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Faith Makes Great 理想照耀中国 Episode 4 Recap

Zhang Huamei is a native of Wenzhou. Due to her large number of children, her life is very difficult. Zhang Huamei has been fond of colorful buttons since she was a child. In 1980, the country was launching an action to combat speculation. It is necessary to avoid chase and interception by law enforcement officers at all times.

Seeing the law enforcement officers walking away, Zhang Huamei squatted on the side of the road and secretly peddled them. As a result, Wang Jiawen and Wei Dafang, who were prosecuted, were trapped in the alley. Wang Jiawen confiscated Zhang Huamei’s buttons on the spot, and Zhang Huamei had to take the receipt and leave with an annoyance. . Wang Jiawen took the two big bags of buttons home. His mother was going to the supply and marketing agency to buy buttons for his new clothes. She wanted to find some buttons to sew on. Wang Jiawen firmly disagreed and promised to go to the supply and marketing company dozens of miles away tomorrow. The company buys buttons.

The parents sighed and couldn’t eat, so Zhang Huamei persuaded them and promised to find a way to get the buttons back as soon as possible. Zhang Huamei came to the wholesaler for credit early in the morning, she wanted to sell two bags of buttons first, and she also voluntarily increased the amount by two dimes. The wholesaler would not accept credit. Zhang Huamei had to go to her uncle’s house to borrow money to purchase the goods, and her uncle buckled in every possible way and found excuses to send her away.

A button fell out of Zhang Huamei’s pocket. An aunt passed by and saw the button at a glance. She bought it at a high price on the spot. When she learned that Zhang Huamei’s button had been confiscated by the prosecutor, she comforted her. Zhang Huamei had no choice but to find a sister who was selling buttons for help. A sister even gave her a bag of buttons on the spot. Zhang Huamei peddled around the streets and sold them. When she was hungry, she would eat steamed buns and pickles to fill her hunger. The cost of the bag buttons is sold out.

Zhang Huamei has a dream, and she wants to open a store for daily necessities openly on Jiefang North Road. She secretly made up her mind. On a heavy rainy day, Zhang Huamei was hawking on the street, but she was reported, and the law enforcement officers chased her. Suddenly she slipped and fell by the bridge, and scattered the buttons left from her sale into the river. , Zhang Huamei burst into tears and wanted to jump off and pick up the buttons. Wang Jiawen rushed to stop her in time. All of Zhang Huamei’s hopes were shattered, and she sprinkled all her anger on Wang Jiawen.

When Wang Jiawen returned home in the rain, she learned from her mother that there was a woman on the side selling shrimps to feed the whole family, but she was blocked every day by the perpetrators. She jumped into the river and committed suicide. Wang Jiawen felt very uneasy. Early the next morning, Wang Jiawen came to work at the unit. Wei Da-pang and others were arguing with the leader. They didn’t want to do this inhumane job anymore, and were worried that the people would stab their backs.

The director convened a meeting of various departments and conveyed to everyone the instructions of the central government to conduct pilot projects in Wenzhou and allow individual businesses to do business. The section chief was emotional. He thought this was a great thing. When Wang Jiawen heard the news outside the door, he couldn’t wait to rush into the conference room. He was the first to stand up and vote by show of hands, agreeing that the self-employed businessmen should support themselves.

After the meeting, the section chief convened a meeting with everyone to discuss, and finally finalized the license template, and handwritten the license format with a brush. Wang Jiawen hurried through the streets to make publicity and conveyed the instructions of the central government to the vendors. He encouraged Zhang Huamei to run an individual. Business license, then you can do business upright.

The hawkers are hesitant, worrying that they will be caught in applying for the permit. Early in the morning, Wang Jiawen was waiting at the entrance of the Bureau of Industry and Commerce, but no one came to apply for the permit. Zhang Huamei was the first to come. After that, other vendors also lined up to apply for the permit. Everyone was holding their business license and happily closing their mouths. Finally, Wang Jiawen secretly put two bags of buttons in front of Zhang Huamei’s house.

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