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Family on the Go 3 温州三家人 Episode 20 Recap

Because Lin Zhixia trusts her sister and believes that her sister has this strength, she is willing to hand over her shares to Zeng Zhiqiu for trusteeship, which will help Zeng Zhiqiu formally become chairman. On the first day after Zeng Zhiqiu took office, he received an anonymous mail package in the office with a pair of women’s shoes in it, which meant to warn her that she should go back to the boudoir and stay, instead of trying to fight.

Despite this, Zeng Zhiqiu remained undaunted and instead carried out drastic reforms to the group. As a fierce power struggle within the group kicked off, Lin Yishan asked everyone to welcome Zeng Zhiqiu at the door of the company, and took this opportunity to deter the underdogs. Lin Chen worried that his affairs would be exposed, so he went to discuss countermeasures with his father Lin Yifeng.

Bai Xiaoming, who is as far away in Shanghai, really did not understand why Zeng Zhiqiu picked up this hot potato. He accidentally leaked his mouth and broke the news about the embezzlement and corruption of research funds. He also said that if Zeng Zhiqiu can solve the funding problem, he will reconsider returning to Hong Kong. Hui Group.

When Zeng Zhiqiu left Shanghai, he asked Chen Xi to wait for her return in the group. However, Chen Xi realized that something was wrong, and immediately went to Lingling’s house to get back the research fund account, and at the same time gave her a sum of money to remind her to leave Wenzhou first with the money. When Chen Xi returned to the company and found that Zeng Zhiqiu had already waited, he showed dissatisfaction, so he lied that the car had broken down and stalled.

Although there are many loopholes in Chen Xi’s rhetoric, Zeng Zhiqiu didn’t want to go further, instead let her take the accounts, and the name depends on the R&D expenditure. After Zeng Zhiqiu took away the accounts, Chen Xi immediately informed the matter in the morning and reminded him to be psychologically prepared.

Lin Yishan hopes that her daughter can turn one eye and close one eye when dealing with these matters, and try not to touch the complex interpersonal network of the company. But Zeng Zhiqiu didn’t want to follow her father’s old path at all, so she insisted on checking the matter clearly, but flipped through the accounts overnight, only to find that the accounts were in a mess.

Because Lingling’s cell phone could no longer get through, Zeng Zhiqiu. Finding that the books were all signed by Lin Yifeng, he went to ask him personally. Unexpectedly, Lin Yifeng would transfer the responsibility to the purchasing department. As for the people in the purchasing department, they also said that they acted on orders and everything must follow the above meanings. The two departments played football with each other. Zeng Zhiqiu could only find another direction for investigation and began to integrate personnel.

Because the White Dolphin’s business was too late to go up, many of the time they were taken the lead when they were about to get it, and the pressure from the headquarters had to make Ye Zifan suspicious of Yao Jian. Lin Zhixia took the initiative to help investigate, and it turned out that Yao Jian was actually an undercover agent sent by Liu Yang, so the blue-crowned crane company was behind the business.

Through employee reports, Ye Zifan and Pan Xiaoyong learned that Yao Jing was a liar. Not only did they disclose company information to Lan-Crowned Crane, they even privately took away 200,000 yuan from the company. Pan Xiaoyong couldn’t help himself, and ran to find Yao Jian to settle the account. In the end, he picked up more than one, and eventually took the injuries home, and was even ridiculed by Ye Zifan.

Pan Xiaoyong saw Gao Xin appear in the company and thought that Ye Zifan had invited her back, so he bought a ticket back to Spain in angrily. Before boarding the plane, Ye Zifan arrived in time, but Pan Xiaoyong had no energy to devote himself to work, so he decided to go out and relax for a few days. Ye Zifan didn’t stop him forcibly, but respected Pan Xiaoyong’s decision and welcomed him back at any time.

Lin Yifeng heard Lin Chen and Chen Xi’s instigation, and felt that Zeng Zhiqiu was deliberately targeting him, so he took the initiative to complain to Lin Yishan, but he was reprimanded by Lin Yishan, claiming that he was both an old man in the company and an elder of Zeng Zhiqiu. At least conflicts should be resolved, rather than provoking right and wrong.

At the same time, Mrs. Lin learned from Lin Chen that her son had handed over the business to a female surname, so she made a special trip to teach Lin Yishan, and asked him to kneel on the ground and carry the Lin family’s ancestral precepts as soon as they met. Lin Yishan explained patiently to Mrs. Lin that he admitted that Zhiqiu had the ability to manage the Honghui Group. Moreover, the Honghui Group is not solely owned by the Lin family, and cannot be passed down to males or not to females in accordance with the ancestral system.

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