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Family on the Go 3 温州三家人 Episode 21 Recap

Because of the previous mess, the stocks of Tiens Supermarket kept falling, and Zhu Weiye had to sell 20 racehorses. Therefore, he couldn’t think of taking poison to commit suicide, and was eventually sent to the hospital for rescue. Zhu Dake shifted the responsibility to Pan Xiaoyong’s mother and son, and scolded them for what they had done. As a result, he angered Pan Xiaoyong and started fighting with each other.

Pan Xiaoyong proposed that Huang Yunmei sell Pan’s back to China for development, but the implementation is not as simple as he imagined. Huang Yunlan saw the realm of the Tiens Supermarket, and under the coordination of the Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce, decided to re-advance the two mergers and acquisitions, but the company’s general manager Ruiz and Jin Lingzi secretly acted.

Having been in Spain for a few days, Pan Xiaoyong was planning to return to China, so he stole the safe and took the passport while his mother was not at home. Huang Yunlan happened to find him. Just as Huang Yunlan and Pan Xiaoyong were fighting wits and bravery, they suddenly found news about the acquisition of Pan Group and Tiens Supermarket in the news.

Huang Yunlan was very surprised when news was released just after the negotiation. However, Jin Lingzi denied that she was exposed, and actually shifted the blame to Zhu Dake. Since this matter has been spread, Huang Yunlan has no room for maneuver anymore, and can only bite the bullet and take over the mess of the Tianshi Supermarket.

When she returned home, Huang Yunlan saw her son standing outside the window looking into the distance, as if she hadn’t given up on returning home, so she put her passport on the table. After Pan Xiaoyong got the passport, he happily ran to comfort Huang Yunlan, then flew back to Wenzhou with her farewell, and brought a gift to Lin Zhixia by the way.

Ye Zifan set up two banners in the office area, representing Lin Zhixia and Pan Xiaoyong’s district jurisdiction, without interfering with each other. As for the success or failure in the later period, it depends on performance. Pan Xiaoyong couldn’t help but praise Ye Zifan’s method. He was going to find Huang Fugui to report the safety, but found that Huang Yunlan helped Huang Fugui to redeem the villa.

At first, Pan Xiaoyong thought that Huang Yunlan was going to catch himself back to Spain, and he was so frightened that he could not wait to run away. Fortunately, Huang Yunlan only wanted to see the hometown of his motherland, so this made Pan Xiaoyong a little relieved. Pan Xiaoyong accompanied Huang Yunlan to dinner and took her to visit the industrial park. He introduced Lin Zhixia as his girlfriend in public, which caused Lin Zhixia to be extremely embarrassed.

Considering that Mrs. Lin interfered in the board meeting, Lin Zhixia took the initiative to go to see her grandmother with Zeng Zhiqiu on Ye Zifan’s suggestion. Zeng Zhiqiu told Mrs. Lin about his situation in Spain, and then talked about the problems of grandfather’s operation of the alum mine, which is enough to show that the current Honghui Group is like the alum mine of the year. Every day, she is facing the situation of unstable framework. What we are doing now is to consolidate the framework and maintain the state that the Lin family has laid down.

Knowing that someone within the group had secretly withheld scientific research funds, Mrs. Lin suddenly realized that she had done wrong, so she angrily left her second son’s house and decided to return to Cangnan overnight. Old Mrs. Lin sat in the car and recalled the past. She felt distressed when she thought of her husband’s death in the accident. Before leaving, she went to visit her elder son Lin Yishan, and took out an ancestral bracelet to give him to Zeng Zhiqiu.

In the following days, Honghui Group continued to infuse fresh blood, first came the deputy general manager Han Qing, and then installed the head of the Vanguard of the Finance Department. Lin Chen’s rights were restricted and it was difficult to do whatever he wanted like before, so he quickly approached Lin Yifeng to complain and used various aggressive methods to force Lin Yifeng to negotiate with Zeng Zhiqiu. However, personnel transfer was Zeng Zhiqiu’s authority. Although Lin Yifeng was extremely dissatisfied, he still couldn’t refute it. Lin Yishan heard his younger brother’s complaint, but instead reprimanded him.

Afterwards, Lin Chen secretly summoned his comrades to put pressure on Lin Yifeng, and decided to hold the large shares before the board of directors to compete for the position of chairman. Because Lin Yifeng’s share of shares was not as good as Zeng Zhiqiu’s, Lin Chen hit Lin Zhixia’s mind, deliberately instigating her and Zeng Zhiqiu’s relationship, and deliberately wanted to get the shares.

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