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Family on the Go 3 温州三家人 Episode 17 Recap

Mr. Tang of Dekai Company intends to take back the two million withdrawn sent to Honghui Group. Lin Yishan asked the Chief Financial Officer Chen Xi to transfer the money, but Chen Xi thought Mr. Tang was looking for a reason to cash out, so he explained to his subordinates to convert the two million. cash. Because of the delay in the transfer of funds, Mr. Tang came to the door in person. Lin Yishan learned of the incident and told Chen Xi in public and threatened her to return the money immediately in the name of embezzling public funds.

After the matter was resolved, Lin Yishan took medicine and sat in the office to rest. Chen Xi took the initiative to submit her resignation and apologized for the previous matter, explaining the reason for the private seizure of two million. Lin Yishan knew that Chen Xi was thinking about the company, so he asked Chen Xi to tear up his resignation letter, and he was not responsible for the incident.

It just so happened that President Cao called to collect debts, but Lin Yishan couldn’t make up 50 million, so he urged the other party to relax for a few days. President Cao suggested that Lin Yishan repay the money first, and then find a way to help him borrow the money. Lin Yishan promised to collect the money within three days, but Chen Xi felt that this was President Cao’s trick.

Zeng Zhiqiu came to Lin’s house and found that the door was full of creditors. It seemed that he didn’t give up until he reached the goal. Lin Zhixia was so angry that Lin Zhixia scolded them for revenge. Taking into account the outside situation, Zeng Zhiqiu lied that Daniel missed his grandfather and let Lin Yishan come to her house first. At the same time, Huang Fugui and Pan Xiaoyong learned about the Honghui Group through the news. Pan Xiaoyong was about to ask about Lin Yishan, but the next piece of news caught his attention.

The Red-crowned Crane Company was investigated by the State Cyberspace Administration of China and the Ministry of Public Security for allegedly uploading pornographic videos. Because of this, Pan Xiaoyong immediately shared the good news with Ye Zifan, and believed that Feixun Network would never give the network management rights to Red-crowned Crane. Now is the perfect opportunity to usher in the exclusive acquisition of White Dolphins.

Lin Zhixia found Huang Yunmei, hoping she could come forward to persuade Ye Qiankun to help. But Huang Yunmei didn’t know how to speak, and simply handed all her savings to Lin Yishan first, but Lin Yishan refused to accept it. Lin Yishan felt that he had entered a dead end, and even the Honghui Group was at the end. He took the initiative to chat with his two daughters about the grievances between the Lin family and the Ye family. Zeng Zhiqiu realized that something was wrong and rushed to the group building, and he saw Lin Yishan standing on the top of the building in a daze.

After Zeng Zhiqiu’s persuasion, Lin Yishan gradually recovered his calmness. He saw a new path from his daughter, and he was determined to make another fight. It just so happened that Lin Zhixia also arrived in time, and the father and daughter cried bitterly together. Huang Yunmei was worried about Lin Yishan, so she considered again and again, and decided to go to her husband Ye Qiankun and ask him to help Honghui Group tide over the difficulties.

When Ye Qiankun heard the mixed feelings, he decisively refused. Huang Yunmei did not want to say more, but reminded Ye Qiankun that he should remember that in the previous Indonesian negotiations, if Lin Yishan hadn’t helped deal with Zalke, he might have difficulty bidding successfully.

Liu Yang’s secretary, Deng Bread, was suddenly found, mainly because he happened to be captured by the surveillance screen when he went to the computer room to upload the pornographic video, so Pan Xiaoyong was asked to think of a countermeasure. However, Pan Xiaoyong achieved his goal and stopped worrying about Deng Bread’s life and death. He was so angry that the other party couldn’t bear to turn his face on the spot and attracted the attention of the workers present.

When Lin Zhixia saw Deng Bread leaving angrily, she couldn’t help but be a little confused, and simply talked about it with Ye Zifan. Since Ye Zifan didn’t know the reason, he didn’t think much about it. Within a few days, Lou Yun took the initiative to call Ye Zifan to discuss the acquisition. Although the process was a bit complicated, he finally reached an agreement and successfully signed the M&A contract.

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