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Family on the Go 3 温州三家人 Episode 15 Recap

As Zeng Zhiqiu expected, the love affair between Ye Zifan and Lin Zhixia was blocked by Lin Yishan, not only because of the business competition between the two families, but also because of the grievances between the two generations. However, Lin Zhixia didn’t know this, and even felt that her father was unreasonable, so she didn’t take into account Lin Yishan’s “cross-cutting” and gave up this relationship. On the contrary, Yu Keren’s next behavior made her feel at a loss.

Ye Zifan and others followed Ballina to complete all the procedures, and immediately started work when the funds were in place. But Polina made an excuse to leave halfway, so they went directly to the planner. They didn’t expect the planner to say that silica sand mining was needed near that piece of land, so no one would buy a house at all. Although Boss Wu was very angry, however, Polina couldn’t tell why she didn’t know it.

After some inquiries, Ye Zifan learned that the mining group’s mining approval document needs to be submitted to the government for approval. As for when it can be issued, it is difficult to determine. Boss Wu returned to China angrily and did not want to continue to spend time, even investors in the sister flower business district. Because of the crisis in the project, they have considered withdrawing funds.

The legitimate investor Niuniu accused Lin Zhixia of acting as a guarantor. By coincidence, Ye Zifan came back from the outside with her luggage, so she scolded him on the spot and asked Ye Zifan to give an explanation. After the sisters left one after another, Lin Zhixia had decided to close the Yipinhui and continue to do her sculpture business.

Ye Zifan misunderstood Lin Zhixia’s meaning and accused her of falling into trouble like others, so that Lin Zhixia turned and left with anger. Afterwards, Lin Zhixia asked Pan Xiaoyong for dinner and learned about Ye Zifan’s current situation from him. Pan Xiaoyong took the opportunity to confess to Lin Zhixia, thinking that the relationship between the two could go further, but Lin Zhixia made it clear that he would never become a lover with Pan Xiaoyong.

Lin Yishan forcibly interfered in Lin Zhixia’s personal feelings and insisted that she break up with Ye Zi Fanti. If she still thinks about getting married in the future, she must immediately sever the father-daughter relationship. At the Oujiangkou Investment Promotion Conference, Lin Yishan Xi Luoye Qiankun was not strict in teaching his children, claiming that Ye Zifan used the name of studying abroad to borrow money from others, but in reality he wanted Lin Zhixia to be the guarantor, which meant that his son changed the law from his daughters. Make money. For this reason, Ye Qiankun was very embarrassed and did not know how to respond.

Boss Wu insisted on withdrawing from the real estate cooperation, and Ye Zifan directly took out the contract, but he angered the other party, not to mention that Boss Wu had modified the terms of the contract in advance. Realizing that Boss Wu is a liar, Ye Zifan is very depressed, Pan Xiaoyong proudly shows off his success in front of him, and plans to give Lin Zhixia a gift when the industrial park is completed, and show him the gift, which is very eye-catching. Bracelet.

Huang Yunmei was about to bid farewell to the performance. Ye Zifan took the invitation letter to find Lin Zhixia and was rejected. When she saw the bracelet Lin Zhixia was wearing, she mistakenly thought she accepted Pan Xiaoyong’s pursuit and stopped entanglement ever since. Afterwards, Pan Xiaoyong took Lin Zhixia to watch Huang Yunmei’s farewell performance. Ye Qiankun called Ye Zifan backstage and scolded his son for no reason.

Ye Zifan left the theater early and vented in the boxing gym alone. Just as he was desperate, he did not expect a turnaround in the project. Because of the development of the overseas study real estate, the Florence government has cancelled the mining of silica sand. However, Ye Zifan needs to raise funds again. Huang Fugui believes that Huang Yunlan can help to use the power of overseas Wenzhou businessmen to solve the problem of overseas investment. Huang Fugui awakened the person in his dream, and Ye Zifan immediately called Huang Yunlan to find a way to contact the Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce in Italy and package and sell his project to them.

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