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Family on the Go 3 温州三家人 Episode 16 Recap

The sister flower business district re-joined the investment, and the project made a lot of money. Ye Zifan gave everyone dividends, but Yu Keren had a strange yin and yang towards Niuniu. In the end, Niuniu broke through the video that Yu Keren posted photos in Moments. Ye Zifan realized afterwards and immediately ran to Lin Zhixia to explain the photos.

Ye Zifan didn’t hope to ask Lin Zhixia’s forgiveness, so he decided to invest the money earned from the real estate project into the Art Gallery. Just as he was lost and left, Lin Zhixia suddenly chased out and stopped them. After a beating, the two people Hugging tightly, finally relieved of the past.

That night, Pan Xiaoyong learned that Ye Zifan and Lin Zhixia had reconciled, and angrily complained that Huang Fugui was partial to his grandson. However, Huang Fugui accused Pan Xiaoyong of having no conscience, not only ignoring the previous sale of the villa, even when Ye Zifan had an accident, he even took him to watch the fire from the shore. Ye Zifan went home and questioned Pan Xiaoyong. Pan Xiaoyong, who knew he was ashamed, didn’t say any more. The two brothers took advantage of the night to get drunk and grudge.

In the fall of 2016, Ye Zifan finally contacted Gao Xin, who had worked in Weiye Group, through various searches. Now she has become a senior manager of the White Dolphin Network. Because Gao Xin admired Ye Zifan’s abilities, he came to negotiate as a partner and proactively offered Ye Zifan an opportunity to purchase White Dolphins, and naturally became the general agent.

Although Ye Zifan and Lin Zhixia are very interested in the white dolphins, it is a pity that the acquisition funds are limited. Fortunately, at a critical moment, Niuniu took the sisters to lend a helping hand, so they took out the money and dividends they had invested before and reinvested in this project. in. At the same time, the Unicorn Industrial Park was fully completed, and everyone gathered to celebrate the opening. Pan Xiaoyong inspiringly threatened not only to become the second generation, but also to create a world on the Internet, so he worked hard to join the white dolphins.

Originally, Ye Zifan pooled enough funds to talk to White Dolphin boss Lou Yun about the acquisition, but he didn’t expect the other party to sit on the floor and raise the price. Lin Zhixia suggested that Ye Zifan bring Pan Xiaoyong into the company and use the industrial park mortgage loan to make up for the funding gap. At first, Pan Xiaoyong refused strongly, but when Lin Zhixia was angry, he had to agree.

Lin Yishan’s calculations fell through. Now Zalke Group has reached an intention to merge with Tianheng Group, and the two companies have been renamed Tianheng Erke Group. With the approval procedures issued, Wenzhou has added a strong competitor, and even began to compress the living space of Honghui Group, successively dumping products to the area where Honghui Group is located, causing them to face a large number of returns and serious losses on the books.

The adjustment of the solar energy industry is not yet a foregone conclusion, and there are legends in Honghui Group that scientific research funds have been embezzled in large quantities. Lin Yishan didn’t know that Huang Zhengkang and Lin Chen were working together behind the scenes, and they were suddenly attacked. Lin Chen was bought by Zarke, so he specially went to give Lin Yishan a gift, and proposed to personally be responsible for the sales of solar products, but Lin Zhixia was suspicious of him. Because Lin Yishan did not follow his daughter’s reference, after Lin Chen accepted the sale, the conspiracy succeeded.

The financial chain of Honghui Group had a crisis. Chen Xi, the chief financial officer, saw that the crisis was about to break out, and he privately intercepted the supplier’s payables and redeemed his own equity. Lin Yishan understands the business war factors and the inexhaustible constraints in the family, and the difficulties continue unabated.

Zalke took this opportunity to negotiate with Lin Yishan and asked him to sell the solar energy industry to himself, but was rejected. Zeng Zhiqiu clarified his thoughts for Lin Yishan, indicating that the solar energy industry has been saturated. Before Zalke was fully aware, he simply let go of the solar energy industry to him.

Pan Xiaoyong approached Gao Xin and finally found out Lou Yun’s true intentions. It turned out that he wanted to cash out to go abroad, so he cast a net for fish, and finally found Ye Zifan and another Internet company called Niluo. As Nile Network did not have enough strength to acquire, Ye Zifan had the confidence and planned to lower the price, but Lou Yun temporarily regretted terminating the sale of White Dolphins.

Through Pan Xiaoyong’s various inquiries, it was finally found that a blue-crowned crane company had doubled the purchase price, so Lou Yun changed his mind. Ye Zifan knew Liu Yang, the owner of the blue-crowned crane, and wanted to talk about cooperation with him, but the other party didn’t appreciate it. Pan Xiaoyong believed that Ye Zifan could ask Ye Yishan for help, but Ye Zifan believed that the principle must not be violated.

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