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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 37 Recap

The emperor was very dissatisfied with Fu Rou’s contradiction. Everyone pleaded for Fu Rou. Fu Rou also said that the emperor had a broad mind and was good at receiving advice. Fu Rou continued to persuade and said that King Zhao rebelled. The punishing Concubine Xi will definitely regret it in the future. The emperor calmed down and thought carefully, but decided to follow Fu Rou’s suggestion and punish Concubine Xi with a lighter punishment, and Concubine Xi will be his concubine.

After solving the concubine Xi’s affairs, King Zhou asked Fu Rou if she was deliberately seeking death because Sheng Chumu was discouraged. Fu Rou pretended to be strong in front of King Zhou, but cried in silence in front of Li Baolin.

Lu Qi called the maid who had been in and out of the study and asked who had stolen the letter. Fu Yin panicked and was about to say something, but Jasmine confessed. On the day that Fu Yin stolen the letter, Jasmine accidentally wetted another letter. , So she secretly took it away and wanted to dry it before returning it back.

The letter was destroyed. Lu Qi thought that Jasmine had stolen Yan Wei’s letter and asked someone to drag Jasmine down. Fu Yin opened her mouth to protect Jasmine, but accidentally dropped it. Falling to the ground and bleeding, Lu Qi was very worried and called the doctor quickly. Fu Yin asked Lu Qi to swear not to hurt Jasmine. Lu Qi was impatient and obeyed Fu Yin’s words. Fortunately, Fu Yin and the child were safe.

Lu Qi kept his promise and did not harm Jasmine, but he couldn’t keep Jasmine in the house, so he gave her some money and sent her away, but Fu Yin didn’t find Jasmine and thought with all his heart. Lu Qi lied to herself and killed Jasmine. Seeing that Fu Yin didn’t believe him, Lu Qi rode and took Fu Yin to catch up with Jasmine. He saw Jasmine alive. Fu Yin was relieved, but Lu Qi was disappointed in Fu Yin because Fu Yin said that he had thought about not having children. .

Ma Haihu liked to pity Yan’er, so Yan Zifang asked Yan Zifang what Lian Yan’er meant. Although Lian Yan’er liked Ma Haihu, she felt that a good prostitute with a surviving pirate was a joke. Even if she wants to marry, she must marry. A powerful prince, in order not to make things embarrassing, Lian Yan’er left Yan Zifang’s general mansion and left all the shops to Ma Hainiu. Lian Yan’er had nowhere to go, so she went to take refuge in Sheng Chumu, asking Sheng Chumu to take in herself. Previously, Lu Qi asked Fu Tao to find the Prince’s letter to Wang Zhao. After Fu Tao found it, he did not hand it over to Lu Qi, but instead asked Du Ning to pass it on to Sheng Chumu.

Mrs. Sheng intends to marry Sheng Chumu. She has taken a fancy to Sun Lingwei in many portraits, but Sheng Chujun is very unwilling. She secretly went to Sun Lingwei at night and asked her whether she likes herself or not. After receiving a positive answer, Sheng Chujun was very happy. Started to figure out how to marry Sun Lingwei. Sun Lingwei said that Sun Tan liked people with good reputations the most, and Sheng Chujun sent meat to the poor on the street, and also asked people to press their fingerprints to prove that he was a good person.

When Sheng Chumu was patrolling the city, he saw Chenxin’s back. When he was searching for Chenxin, he found the room where the prince was. Sheng Chumu insisted on searching, but he still did not find Chenxin, but it was the prince who sheltered Chen. Xin. Prince Liang Wang and others went to the autumn hunt together. Before departure, King Han gave a new saddle, but a few threads were broken on the new saddle. Concubine Han hurriedly called for someone to repair it.

It was Xia Han and Xia Han who came to repair it. He moved his hands and feet on the saddle while he was not paying attention. When the people arrived in the forest, they separated. Yan Zifang deliberately approached King Liang and offered King Eagle to King Liang, while the prince went into the forest alone and deliberately avoided Sheng Chumu. As a result, because of the saddle problem, the prince got off the horse.

I was injured by a fall. Fu Shui suddenly appeared and wanted to take action against the prince, but he didn’t expect Sheng Chumu to arrive. He could only go to the side and pretend to be a passing herb picker, but Sheng Chumu still arrested him. The prince was in a coma, and the queen prayed devoutly outside the palace regardless of his illness.

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