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Family on the Go 3 温州三家人 Episode 19 Recap

As Wen Zhiqiu expected, the solar energy industry is already facing a decline. Many Wenzhou bosses have come to Lin Yishan, just wanting to sell his factories to him. However, Lin Yishan is already unable to protect himself, and will not buy other companies. He can’t help but lament Zeng Zhiqiu’s foresight, so he can avoid this crisis.

Because Lin Yishan had just returned to the company, he wanted to solve the problem of solar energy storage. However, it turned out that it was at this stage. The dean of the company’s research institute Bai Xiaoming asked him to resign. Although Lin Yishan repeatedly tried to stay, Bai Xiaoming was determined. It was precisely because of his departure that Lin Yishan’s body could not withstand the stimulation, and he fainted again and was sent to the hospital.

Although Lin Yishan’s health is not serious, his blood pressure is already on the verge of danger. The doctor told him not to continue to work, and if he is stimulated, he must rest. Zeng Zhiqiu came to visit and learned the cause of his father’s illness, so he went after Bai Xiaoming. However, Bai Xiaoming has decided to go and has bought a ticket to leave Wenzhou, so Zeng Zhiqiu vaguely felt that Bai Xiaoming’s departure was actually related to the unprovoked misappropriation of the company’s scientific research funds.

Through Niuniu’s relationship, Pan Xiaoyong successfully got Boyuya’s advertising sheet. As promised, Ye Zifan immediately appointed Pan Xiaoyong as the general manager. Pan Xiaoyong, who became the general manager, was very proud and immediately notified the staff meeting in the afternoon, which was actually showing off in front of Gao Xin.

Lin Yixia learned that her father was ill and rushed to the hospital, but Lin Yishan had already left. Although Lin Yishan knew that Director Bai had to leave, he really didn’t have the energy to think about other things. Now he urgently needs a technician to do research and development. Because Lin Yishan’s body needs to be recuperated, he plans to go to Yongjia College for a period of time. Before leaving, he confesses that Chen Xi has something to go to Zeng Zhiqiu directly.

Pan Xiaoyong and Gao Xin quarreled at work and mocked her for running to someone else’s company to talk about cooperation, but the talk failed for a long time. Although in the eyes of outsiders, Pan Xiaoyong’s behavior was excessive, but Pan Xiaoyong thought that Gao Xin deliberately sow discord in front of Ye Zifan, and was very dissatisfied with this.

When Ye Zifan came back from Shanghai, he learned that Pan Xiaoyong had taken Gao Xin away, so he scolded Pan Xiaoyong and asked him to invite Gao Xin back. Pan Xiaoyong didn’t listen to Ye Zifan’s advice at all. Instead, he felt that it didn’t matter whether the White Dolphin had Gao Xin or not, so he decided to find someone to replace Gao Xin himself.

It happened that Yao Jian was about to quit the Blue-crowned Crane Company, and Pan Xiaoyong took the initiative to negotiate with him, preparing to bring him to see Ye Zifan. Yao Jian said that as long as Ye Zifan can give himself a 5% rake, he can bring the team and still have the resources on hand. Ye Zifan decided to hire Yao Jian, but Lin Zhixia felt that there were some problems. After all, this approach was very immoral.

Since the chairman left the company, Lin Yifeng and Lin Chen have been eyeing this position. Lin Yishan cultivated in Yongjia Academy. He discussed Zen with the master, hoping to open his mind in this way. Sure enough, the master reminded him of the dreamer, which made him feel instantly.

On the way back, Lin Yishan took Zeng Zhiqiu’s hand and made it clear that he hoped that his eldest daughter could succeed him as the chairman of Honghui Group. Zeng Zhiqiu was still confident when he was ordered in crisis. At the family banquet, Lin Yishan transferred his shares to Zeng Zhi

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