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Jue Mi Shi Ming 绝密使命 Episode 20 Recap

Sino reminded Zou Shubao that now if he goes out and gets caught, the mission will fail. Aunty bought things from outside and came back. Looking at the portrait on the wall, Aunty immediately understood the reason for their trip. My aunt suggested that they go to Lai Shouzhang to help Zou Shubao leave Chayang, but Sino doesn’t trust Lai Shouzhang and only thinks that he wants to find the Communist Party through Zou Shubao to make meritorious service, but her aunt feels that this is unfair and biased.

It just so happened that Lai Shouzhang came to his aunt’s house again. Looking at the slightly closed door, Lai Shouzhang quickly understood that Sino was at home. He pulled her aunt and told her that Sino was never allowed to go out. Chayang was very guarded these days. Zou Shubao Can’t leave easily.

Aunt told Sino and Zou Shubao about the situation. Sino had no choice but to propose to replace him to Shantou. It would be safer if she had relatives in Shantou and asked them to pick her up. As planned, Zou Shubao had to leave early the next morning, but in this situation he definitely couldn’t leave. Zou Shubao had to pass the information in his mind to Sinoe. All night Sinoe had to keep all the traffic stations and passwords exactly as they were. Write down.

Early the next morning, it started raining in Chayang, and Zou Shubao was unable to leave, so his aunt brought Sinoe to the pier with luggage. When passing by with Pan Yuqing, Sinoe nodded to Pan Yuqing. When she parted, her aunt told Sinoe that she was the same as Zou Shubao and her uncle. After seeing her farewell, she would send a telegram to her relatives in Shantou. Lu Wenchao received a call from Captain He, and finally made an appointment with his Lu Wenchao to breathe a sigh of relief.

Sinoe arrived in Shantou and came to her cousin’s home as a guest. The cousin was very happy to see Sinoe. Sinoe said that a girl she met on the boat lived on Haiping Road, and learned that it is only necessary to get to Haiping Road from here. It takes 20 to 30 minutes to get there.

Lu Wenchao drank with Captain He and said that he had been infected with bad luck, and if some clues could be found in this matter, they would be able to make a great contribution to the party-state. Sinoe called a rickshaw to go to Haiping Road, but she didn’t know the specific number for the length of Haiping Road. Sinoe looked at the sign next to him all the way, and stopped when he saw the plaque of Huafu Electric Materials Co., Ltd.

Xinuo entered the electrical material shop and asked the employee named Xiaoshantou who was standing at the front desk for the secret code, asking him if he remembered the way to his grandmother’s house. However, Xiao Shantou replied that her grandmother died before she was born. Xino thought about it when she returned home.

She recalled Zou Shubao’s advice to herself that the most important thing to transmit intelligence was to avoid the KMT’s investigation and the misunderstanding of her comrades. She recalled her performance today and decided to go again. . However, Sinoe, who came to the Huafu Electric Material Store the next day, was about to ask Xiaoshantou to meet the boss, and saw a group of guards holding guns surrounding the electric material store.

The guards said that they would check the accounts of the power supply bank as part of their official duties to check for signs of tax evasion. The guard secretly tore off Peng Gengnian’s ferry ticket to and from Xiamen in the account book. Captain He handed the ferry ticket to Lu Wenchao and said that there was nothing wrong with the electronic material store. The secretary took the newspaper of the day to Lu Wenchao. Seeing the report on the front page that the CCP military officials entered the Soviet area through Wuhan Changsha, Lu Wenchao was relieved immediately and called Peng Gengnian to get together. So far, Huafu Power is expected to meet. The alarm was finally lifted.

When Xinuo saw the situation of the electronic material store, he immediately turned and left and walked to the nearest post office. Zou Shubao received a telegram from Xinuo that said that there was no one in the aunt’s house. Aunt calmly understood that it was Sinoe who was telling them that she might She didn’t see the contact person, but she was able to send a telegram back to prove that she was still safe.

Peng Gengnian asked about the work situation in Xiaoshantou. Xiaoshantou told him that he was almost able to negotiate a big deal today. Hearing that a rich girl asked about the way to his grandmother’s house, Peng Gengnian immediately understood that this was their transportation officer, and ordered Xiao Shantou to take Ronaldo to find Sinoe.

Sinoe, who has failed the connection twice in a row, wanders over how to solve the current situation. Peng Gengnian and others who have not found Sinoe are also worried. The second batch of people transferred from Shanghai has already set off. There is no way to proceed without a new contact map. It was a one-stop pass, and at this time Xiaoshantou saw Sinoe who had turned back again and happily came to report to Peng Gengnian. Peng Gengnian brought Sinoe to the upstairs, Sinoe finally met the secret signal and was so happy that she shed tears. According to the regulations of the traffic line, the contact should be terminated once the connection fails, thanks to Sinoe who came to perform the task on behalf of her husband.

Sinoe who completed the task was very happy. She immediately sent a telegram to Zou Shubao, and looked at the words that the aunt was cured. Zou Shubao understood that it was his wife who successfully completed the task. The aunt watched them remember that the husband had only told herself his identity before he died. He was betrayed by the traitor and had to ask his wife to find a contact person, and the code was “withered vines, old trees, faint crows”. But her aunt could not find a contact person, which became the biggest regret in her heart.

After completing the task, Sinoe was happily carrying her luggage. She recalled how she met and knew each other with Zou Shubao, and walked happily from the station to her aunt’s house.

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