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The Cradle 啊摇篮 Episode 8 Recap

The name of the Central Nursery School was renamed, but Tang Susu, Aunt Ma Wu and others were not invited to the meeting, which made them very uncomprehending. During the speeches at the conference, Lao Fu and Xiao Su temporarily asked Xu Yuanhui to replace Chou Zigang to speak in English in order to consider foreign reporters. Tang Susu and others stood outside the door, and when the view broke through the door, Ge Liujin happened to come to the renamed conference to perform the task.

Tang Susu was very excited when he saw Ge Liujin, and rushed forward and hugged Ge Liujin. Ge Liujin told Tang Susu in embarrassment that he had changed his name. Tang Susu didn’t care about him, and followed him into the meeting, loudly He accused Ge Liujin of not confessing himself. He came to Yan’an to find him and took the baby with shit and piss, almost losing his life.

The renaming meeting was so mixed up by Tang Susu, Chou Zigang hurriedly took the stage to explain the apology to the people in the audience, Xu Yuanhui seeing this, asked Chou Zigang to tell everyone that he said that he would interpret for her in the audience. This time, Chou Zigang did not refuse. She truthfully introduced the situation of the nursery to the reporter friends, and also told the reporter the true situation of the childcare staff. The truth is the most moving, and the audience applauded thunderously. After the name change, the nurses such as Tang Susu and Aunt Ma were all left behind, while Xiaosu left with the nurses from the Central Hospital that he fed scientifically.

Tang Susu kept crying aggrieved by Ge Liujin. She told Ge Liujin that her mother had died under the gun of a Japanese devil, and she wrote to him every day, but there was no news, so she had no choice but to come. Yan’an looked for him. Ge Liujin explained that he hadn’t received any letter at all during the war all the way. Tang Susu told Ge Liujin that he was going to marry him, but Ge Liujin had a mission, and there was no way to promise her right away. Tang Susu told Ge Liujin that he would wait until after the war ended.

Tang Susu wore a cheongsam to practice dancing in the yard at night. Aunt Ma Wu saw it and she was pretty good-looking. After Chou Zigang went home, boasting that Zhang Jingping’s speech was super powerful, he basically memorized it without a word. In Yan’an in 1943, Luo Xiaojin woke up a bedwetting tube. Zhang Jingping looked at Chou Zigang, who was sleeping soundly on the bed, and was inexplicably relieved, but he seemed to have something on his mind.

Tang Susu was very happy since he found Ge Liujin, so he changed shifts to other childcare workers. Chou Zigang began to receive Juxiang, a new child from Shanghai, and accidentally ran into the tube of the bedwetting station. Juxiang ran into the instructor who had been taught, and found a chance to go off guard, which made Chou Zigang anxious, and immediately went out to look for it.

Liang Guoxin and Zhou Guizhi came to the nursery to report, but because they were anxious to find Juxiang, they had no time to greet them seriously. Finally, Chou Zigang found Juxiang on Zhang Jingping’s side. It turned out that Juxiang missed her father. Zhang Jingping seemed to have a new task. He only vaguely told Chou Zigang that he was going out to study again, but he didn’t know the exact time. Chou Zigang told Zhang Jingping very firmly that he would wait for him and finished the sentence. , Chou Zigang went back to the nursery, leaving Zhang Jingping alone in silence.

Tang Susu accidentally bumped into Ge Liujin to run into Lin Lan’s superiors, and learned that Ge Liujin and Lin Lan had been husband and wife for several years. Tang Susu was very sad when he heard this. Tang Susu cried to Chou Zigang that Ge Liujin didn’t want himself anymore, he had a wife.

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