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Family on the Go 3 温州三家人 Episode 18 Recap

Lin Yishan pooled up the bank’s debts. He didn’t expect President Cao to turn back. He originally promised to help him solve the loan problem, but in the end he found various reasons to dodge. The bank refused to lend, investors came to the door one after another to blame, the creditor found his home, and Zarke sent someone to Lin Yishan, pretending to provide help, and was willing to buy the solar energy industry under Honghui Group at 10%. Lin Yishan was insulted, and his mood was difficult to calm. He paced back and forth in the office, and suddenly fell down as he walked, and was admitted to the hospital with a sudden heart attack.

At the same time, Ye Zifan successfully bought the White Dolphin and held a grand opening ceremony. Huang Fugui, Huang Yunmei and others came to congratulate, but Ye Qiankun did not show up. Liu Yang took the opportunity to bring people to carry the clock to make things difficult, and even said that Ye Zifan would go to Pan Xiaoyong to ask if he had any questions.

Seeing the conflict between the two parties, Huang Fugui immediately came forward to mediate. Ye Zifan suppressed his anger. Originally, he wanted to ask Pan Xiaoyong to clarify. Unexpectedly, Pan Xiaoyong was not there at all, and Wei Ju refused to disclose any information. When Ye Qiankun arrived, the opening ceremony was completely over. He was silently observing his son’s every move and staying for a while before leaving. Afterwards, Ye Zifan approached Pan Xiaoyong and questioned what he and Deng Bread did. Pan Xiaoyong refused to admit it, so Ye Zifan had to go to the hospital first.

After being rescued by the doctor, Ye Yishan was out of danger, but because his body could no longer receive stimulation, he had to rest. Lin Yishan was sent to the intensive care unit, so his family could not visit yet. Zeng Zhiqiu went home to accompany Daniel first, while Lin Zhixia stayed in the hospital. Ye Zifan came to the hospital to comfort Lin Zhixia, and immediately sent her home.

The next morning, Ye Zifan held a staff meeting. First, Pan Xiaoyong and Gao Xin were appointed as the company’s deputy managers, and Lin Zhixia became the director of network operations. Pan Xiaoyong was dissatisfied with Ye Zifan’s decision, so he argued with him because he didn’t want to become a relationship with Gao Xin. However, Ye Zifan explained his arrangement, but Pan Xiaoyong did not accept it.

In the days that followed, not long after the White Dolphin moved to the site, Liu Yang competed with Ye Zifan again because of his former hatred and resentment, and even wanted to take away the advertisement he was supposed to settle. Knowing that someone was secretly competing for the advertisement, Ye Zifan gave this task to Pan Xiaoyong and Gao Xin to do, and stated that whoever can grab the order will become the manager. Although Pan Xiaoyong accepted Ye Zifan’s arrangement, he was still dissatisfied, and Gao Xin said that he would use his strength to win the position of general manager.

When Lin Yishan woke up and found himself in a hospital, he knew that the Honghui Group was almost in desperate situation. If he wanted to stand up, he might have more than enough energy and insufficient energy. So Lin Yishan was ready for bankruptcy and wanted to arrange for Zeng Zhiqiu to take the child abroad and take over him abroad. Industry. However, Zeng Zhiqiu did not agree, and then produced an analysis report on the solar energy industry compiled based on a large amount of data, which proved that the solar energy industry is in a downturn.

Lin Yishan was persuaded by Zeng Zhiqiu that after he was discharged from the hospital, he came to the solar factory as soon as possible. At this time, Chen Xi called to inform Zarke that he was going back to China. Lin Yishan caught up with Zarke at the airport, sold the solar energy industry at 50% of the price, and asked him to treat employees well. The two reached an agreement.

In order to be able to accompany Lin Yishan, Zeng Zhiqiu took Danielle home and promised that he would bring Honghui Group back to life. Since Zeng Zhiqiu has decided to take over the company, Lin Yishan asked her to renounce Spanish nationality. On the other side, Lin Zhixia learned that Pan Xiaoyong was robbing Boyoya’s advertisement, so she thought that Niuniu knew the person in charge of Boyoya, so she planned to help Pan Xiaoyong.

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