his big belly. The two looked at Zhang Jingping from a long distance. Zhang Jingping was very happy, but Chou Zigang found that Zhang Jingping’s glasses were gone, and shouted to Zhang Jingping that he didn’t believe he was. spy.

Luo Lianfa was carving moon cake molds and planned to make moon cakes for the children. Chou Zigang told Xiao Shen to see Zhang Jingping himself, and asked Xiao Shen to find time to see Lao Li, so that they could add information to them so that they could be investigated in the institute. Xiao Shen told Chou Zigang that his family background was a landlord, and he was afraid that going to see Lao Li would cause him trouble, so he didn’t even dare to write the party application. Xiao Shen went to get brown sugar, because he didn’t bring a bag, he had to borrow Lao Zhang’s newspaper to pack brown sugar.

After Xiao Shen got the brown sugar, he gave it to Chou Zigang, who was very happy. The nun had a fever, and the children decided to cook a sick meal for the nun.

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