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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 38 Recap

When the queen prayed to heaven, the emperor also came to the queen’s palace to pray with the queen. The queen was very touched. The emperor comforted the queen and said that the prince would definitely survive the disaster, but the prince woke up. After the prince woke up, Fang Xiang also found out that someone had moved his hands and feet on the new saddle, which caused the prince to fall off his horse. Xia Han was also arrested and tortured. The queen asked Fu Rou if she knew Xia Han. Fu Rou said that she did know Xia Han and asked to meet Xia Han to see if she could ask anything from Xia Han. Fu Rou went to visit Xia Han in prison. Xia Han said that he did all this for Xiong Rui’s revenge.

Fu Rou was a little puzzled. The prince never thought of killing Chen Ji, nor did he think of killing Xiong Rui, but Xia Han However, Han said that someone must pay for Xiong Rui’s death. Fu Rou shook her head and said that Xia Han had paid the price. Even if he paid such a high price, Xiong Rui could not come back. Fu Rou promised Xia Han that as long as Xia Han tells the master behind the scenes, she will tell the queen exactly what Xia Han said. She had been prepared for the water and had long told Xia Han that if the assassination failed, he would pour dirty water on King Han. ,

Let Han Wang and Prince Edward stand against each other. Fu Rou naturally did not believe what Xia Han said, but she still told the queen. The queen also felt that Xia Han was instigating a divorce. After she heard that Fu Rou was injured, she specially rewarded Fu Rou with a pair of soft golden silk armor. Self-defense.

Although the queen wanted to completely block the news, Lu Yunji heard what Xia Han said last, and told the prince what Xia Han had said. Although the prince believed in King Han, Lu Yunji and Sun Lingshu were making trouble in the ears of the prince. She couldn’t help but feel suspicious. The queen came to visit the prince. Sun Lingshu asked more. The queen was very dissatisfied with Sun Lingshu’s behavior. The prince could not listen to rumors.

Sheng Chumu was decreed by the emperor to blame one hundred for his inability to protect the prince, and was relegated to the general of Baiqi. He was fined at home and thought behind closed doors. Fu Rou was very distressed when he heard about it. Yang Bai said that he had already said hello. The sticks were beaten lightly, watching the skin open and fleshy, but there was nothing inside.

When Princess Xinnan went to visit the prince, the prince saw that she had a sweetheart. The prince teased Princess Xinnan and made her extremely shy. After seeing the prince, Princess Xinnan went to see Sheng Chumu. Sheng Chuling was angry with the prince. When Princess Nan learned that it was the Donggong who had accused him of being black, Sheng Chumu suffered a hundred sticks. Sheng Chuling said about it after returning home. The Sheng family was very dissatisfied with the Donggong, and even did not like the Sun family. Mrs. Sheng had not allowed Sheng Chujun to interact with the Sun family again.

After Xia Han’s death, Fu Rou went to the riverside to light up lights and pray for blessings. When King Zhou saw it, he chatted with her by the lake. Fu Rou asked King Zhou to be born noble, whether those humble embroiderers were all in his eyes. King ants, Zhou Wang nodded, and said that everyone in this world is ants. In the eyes of the powerful, the people are ants, and in the eyes of the emperor, the officials are ants.

Sheng Chumu recuperated at home, Lian Yan’er took the opportunity to approach Sheng Chumu to take care of him, and she also saw the letter from the prince who was hiding under the bed by Sheng Chumu. Mrs. Sheng was a bit disgusted when she saw Lian Yan’er, but I heard that Lian Yan’er Knowing how to comb a lot of buns, he happily pulled Lian Yan’er to comb the buns.

The prince was sent to prison to bring Fushui for interrogation. The prince looked at Fushui which looked exactly like Chen Ji, and was very surprised. He thought that what he saw was Chen Ji’s soul, but he did not expect it to be Fushui. The prince was a little bit emotional and let Fushui Accompany yourself to play chess. Not only was Sun Lingshu not angry after seeing it, she told Shuangxi to stop talking nonsense. Sun Lingshu was unwilling to let Chen Ji’s incident happen again, and was very tolerant of the relationship between the prince and Fushui.

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